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  1. My manager happens to be a Wednesdayite. I've seen a few kids in town with shirts on and where I've started playing 5-a-side I've seen the odd shirt too. I almost got ran over by a Wednesdsayite on my first week in Harrogate, was going to put the 'v's' up until I saw a Wednesday sticker, so let them off
  2. I've just recently moved to Harrogate for work. Already seen a fair few Wednesday shirts about
  3. I used to sit behind the home dugout. There was an old bloke who always wore a hat, who sat directly behind the bench who used to moan constantly. If the hat man is still there, it'll be him. I now sit behind the away dugout. There is an older woman there who shouts constant drivel at Jones and Madine and she also moans when we hoof the ball, but then moans when we pass it about that we're not getting it forward...she does my nut in.
  4. My girlfriend's family are Derby fans and they said he had potential, but wasn't given a fair chance. However, they also said he likes a drink or two.
  5. Though I don't agree with the tone they might have used, I don't blame them doing something about fans buying tickets. The few times I've been on the tram to the ground, so many people refused to pay and I've even seen a female conductor in tears after being told to flip off.
  6. City sang that way before I heard it at Hillsborough. We've pinched 'This City is ours' from them, I remember when they put posters up around Manchester and Fergie spat his dummy out.
  7. The picture in the other thread looks like neither Kazenga or Lomano Lua Lua
  8. I was in around the same time. I left my details and they said they'd ring me tomorrow if the stock arrives, but will hold onto a shirt until Monday for me to pick up.
  9. Good idea and also provides each fan with a little memento to remember a (hopefully) promotion day at Hillsborough
  10. It's a good effort, but the reason I think our badge is so good, is its simplicity. Everyone knows it's Wednesday when you see that Owl. Not many clubs have badges as recognisable as ours. I'd like it if the club removed the shield and just used the Owl, with possibly 1867 or SWFC underneath, like in the early 90's.
  11. The league one play off final will be at Old Trafford won't it?
  12. You're getting boring................................
  13. Holt always put in 100% effort in and you could see he had potential to be a decent striker. I think we had him at the wrong time. He was a young lad, and we didn't have time (or more so the chairmen or manager to blood a youngster) to put in a lad with a potential into the first team.
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