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  1. Real honesty from Monk. We can all have a view but he sees things on a daily basis. I wonder who he is talking about?
  2. Watching Test match and this appeared on the screen.
  3. I was sat in the main stand with a mate who had.a spare ticket. When we scored many left and after the second some fighting started. Leeds fans are fine when things are going their way.
  4. After that showing they better perform on Saturday against a very good Brentford??
  5. There is a fire station near the ground or I think Moorlands school both a ten minute walk and charge £5.
  6. He’s gone, let’s move on. Team don’t seem too bothered. Just the money to sort out. I hope Chansiri doesn’t get too embroiled in a long saga.
  7. As he gone with Bruce. Heard nothing?
  8. A picture on Sky sports of arriving back at the training ground. Is he expecting a leaving do? Let's just get this sorted and move on. If he wants to go so be it. flipping mercenary.
  9. What a mercenary Bruce would be if he left us. I thought he had joined us because of our fans. I wonder what waffle he will come out with for the geordies. He'll be sacked before the end of the season.
  10. This guy could be the signing of the season. Listening to him he has experience and knows what is required to keep our players fit for a long season. Let’s be honest some players have not looked fit over the last three seasons?
  11. Always had membership but £90 is too much as I would only make 10 matches at best.
  12. With no new signings and strong rumours of star players leaving I will wait and see what the season brings. Increasing prices is not the answer. I have been a member for several years as I can't get to all matches. Started at £25, last year £50 now £90. This gets me discounts in the shop and £5 off a ticket with some other privileges?
  13. Was Kieran Lee there I didn’t see him?
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