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  1. Majestic

    Shitstorm Friday

    Just listened to the shipping forecast, there's a storm 'a brewin'!! Bring it on!!
  2. Imagine the holocaust, then think of the exact opposite of it!
  3. James O'Conner's flying overhead kick attempt against Brentford. Outrageous behaviour!!
  4. Majestic

    I've done it again!

    Not quite in the prem yet...... *previous 45*
  5. Majestic

    I've done it again!

    We got the same amount of coverage for this game that we got in total for the previous 37!!
  6. Well they have just signed a right winger aswell. #just saying!
  7. Majestic

    Kieran Lee

  8. Majestic

    kenny lunt

    Haha, did the exact same!
  9. Majestic

    Kieran Lee

    *appear to have signed, judging by this thread anway
  10. Majestic

    Kieran Lee

    I really am baffled how you can be so upset with this signing. We have clearly just signed a very good footballer. I will pass further judgement on the lad when ive seen him play. I suggest you do the same!
  11. Majestic

    Kieran Lee

  12. Majestic

    Kieran Lee

    You get some proper dickheads on this website!
  13. Good luck Richard! Ive always thought he is a really good keeper whenever ive seen him play. Young keepers need regular games to get their confidence up, definately the hardest posistion to play 'mentally-wise' (if that makes sense). Remember one game last season i think, the goal was getting barraged and he pulled out some wonder saves, tipped one onto the post, saving one on ones. Will always have respect for ROD for his commitment to the Wednesday!
  14. Majestic

    Are we really dissapointed ?

    Only thing i'm dissapointed with is my decision to watch both legs of that semi final, awful call on my behalf!
  15. Majestic


    He's certainly no Antonio/Marshall! I was impressed by him 2 weeks ago, not so much since then, never heard of him before that.
  16. Majestic

    Don't shave till Sunday!

    In desperate need of a shave, looking very sketchy and was going to have one before work tomorrow. Log online and see this thread, I dont know if i can now...!
  17. Majestic

    Watching City v United

    make that wouldnt, doh
  18. Majestic

    Watching City v United

    Pretty similar except i would call ours a title race....
  19. If anyone can throw a toilet roll from the top of the kop on to the pitch i will eat that entire roll of toilet roll, used or unused!!!!
  20. Big respect, comiserations to your wallet...
  21. Majestic

    Pitch Invasion Next Week

    Anyone remember the pitch invasion after the crewe game about 10 years ago? Pretty sure there was no reason for it whatsoever 0-0 bore draw and no promotion or anything to be celebrating. Random but was pretty funny. Still got some of the hallowed turf planted in my lawn!!
  22. Yeah you're right in us not objecting to him being in the team of the year. However, I dont think I know a sngle person who has accepted him as the best centre half in the league. Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole...........
  23. Majestic

    Flags at Wembley!

    Have the semis been cancelled or summat?