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  1. Wildsmith

    I've always thought he was a bit short to be a keeper, but fair play tonight, his shot stopping, kicking and distribution were excellent. Takes so much pressure of our defence when the keeper isn't splicing one into the stands from a regulation back pass.
  2. Something isn't right

    Agree entirely, CC doesn't seem to be able to motivate the players at all. See us bottling most of our big games, play off finals, derbies, etc. As well as being unable to get the players up for the 'easier' matches against lower half teams. It's not a knee-jerk reaction, but I think he has to go because we're regressing. We have the odd match (ie. Leeds) where we play well, which we are capable of, but it only really papers over the cracks. Far too often we revert back to this type of display and it's unacceptable with the squad CC has at his disposal.
  3. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

  4. Int it crap when we haven't got a match

    flips sake Kane, I had England 3-0
  5. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Could be Aluko, I've read somewhere he could be on his way out at Craven Cottage
  6. Miguel Llera to chesterfield

    Best of luck to big Mig, will always remember that goal away against Huddersfield
  7. God No!!!!

    I'd rather have Big Sam
  8. yeeeeessss WInnall!! Let's go for the win now (got money on this)
  9. Carlos! Stick or twist???

    He doesn't seemed to have learnt from last season at all and is too stubborn with his tactics and team selection. I'd give him 5-10 games and if there isn't any major change in our style or results, it might be time to go. We can't afford to tread water for a season, especially with FFP looming on the horizon. Like most have said, the squad (for the most part) is already there, it's just a matter of getting the tactics right to bring the best out of the players.
  10. Overdose of reality

    Same tactics as last year, we're too predictable and he's continuing to shoe horn his favourite players into his favourite formation, despite the fact that it didn't really work last year. We're not a team who is better than the sum of our parts atm and I fear that CC just (for whatever reason) just doesn't have the gumption to make the changes that seem so glaringly obvious. I no we're not at crisis stations yet, but this was a very underwhelming performance today, seems like he has learnt nothing from last season. We've got the players to take the game to any team in this division, we shouldn't be sitting back against the likes of Preston.
  11. Settled squad

    Would be hoping for 10-12 points from those first 5 fixtures, Fulham away being the toughest.
  12. Hi Ho Silver Lining

    Hahaha, this hasn't gone well.