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  1. Can't see him every being first team material. Hopefully, he'll have a good season and some L1/L2 clubs might come for him
  2. Me too lol, I was wandering why everyone was saying good signing
  3. Looks like its us and Wigan for the autos and you got to fancy Charlton in the play-offs
  4. Just seen the goals Joao Bergkamp-esue, where did that come from
  5. Wagner is the manager at Schalke!! He's not coming to us
  6. I know part of it's in jest, but people turning their nose up at Pulis and then suggesting Megson. It'll be Houghton or Monk, if not some left field foreigner appointment.
  7. I've got a feeling it'll be Luton away first game.
  8. Not a bad word to say about Gray, did what was needed at a time where we had a poor squad and kept us up and then was unfairly shunted out for Carlos once we'd got some money. Who knows, Gray having a better knowledge of the English game than Carlos, we could have got promoted under his watch. Although it would have required a total change in tactics and philosophy from having more attacking options at his disposal. Would like to have seen him given at least half a season in hindsight.
  9. Highly unlikely, think our season is done.
  10. We would spend money, but we have no saleable assets. It's an ageing squad, that would take about £200m to overhaul and make into a decent PL outfit. Imagine going up against the PL big guns with Fletcher, Nuhiu and and ageing Forestieri up top.
  11. Can you imagine if we went up with this squad? We'd give Derby a run for their money in terms of lowest points total. That being said, 3 points on Monday and if results go our way this weekend, we could be in the mix
  12. Credit to him for turning up all seasons, any comp and cheering the boys on... but my god, that beer gut needs its own seat.
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