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  1. O'Grady and Nielsen

    After a shakey first 5 minutes I thought they both settled well, COG especially carrying the ball out of defence. There was a couple of risky back passes to Dawson, was a disaster waiting to happen in those conditions. Overall a solid display given their lack of first team chances so far.
  2. We've seen enough

    The players arent motivated, i would be the same if I had to listen to the drivel that comes out of Carlos mouth every day. DC won't do anything. The minute he got rid of the steering group / panel / whatever they were, he shot the club in the foot. Experienced English football buffs giving me advice on something i know nothing about? Nah sounds like a terrible idea that.
  3. The Lack of Pace and Tempo

    I think the right coach could do better, definitely. We've wasted so much money though through poor recruitment. No explosiveness in that team.
  4. The Lack of Pace and Tempo

    Problem is even when Carlos does go, we're stuck with the same aging players. No hunger, no drive. Tonight was laughable.
  5. Wallace

    Fell for it every time today. Some decent deliveries to boot.
  6. Wallace

    Had an absolute stormer today. Been pretty poor for me this season til now. Much like the rest of the team tbh. Let's see how they all go from here. The most frustrating thing is that we know we are capable of performances like that today but we have to endure 4/5 shockers alongside it.
  7. How do you rate the squad now?

    Trouble is I don't think we will be challenging again this season. We were lucky to get to that position again last season and the fans were bored to tears. The way we've started this season shows that nothing has changed. All we can do is work with the squad we've got now. Which everyone is in agreement that it is a quality side. The last 13 months have suggested to me that it is the management that is causing the problem.
  8. How do you rate the squad now?

    4 players too many for me. New manager needed to freshen up ideas and attitudes. Someone with a bit of football nous to help Chansiri, I'm grateful for his money and how he has moved us forward but now without the right direction we are moving backwards under him.
  9. Abdi

    Carlos does not use this logic
  10. Abdi

    Showed glimpses but looked like a player who has only played a handful of games in the last 12 months. Get him fit and he will do great things for us. Only way to get him fit... play him regularly.
  11. Blessing in disguise

    Something needed to change over summer. Be it the squad, the manager or the tactics. Judging by today it's the same old stuff. Boring the fans to tears, embarrassing really. After a quality first season with Carlos everything has stagnated and God knows how we made the play offs last season. Such imbalance in the squad. No youth, no pace, no hunger. Fed up strikers, no continuity. Can't play out from the back, semi-fit players. We can't keep playing FF upfront, it's wing or nothing to me. Utilise these strikers and strike up some partnerships. Uninspiring on all fronts since last august.
  12. Team v QPR (forget Chessie)

    Where are these scraps you mention??
  13. Carlos apologises to the fans

    Its alright apologising. What's he going to change??
  14. after play offs twice?

    Don't want wholesale changes. Want to be sensible in the transfer market to improve the team, solve problems that we've all be aware of for the last 2 years (solid CB and solid CM). Instead we've bought a load of squad players in the same positions who rarely get near the first team. Personally I'd have sold Forestieri for 5m+.
  15. Everton would be the better choice for him, how they develop and bring through youngsters in to the first team. Would be another promising career wasted if he went to Arsenal.
  16. Abdi vs Lopez

    Not while they're playing in a Wednesday shirt, so far.
  17. Abdi vs Lopez

    Lopez was crucial to the play off run in last season. Would love it for Abdi to have similar influence! Just can't see it happening really.
  18. Bannan out Saturday....

    Reckon anyone would notice if we put a receding blonde wig on Forestieri and send him out?
  19. Palmers crossing has improved tenfold this season, Hunts crossing is woeful, even he knows this which is why he turns back for the pass or goes for the failed nutmeg. Palmer everyday for me based on this seasons performances.
  20. Kieron Lee Headless Chicken.

    Lee started to look at bit leggy at the same time of the season last year. He deserves a rest but hes also the first name on the team sheet and no one can really do the job he does. Even though he was buggered by the end last night he still never stopped doing his runs, just maybe not with the same lung bursting henergy. He was still the one trying to nod in Fletchers header at the back stick in the final moments.
  21. So, you want to watch us vie for promotion in the championship but you don't want to play in the premier league....?
  22. 1 adult ticket available if you still need it?
  23. I have 1 spare adult ticket if you're still in need...?

  24. In case you missed this...

    Can't handle their grog.