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  1. What’s wrong we people on here .We are a quarter into the season sitting in 7th & 4 points of auto promotion & yet folk are still moaning that we should be runaway leaders.No one wins owt in October let’s wait until May.
  2. Yore right.For all the hype about reaching the promised land you after ask is it worth it.Look across the city 1 season & downhill since. We have not got the financial clout or the ifustrucher.I would rather stay in the EFL & enjoy proper football
  3. Why are you bothering watching what our ex failure is doing.You should be more concerned what we are doing.Move on
  4. What is it with these own from that part of the world.I’ll stand corrected but with the exception of Leicester they have all caused unrest at the the clubs they owning.Hull city , Cardiff & Us .
  5. He’s no different or better than Clarke.But wilder was quick have dig at us paying top dollar for strikers.Glass houses & all that
  6. If you think we’re in meltdown have look on bladesmad & see what they think about mighty wilder & there so super team now.Have a look it will take your mind of our shortcomings.
  7. This is a cracking thread.after looking at all the history of the old girl in all her glory we should not want to move.
  8. Bar none.he is certainly the most gifted with football brains.
  9. How many chance do want him to have.There have been 4 managers that don’t rate him on his past pedigree.
  10. for your information he's just as disappointed as any wednesdyite,that the club/team have not progressed since the play off final.oh by the way he's probably been to more matches than most on here.
  11. What makes you say he’s a bacon warrior, cos I can assure you he’s not
  12. No he didn't,we signed him as the most expensive teenager of the time.
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