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  1. Heads up we're not allowed in Ritz, allowed in the one at the brayford
  2. Where we drinking, there's a spoons near the stadium?
  3. Never shows his support eh? People need to stop jumping on players backs when you don't know Jack all about the situation. Nando is constantly showing his support on Instagram, he watches all the games on stream while most likely trying his hardest to get back on the pitch. Let's support our players eh?
  4. Anyone Wednesday fans meeting at a specific pub tomorrow?
  5. For me it has to be players that could do a job in the premier league but would rather have consistent first team football, such as Barton and that.
  6. mates rate card at walkabout is 2 pound a pint so its cheap for students
  7. Any Wednesday fans in Lincoln want to go to the pub to watch the game, me and few uni mates are off to walkabout to watch the game and the more Wednesday fans the better!
  8. I'm a man for getting behind someone.. He has my full support and here's to a fresh start and a new season! UTO!
  9. would have to disagree there, I still have some hope with may and I do believe with the right service he will score some goals, With Bus we've seen f all, so can we really judge him yet? and Nuhiu IMO a good player to bring on in the last ten to be a menace. Lavery for me is a bit meh and I might have to agree with you on that one, but you never know we get another striker and we might let him go to chesterfield.
  10. A lot more hopeful this time around he has money, that money and has already been put money in to the club with the loan signings
  11. Thanks alot guys managed to find some minus the umbro but you cant have evrything
  12. Haha, but just brought the shirt and want to put some numbers on the back
  13. Haven't hear about that, just though it would be a nice touch for a present.
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