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  1. Simple one for stevie. Stevie may, stevie may n stevie stevie may. When he gets the ball, he scores a goal, stevie stevie may. And repeat.
  2. Will roger be back??? Need to replace the 2 johnsons we have just lost.
  3. Old Chinese proverb. Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day long,
  4. Can we appeal that the 2 footed challenge in the 1st minute didn't get punished. Leeds are a joke and the fa will laugh this one out. Yet again Mcdermott will be left with egg on his face!
  5. Must have been back in time too, as for me palmer stood shoulders above many players out there! Was superb.
  6. Got to extend his contract....... Quality midfielder, has so much time on the ball, great touch and makes the hard passes look so easy.
  7. Rumours are not many going to brum on Saturday. Well I will be one of the not many going. Glutton for punishment yes, however proud wednesdayite. We need to get behind them on Saturday, brum re also a very bad side (good authority from a ble nose) and that weasel Clarke is manager. The thought of him makes me want to hurl abuse at him. Let's take a good few thousand and make some noise - who remembers Ipswich away last season, not won away and struggling. Support was class! Same again this Saturday would show the team we are Wednesday till I/we die.
  8. FFS so he can't think for himself......he should be able to make a decision by now, wether to play it out or hoof...
  9. I heard that DJ kicked off in the dressing room after. Fella from Yeovil press or something said it went right off...... Wouldn't surprise me..... He see's them in training + coaches see them knocking it around and then that dross on Saturday. Yes players are in positions they shouldn't be, yes we are short on numbers however most could pass a ball last season, qpr game and so on..... So why oh why did lliera revert to hoof ball very early on? Why oh why did we cross it from half way line and so. On. Yes you can shout all you want but for christs sake their are plenty of players out their that understand the 'game' aren't their? Get game by scruff of the neck and drive team forward. Anyone see the 'spats' after game with coke and co. could have done with that type of passion 30 mins before then! Tree needs a good shake this week. Reda mentioned lack of effort and not standing for it....senior members need to assist in said tree shaking.
  10. More importantly why does he 'hoof' it most of the time.
  11. Please tell me you are joking. I hardly saw either of them show for the all, nor drive the team forward. Beginning to think prutton is the new potter (both have same initials). Yeovil mf passed and ran around both of them, think i saw prutton go with the runner once.
  12. Saturday comes again, when We Are All Wednesday Aren't We comes to the fold. 2000+ will be at the riverside, I'll be one of them. Lack of signings, no money, DJ out, MM is an arse blah blah, bullshit blah, does not register in my eyes It is what it is, we are where we are and all that matters today IS TODAY.
  13. Out in force on twitter slagging off, DJ and MM. Thought it was the old uns which dementia. Where were we 3+ years ago, out without begging bowls I seem to recollect. Then we manage to stay up once saved,. I am also of the belief we would not have gone up if it wasn't for the appt of DJ. Job done last year, we stayed up, with development squad coming on too. Yes there were mistakes, but at end of day we are still a championship side. This season, we have strong foundations and the makings of a proper team. Unfortunately 2 pieces of said jigsaw are missing, which DJ knows more than anyone else. No players will go out on loan, thus no free wages to spend. Budgets are budgets, you start spending over these and very quickly younger into trouble. Someone we all in every day life have to contend with, you cut your cloth accordingly. Until we ship players out, the players we have need to step up and prove themselves / DJ puts some square pegs in round holes (see what I did there). We also have a player pulling full wages and not playing due to impending court case - now maybe scenics could say that said person may not be pulling a wage soon, which will then free up wage bill..... Fine lines footy- 3 different ref decisions in 3of our first league games and we would be 5 pints better off! We would still need a CM and. Striker, however no one would be sending pelters DJ/MM's way.
  14. See my last posrt - this happened - 100%. The fella holding the smoke bomb had black hair and thin, the lad(s) they took away at half time (for a chat) were stocky and ginger!
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