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  1. Kieran Lee swan dive

    Row N was my seat. Why would Lee dive when he had got past his man. Pen for me ref bottled it as he did with the handball that should have been a red.
  2. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    Excellent assessment, but who to replace him?
  3. Just Got Back

    After the Leeds match the 4800 travelling fans me included were expecting a similar display. How wrong we all were. The first half was so predictable, slow passing if in doubt go backwards. After half time there was some urgency but far too late. Forget the obvious penalty when Lee was hacked down we were well beaten again. It was sad to hear ‘Carlos out’ and ‘We are Shiite’ but I understand fans frustrations. Where is the passion? Why play Jones so slow? Fletcher with knee strapped up? Rhodes no bottle, heads the ball and it stopped dead? Matias and Joao with pace should be given long run.
  4. Worth going into work early tomorrow to decorate the office???
  5. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    So predictable. Jones?
  6. That Horrible Feeling

    Yes my thoughts entirely.
  7. Calmed Down Thoughts

    Songs like 'Mind the gap' and 'The city is ours" we won't be hearing them for awhile now. I am fed up of seeing comments about how good we are. Sadly we were found out last year as lacking pace. I was embarrassed today. I work with Leeds fans so am dreading next week.
  8. Team for Preston?

    Can only see a defeat at Preston no matter what side plays. Lees and Loovens will touch the ball more than any others. No pace or drive yesterday. Same old tactics. We are deluding ourselves if we think we will be automatic this season.
  9. Carlos.. stay or go ???

    Easy say go. But who replaces him. Talks of Pardew and McClaren are bloody ridiculous.
  10. Awful

    Sometime the truth hurts us all. A huge reality check.
  11. Rhodes "didn't want to take a penalty"

    FF wanted to be the cult hero. What about big Dave who has tken penalties before. Don't see what Rhodes offers. No pace.
  12. Gutted Doesn't Come Close

    Clearly tactic was to keep things tight. Struggling to see what goal threat Rhodes gives us. Can see a clear out in the summer. Good luck to Huddersfield they were better than us.
  13. Fessi

    Just not fit that was obvious.
  14. Yes feeling very nervous. If we play to our full potential we can reach Wembley again. I expect almost a repeat of the first leg. 1 goal either way could decide this. Unfortunately I am unable to be at Hillsborough due to serious surgery last week. I will be at home glued to the TV. Biting nails already. WAWAW
  15. They were excellent against Brighton who they hammered. They had to much pace and movement for them. We will have plenty of defending to do.