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  1. There is more pace in the side this season. Ball being moved around quicker.
  2. Better options upfront compared with last season
  3. Always a fan of Tom Lees. Gave 100% recovered well after loosing the captaincy. A Championship side will snap him up.
  4. We can blame our chairman, yes he has made mistakes. My issue is with players who are well paid and have shown no fight. many will move on to other clubs still earning a decent wage. Reading the paper today the prediction is that many EFL clubs will not have the funds to recruit players. This could leave us with players who have nowhere to go, as other clubs don't want them. Imagine some of our spineless players having to stay on a hugely reduced contract? Agents phones will be red hot over the next few weeks.
  5. Part of the post match interview from Moore says it all for me. “I said to the players before the game, what with everything that’s been thrown at them this season, it’s a credit that it’s gone to the final day. Key points lost all season. If Moore believes this then the players will feel sorry for themselves.
  6. Regardless of our result Cardiff draw sent us down plus numerous crap performances this season.
  7. Embarrassing. Did the players leave everything out on the pitch!!!!! NO
  8. Making a guest appearance as ‘expert’ tonight??
  9. Just heard Bannan on YouTube. I must have watched a different match.
  10. Birmingham, Rotherham & Luton games screwed us.
  11. 6 wins needed to stay in the Championship. Can’t see where they are coming from?
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