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  1. I aged about 10 years during that first 45 minutes, as soon as Brighton scored it felt inevitable that they would win the game, even though we were still winning on aggregate at the time. Wallace's goal was completely surreal as well, being it was pretty much the first time we'd been in Brighton's half all match. The second half though was fairly comfortable viewing afterwards,
  2. Clinton Morrison, Olofinjana, Sedgewick, Will Buckley, Calum Mcmanaman and that Serbian(?) defender we got with Uchechi Edit: Oh and Rodri
  3. 18th birthday, mates paid for me to go see Wednesday vs the mighty Rushden and Diamonds at Hillsborough, game finished 0-0. Didn't even see a goal. At least I got to have my first legal pint and then copious more after the match to try and erase my mind of that performance.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember Wolves or Ipswich fans rating him at all. Obviously he's doing the biz at the moment, but it could be a purple patch or a case like Tom Lees (who Leeds fans were happy to be rid of), where a player just 'fits' the team and we get the best out of him. I'm veering towards the latter, he's probably had more good games than bad ones
  5. Can't see him every being first team material. Hopefully, he'll have a good season and some L1/L2 clubs might come for him
  6. Me too lol, I was wandering why everyone was saying good signing
  7. Looks like its us and Wigan for the autos and you got to fancy Charlton in the play-offs
  8. Just seen the goals Joao Bergkamp-esue, where did that come from
  9. I know part of it's in jest, but people turning their nose up at Pulis and then suggesting Megson. It'll be Houghton or Monk, if not some left field foreigner appointment.
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