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  1. It's done http://www.first4lcfc.co.uk/blog/official-david-nugent-signs-for-middlesbrough/ Brilliant signing for any Championship team
  2. fee has been agreed a while mate http://www.first4lcfc.co.uk/blog/middlesbrough-have-4-million-bid-accepted-for-in-demand-striker/
  3. We are only looking to sell, so if you are wanting a loan I guess there might not be much at all in the Nugent to Wednesday link
  4. So this is near enough done now http://www.first4lcfc.co.uk/blog/middlesbrough-set-to-sign-in-demand-striker/
  5. Fair play, Moore can play at right back too. Again, not sure what your options are there
  6. Just to add to this debate....Vardy is now arguably our best player. Linked with a £15 million summer move and now an England international. He is brilliant. No reason to give up on a player just because they arent the first name on the teamsheet at 21
  7. She is livid, you can see on Twitter here name is Chloe Tee not sure what her handle is though. Boro, not a million miles from Newcastle though which I am sure she would enjoy A more realistic target for you may be Liam Moore. Available on loan now and a number of Championship sides after him http://www.first4lcfc.co.uk/blog/liam-moore-set-for-championship-loan-move/? Not sure what your central defender situation is though
  8. We were in for Downing but he wanted to go to Boro. Some of the national media reported he was offered 50k by them. Whilst I don't believe that, I bet he is on 30+
  9. Beat me to it... Came to post this http://www.first4lcfc.co.uk/blog/middlesbrough-have-4-million-bid-accepted-for-in-demand-striker/ Looks like he is going Boro. Unless you can make a more enticing offer
  10. We believe she is annoyed because he has been told he isnt needed. Linked with former club Preston earlier in the summer but would have to take a huge wage cut.
  11. Nugent's Championship league goals: 14/15 - Premier League 13/14 - 20 12/13 - 14 11/12 - 15 10/11- 13 He would be class for you lot.
  12. Word our end is that he may well have been told he is surplus to requirements at the club. However whether he would be interested in a move to Wednesday I am not sure. Would be good, for us anyway, to use him as part of a deal for Charlie Austin
  13. This should put an end to all the rumours... http://go.shr.lc/1Nfdm2q
  14. Anyone know of a spare under 18's ticket which is flying about which I could have? Also, do the club have a waiting list for tickets if there are any returned? Cheers
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