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  1. Bar none.he is certainly the most gifted with football brains.
  2. How many chance do want him to have.There have been 4 managers that don’t rate him on his past pedigree.
  3. for your information he's just as disappointed as any wednesdyite,that the club/team have not progressed since the play off final.oh by the way he's probably been to more matches than most on here.
  4. What makes you say he’s a bacon warrior, cos I can assure you he’s not
  5. No he didn't,we signed him as the most expensive teenager of the time.
  6. Clearly you must or why keep replying
  7. Why give it up. Just saying it as it is & I’m not a blade.
  8. Celebrate what exactly.If we are serious about going up we should be putting teams like that away.who are very ordinary.but still if your happy with that your very easily pleased.
  9. Listen if you can’t face facts that we are not good enough then bad luck.by the way I’m not from the other side.
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