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  1. TC4EVER

    Total disgrace

    Are you sure about that
  2. TC4EVER

    Favourite Away Grounds...

    Your dead right it’s not the same any longer like you say.back in the day we would meet up friday night see who’s not at work on sat then decide who’s driving,then get picked up sat morning. Great days
  3. TC4EVER

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    You’ve not blown as much as he’s done
  4. TC4EVER

    A new challenge for #SWFC

    There’s no need for that
  5. TC4EVER

    A new challenge for #SWFC

    Yes but that won’t work with what we’ve got
  6. TC4EVER

    A new challenge for #SWFC

    You can only use what you’ve got
  7. Well that utter dross performance will help sell 1000s of 5 year season tickets.,Don’t think so . A great piece of marketing by the club.
  8. TC4EVER

    3 year Season Ticket

    Don’t think so
  9. As it acured to anyone that when this 3yr season ticket deal was offered we had just employed a manager who’s previous track record at other clubs was no longer than 3yrs, so what do we do, we give him a load of money to keep the crowd and the season ticket holders happy, and we had our best season for years. This expectation was followed by a good season cut short by a penalty shootout by Huddersfield, meaning that if we had a good season this year as we thought we may do, we would have had a season ticket in the premiership at a championship price, now ask yourself if the club or he wanted to beat Huddersfield .
  10. TC4EVER

    Watching pigs on sky

    No they are going because they will see goalsand be entertained by the thier team,unlike ours
  11. TC4EVER

    Watching pigs on sky

    That’s what I said at the top of this thread
  12. TC4EVER

    Watching pigs on sky

    Yes cos they get men in the box to score,they had six men in there when Clarke scored