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  1. Why don't they stop weighing it and start clearing it...?
  2. Get down t'ground!!
  3. Yeah let's sign loads of new players again and then we can change the starting 11 for the next 20 games until we realise they're all bobar. Milan ain't gonna be splashing out this time around, what we have now should be plenty good enough to be doing better than we are now. Maybe a couple of loan signings but you're silly if you're expecting anything more!
  4. We will not be spending any money in January!
  5. Majestic

    big fish-little fish

    What has Clichy got to do with it? Now he might solve our left back problem!
  6. Majestic

    Oh Lord.

    1. Not a lot to choose from tbh because I think we are pretty lost but I think JJ and Antonio have been vital in providing an outlet going forward. 2. Becchio, he has been banging them in for a few seasons now! 3. Out of the 3 dirty ones Michael Brown is the one I most detest, filthy player!
  7. Majestic

    Wovles Away

    It will not be a wasted day- win, lose or draw. Go to watch the game support the lads and have a couple of shandys, hoping for a win obviously though!
  8. Majestic

    Wolves away

    Nice work batman!
  9. Majestic

    What old players are doing now

    Mark Degryse - maths teacher
  10. Haha, she bemoaned the performance of the referee then revealed she only listened to it on the radio, made me laugh. She then claimed we are a premier league club, which is clearly not true.
  11. Majestic


    There was a definite lack of consistency from the ref yesterday!
  12. Majestic


    This is a forum to talk/ give opinions about our club. Yes we are doing fantastically and got a good result yesterday, IMO though the result would have been better if ogrady started not madine!
  13. Majestic

    Song for Rhys McCabe

    Rhys, Rhys, Rhys McCabe!!! (repeat indefinitely)
  14. Majestic


    We all know what happened last time a Lee Clark side took a 2-0 lead at Hillsborough. It's a good job he hasn't got a one mr J. Rhodes at his disposal this time!! On another note.... I bloody despise Lee Clark, arrogant, mardy, petulant little cretin. Let's give em a good smashin
  15. Majestic

    Caption Competition!...

    Oh my god COG, so that's what you're hiding down there!!
  16. Not conscientious enough IMO :-)
  17. Ok but in the case of 'received' the rule works, which was the point I was making. Don't go too hard on me I am actually spasticated!
  18. Majestic

    Derby roll call

    Was meant to getting the 12 train but looking at this I'm defo gonna hop down earlier!!! 9 before 9 challenge???
  19. i before e, except after c.
  20. Majestic

    My chris ogrady theory

    I watched a YouTube video a while back of all COGS goals at Rochdale. All round variety included in there and I wondered why he wasn't doing it for us. Obv the style of play didn't help, not helped by some rubbish/unlucky finishing. Now I'm not going to get carried away after last night but I think he will have a lot to offer this season, he is different to the other strikers we have atm. Let's hope if he gets a run of games then he can bag a few more. Other plus points are his song is quality and he's got a massive Johnson!
  21. Majestic

    Derby v Scunny

    3 headed goals by defenders from set pieces. Better sort your marking out Mr Buxton!!!
  22. Yeah, was very, very highly rated at Rangers. When drafted into the squad he ran the show in a few of the 9 games he played, not just the Celtic one.