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  1. We’re a bit like a rugby team - having to play the ball backwards to go forwards because we have no one with enough pace to beat a man. We miss FF massively for that. As soon as Joao came on he got in behind a few times but wasn’t on the pitch long enough.
  2. All teams attack down our left side. Pigs did it, Leeds did it and their chances came from crosses on this side and so did Bolton. its no coincidence that one of our strongest performances this season came away to Cardiff with Pudil at LB and Reach on the wing. we looked solid and Reach got an assist. With Bannan on the left but mainly playing inside Reach is constantly left exposed. But we’ve not even seen Pudil play since Cardiff.
  3. Didn't do much first half, but played well 2nd half.
  4. This won't be popular but those 6 games we won in a row at the end of last season came when Jones was in the team with Hutch out injured. There is is no denying Hutchinson is a fantastic player, just Jones seems to be playing with confidence now and he does a good job. As someone else mentioned, he has more patience than Hutchinson. Added to to the fact we don't give away half as many free kicks when Hutchinson isn't in the team. Jones was excellent yesterday.
  5. What club sacks a Manager with them in 6th/7th position in the League? last seasons overachievement is really starting to have a negative effect. We've been poo for years but now with the club in 6th position, 18 wins (same points total as last year) we need to show him the door because it's not good enough? get a grip ffs.
  6. For me Fletcher hasn't done anything to warrant a start over Winnall.
  7. Thought Hoolahan was their best player by a mile.
  8. Can't defend him today. Extremely poor. His only good performance recently was the 30mins he had against Birmingham off the bench.
  9. 2 defeats after 4 wins in a row. Meltdown. It's pathetic.
  10. First mistake he has really made and cost a goal - fair enough. We all know Lees is the first choice defender. However in the 4 games he has played we've only conceded 2 goals, not to mention the 2 goals he has scored. Lees last game saw him give away a penalty - all players make mistakes at times. Sasso has been decent cover.
  11. Bannan frustrating? He played the ball over the top for Reach to set up Fernando for the first and got the assist for Wallaces' goal. He was motm for me tonight just ahead of Fox.
  12. Bannan for me, ran the game. Fox was very good first half, got plenty of space down the left as he hugged the touch line and put in numerous good crosses. Fantastic goal line clearance but think he tired 2nd half. Foresteri also deserves a mention, got a goal and worked very hard.
  13. The ball stopped sticking up front as soon as Hooper went off - he was causing their centre backs all sorts of problems. I thought Fletcher would give them even more to think about with his physical presence, but he didn't do much at all. Their centre backs were far more comfortable when he came on.
  14. Just got back. Dominated for the majority of the game and should have coasted home by 2 or 3 goals. Hooper had a fantastic chance to make it 2-0 before half time. For me the game changed when when he went off though, he was calling the Fulham centre backs all sorts of problems - I thought Fletcher would bully them more but to be honest he was disappointing. We we ended up sitting back and invited pressure. Incredible that we were holding on for a point at the end. We just seem intent on scoring tippy tally goals, there is no dire
  15. I thought QPR were fairly decent, Chery and Luongo were pretty lively, but they are badly missing a clinical striker. If they did they could have punished us today.
  16. Were some of the Wednesday players wearing black armbands today? Or was it just their sleeves rolled up that made it look that way?
  17. Palmer has been solid in every game he has played so far this season - his crossing has improved too. Would have had a assist for the winner of Nuhiu had put the header away.
  18. We had a plan B yesterday. Brought Nuhiu on and went route 1 to get Brentford penned in. It allowed us back in the game
  19. Solid defensively all game, just not as good going forward and his crosses were poor in the 2nd half when we were pushing for an equaliser. Kieran Lee was pushed to RB/RW after Jones was sent off and was very effective.
  20. He seemed to save his arm in the refs directon, because he gave a foul against us which was ridiculously soft. No no complaints with first yellow card. If this new directive is going to be in place then fair enough, but from what I saw he just put his arm in the air - no idea if he said something as well, but going on that basis they'll be plenty of red cards this season.
  21. Didn't notice anything after the game - saw him out his hand to his ear or something similar but he seemed to be laughing and smiling. He put in a very good shift today. I don't think we'd have drawn if he wasn't playing, because he allowed us to get further up the pitch and keep the ball in Brentfords half, which we didn't do enough 2nd half.
  22. Palmer bossed midfield, but I voted O'Grady, had a very good game.
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