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  1. Over the medium to longer term a manager is ultimately judged on his signings - for the past 3 years other than the purple patch trio of banan, fessi and hooper who turned around that season ours have largely been disastrous. The lurch over the past 18 months to sign ageing slow players looking for their last big pay cheque is even more alarming. For the love of god whoever is the new Manager must sign young, fit pacy players going the right way in their career!
  2. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Carlos clarifies Forestieri comments

    The second goal, welcome as it was was in the dieing moments of the game but to be fair I think he played OK in both matches - I am not an FF basher either as an individual or a player - I just think when playing as a front 2 it is to the detriment of the team. For the other striker I think he must be a difficult strike partner - in both play off games versus Huddersfield he always seemed way too far away from Rhodes / Fletcher to even given them a chance of developing a partnership. By all accounts he was one of the better players last Saturday so credit to him for effort. Most of us don't want to drive him out of the club, we just want to see him in what we think is his best position.
  3. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Carlos clarifies Forestieri comments

    You make on overwhelming case - his total failure playing up front in the 3 big matches when it counted, plus all the stats back up we are more effective when he doesn't play up front versus a penalty and a tap in that was made by McManaman (and both games we were lucky to win, typical of last season's performances).
  4. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Carlos clarifies Forestieri comments

    Fessi might be able to play centrally in a free role just behind a front 2 in a 4 3 3 or 3 5 2 etc but never in a 4 4 2 - selecting him up front for both Huddersfield play off games was a massive mistake and disrupted the team that won 6 on the bounce (Fessi was also totally ineffective against Hull in the play off final). The reason Owlstalk is up in arms is Carlos is not learning from his mistakes, just digging a deeper hole for himself. His public comments on this issue also show terrible judgement, similar to his statement about 'we can't play 3 - 5 - 2 because you need top class defenders' - How do these comments make our current centre halves feel? - takes me back to Trevor Francis' team talks waxing lyrical about opposition strikers and wishing we had such quality! - plus I wasn't aware that Franco Baresi, Marcus Desailly and Sergio Ramos were playing for Sheffield United. This is in no way meant to be criticism of FF - when he's fit and firing and managed better by a new Coach who picks a formation to suit the players at his disposal, we might get our best player back!
  5. This was getting on my nerves last season but after our shocking performance it's about time we looked at another key area of football basics and coaching where we are going backwards fast. How many Wednesday players receive the ball and take 4, 5 and 6 plus touches before even looking to pass? - It starts from the back with tippy tappy and then Bannan and Wallace are both main culprits, creating a slow tempo and leaving teammates marked and options / angles blocked. I remember Pearson's Leicester team about 5 years ago coming to Hillsborough with the likes of Knockeart and Marshall - throughout the whole team it was nearly always fast football, 2 and 3 touches and movement - they played us off the park and I came away realising what a fantastic Manager Pearson was. If we are supposed to be a footballing, technical side why aren't the players being coached to play in this manner? - If they don't toe the line and dwell on the ball or don't move to create options then drop them. 2 players who move it quicker are Jones who keeps it very simple and Hooper. Until the middle of last season in a mixture of hope and denial I thought Carlos would change it, but the only thing that can improve how we play is a change of Manager. He could and should have left with dignity after the Huddersfield game. His press conference before Preston looked defensive, his comments about Fessi's preference to play up front and playing him there despite the bleeding obvious shows ignorance and weakness. I could go on but every game with Carlos in charge is a game wasted and I wouldn't give him my kid's pocket money to spend after last season's appalling investments.
  6. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Through balls and crosses

    Last season I saw Rhodes make countless intelligent bending runs towards space when we were attacking at not once did he get a through ball slipped through to him - in fact I don't recall seeing an attempt to make such a pass! - He must wonder what the hell he has to do to receive a pass in a dangerous situation. Absolutely pathetic that the coaching staff and players are not looking to use this attacking option.
  7. ItsAGrumbleFromImre


    Owlstalk ministry of truth
  8. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Carlos - not the man to take us up

    I said Carlos should go after the insipid Huddersfield play off performances inspired by his poor selection / tactics and it's unbelievable we start with Forestieri up front again. Too many old, slow, small players FFS you've got to win the physical battle first before you can play. I don't mind losing but not one testing shot on target in 90 minutes against Preston? - if this doesn't ring alarm bells then what the hell will? I keep hearing about our wonderful strikeforce but it's so one dimensional - not one of them can beat a man or outpace their marker while we end up weeing off a budding star striker in the process.
  9. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    deja vu overload

    I'm sorry your excellency - I'll be sure to post endless streams off bullshit and rumours before I'm allowed to have an opinion! I backed him earlier in the season on here but sadly my reservations have been proved correct by a limp exit in the play offs.
  10. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    deja vu overload

    14 months ago Rotherham came to Hillsborough and targeted Pudil's age / lack of pace, athleticism and won the game - is it any coincidence after Colin's recent visit to Huddersfield?! We still lack any real pace in the side and were unable to target Heffelump in the same way. We change a winning formation to shoehorn central midfielders into the team. Fletcher and Forestieri have never looked like a strike partnership all season, yet play the majority of the 2 most important games of the season - Fessi is not an up top striker and Carlos must be watching a different game to me. Rhodes and Winnall do look a decent strike partnership but were never given a chance. How Wagner with his limited resources and bench impacted the game versus Carlos's decisions is frankly embarrassing. I think we can all accept managers making mistakes but repeating them after spending millions is unforgiveable - and defending at Huddersfield as if we were playing Manchester United does not look so clever now does it? I'm sorry Carlos you deserved to the end of this season, but yesterday your dream died. This Summer, we have to recruit players who will improve our starting eleven and inject some pace like we should have done last year!
  11. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    New Chant Courtesy of "American Soccer Fan"

    This is an improvement on Huddersfield's answer to Lennon and McCartney: -
  12. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Our left hand side

    Credit to Pudil - looks a different class since he came back - thought his legs had gone but glad he's proved me wrong. Him and Reach are developing a great understanding with positive interplay versus the pass it back to the half way line of earlier in the season.
  13. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Kevin Gage

    Live by the pork sword, die by the pork sword
  14. ItsAGrumbleFromImre

    Kevin Gage

    Apparently Kevin frequently attends Sporting Lisbon's annual awards ceremony as their international star guest and has them in fits of laughter speaking fluent Portuguese with anecdotes of falling for Chris Waddle's dummy step-over a world record 56 times in the same match in the 1993 semi final.
  15. Carlos and the team massively over achieved last year - this year we had some loyal servants sign questionable new contracts and a few new flop signings, all of which are not really good enough if you are seriously aiming for promotion. This doesn't mean we should sack Carlos - but we need to address these weaknesses in the Summer and Carlos will need a bit of a ruthless streak to sort it out - as for pace and power, Carlos favours skilful intelligent footballers rather than athletes which I agree with - big, fast athletic players that can turn on a 6 pence tend to cost £ 20 million plus and play in the Premiership! - In Carlos we trust. I think too many fans forget we are playing other teams that have spent multi millions and are trying to win a game of football too. We have a style of play, a team ethic and togetherness with this group of players giving 100% every game and for that they all deserve our full support to the end of the season.