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  1. Most cultured left foot in The game at the time,my all time Wednesday player , made the game look easy.
  2. But we have not got the recourses that they have
  3. Would you rather we go up to the prem.or stay in championship,cos let’s face it whoever goes up will by nature of the premier will struggle to get to 50 points,& watching the team struggle week in week out,because we all know now who is go to be at the top next season,or stay where we are & enjoy the championship for what it is,a very entertaining & unpredictable league .Just saying WAWA
  4. I said at the time when they came to Hillsbourgh whoever finishes above them will win the league.& same stil applies.Anyway move on to next season WAWA
  5. Have you ever thought that there are some supporters that go can’t stand for up games anymore .
  6. I’ve done it before years ago,so there’s no change really
  7. Why do people on here think we are going to get a new manager any time soon.If we were going to get one he would have gone by now,with the run of results he’s had.So let’s forget the idea & move on.Wawaw
  8. Are you serious.Bruce got sack from villa having spent millions.Dean smith comes in & with the same players.they look promotion material.Dont want Bruce
  9. What’s with people on here moaning about kids playing.Today we had 2 playing not a team like some fans would have you believe.The rest have got over 400 games between them. Get a grip.The players everyone is shouting for have had their chances & we are still in the same division ,
  10. For all the Nuhiu bashes out there.Wright perhaps he’s not the greatest player we’ve ever had at Hillsbourgh,but there’s one thing for certain he’s always available,unlike some of the crocks we keep hoping one day will be fit to play.At least he’s not sat on his arseweek in week out pinching money.
  11. Just like him at Liverpool & countless others .Get real
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