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  1. Majestic

    Derby - Alcohol

    They better nail down the shutters real tight. I can see notts county all over again!
  2. Majestic

    Antonio rinsin it!

    I'd prefer the 3 hour loop version but I guess this will do!!
  3. Majestic

    Antonio rinsin it!

    Cheers jammyb that's the one!!! Laugh myself to sleep tonight!! DoreOwl, it's the thought that counts, cheers pal. Incidentally where a outs in Dore are you from?
  4. I know this is not a great thread but just after some info! Does Someone have a link to the. Antonio benny hill vs Wycombe vid? Watched it on a thread earlier but now can't find it!!
  5. Majestic


    Feeeeeed the hare...... U know the rest. Would be lots of droppings scattered about as well though!!
  6. Majestic

    Eddie Ilderton

    Cool story bro....
  7. Majestic


    I think last year he was hit and miss but I am a big fan when he is on his game, love the powering runs that he busts out. With the injury now I think McCabe will be a revelation and linsey will struggle to get his place back.
  8. Majestic

    Pecnik Goal

    Well he better get ready for Derby, i'm buzzing for it already!
  9. Majestic

    Danny Batth

    No 1 - is he on good terms with their manager to nobody this sort of info....? No 2 - has he seen the pic of him with his shirt off celebrating against Wycombe? Lightweight? He's proper buff ting...
  10. The grand march from verde - when we score. (was called summat like that anyway.....)
  11. Prob going to see his "missus" at the titty bar.
  12. Majestic

    Benito Carbone

    Watching players like carbone and di canio during my early few years at hillsborough is what got me hooked on the owls! As for best player, Beni would be up there. In a different position and situation, Brunty was top class from my memories!
  13. Majestic

    Here we go again

    Online just worked fine for me too, straight in, straight out. The only drama i had was the tension as to whether my card would get declined or not. Thankfully it didnt. Woop, see u there rogerers!!!
  14. Majestic

    Rhys Mcabe

    Seen him play a couple of times for Rangers last season (old firm games on TV) and was fairly impressed. Took all their set pieces, got a sweet left peg.
  15. Got mine online earlier for my first 10 loyalty points of the season. No way im missing out on the Derby game...
  16. Majestic

    Student season tickets

    Is your internet broke or something....? £255 on Northy.
  17. 2nd June. All free's so far. Very promising start to the summer.
  18. Majestic

    Best Wednesday Penalty Taker

    There was a feature in the programme about Tommy Miller on the day he missed his pen against Charlton. Gave a few facts about him one of which i thought i would share with my mates as he stood over the ball, "did you know Tommy Miller has never missed a penalty in his career? 28 out of 28." The rest as they say, is history.
  19. Majestic

    Shitstorm Friday

    Just listened to the shipping forecast, there's a storm 'a brewin'!! Bring it on!!
  20. Imagine the holocaust, then think of the exact opposite of it!
  21. James O'Conner's flying overhead kick attempt against Brentford. Outrageous behaviour!!
  22. Majestic

    I've done it again!

    Not quite in the prem yet...... *previous 45*
  23. Majestic

    I've done it again!

    We got the same amount of coverage for this game that we got in total for the previous 37!!