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  1. I don’t what he says to players in training and before a match but today all I saw was the equivilant of a cardboard cutout just stood arms folded saying very little.
  2. I was sat in the North last night and went home unhappy. not just because of the result but for the following three reasons. 1. Watching some of our squad players who are clearly not good enough for this league. 2. Watching a manager stood arms folded showing no passion. 3. Listening to the doom and gloom from fans in a stadium with no atmosphere.
  3. Ross Wallace

    Getting older like half The Team?
  4. Ross Wallace

    I would give him another 1 year contract. There are others to be shipped out before him.
  5. Let’s face the truth

    Look at the remaining fixture I can’t see where the points are going to come from?
  6. Jos -Great for the Chairman

    Still a clear out required. Some of the old guard need to go and some fresh blood (youth) brought in. The problem is too many players on extended contracts?
  7. Will he, Wont he.

    Carlos has gone hasn’t he?
  8. This guy knows what is required. No waffle just answers the questions. Maybe taking things back to basics with the players is what was needed. I enjoyed the start of the journey with Carlos but towards the end his interviews were mental, embarrassing and meaninless. I think next season Jos will have changed this team around. I can see some of the old guard leaving. A fresh start in August after a proper pre season. UTO.
  9. Proud!

    All players fought for each other tonight and clearly a new manager. Looking forward to players returning.
  10. Jordan Rhodes..

    There will be no place for Rhodes when everyone is fit. He sadly offers nothing.
  11. Not one player saying anything in defence of Carlos. Very strange as many often spoke with Greta respect for him. Was it not the case that many players begged him to stay at the end of last season? i expect a reaction this afternoon but sadly predict the same old story. Some players have had it very easy under Carlos the new man will find it very hard to get rid of the dead wood.
  12. Finally some fans of got their way and Carlos has gone. I am sure that the pressure placed on him on social media finally took its toll. I only hope that the same fans who have demanded his sacking don’t live to regret this decision. I don’t see Clements etc making any difference. Good luck Carlos in your next job.
  13. How can anyone defend him?

    Injuries have crippled us but all teams have to endure them. Carlos has repeatedly ranted on about two players for each position surely that is to cover and competition. He has clearly been involved in recruitment and now we the fans are seeing how bad that has been. I still can’t understand how FF waited until this season to have surgery when it was obvious that he was a crock at the end of last season? Many people at the club are making some horrendous decisions. Ticket prices, shirts etc. Very sad to see many season ticket holders not attending last night. Where I sat in R Block is normally full.
  14. Pace

    We all know there is a problem. Matias has some pace but is not preferred over one dimensional Wallace. FF not blessed with pace and never wanted to play on the wing?