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  1. I’ll have Portsmouth please since our game is called off
  2. Must have been different from the other side then, I was sat behind the goal and they were swfc stewards
  3. They were sent from our club to be fair. Weren’t enough to stop those who wanted to get on the pitch but who cares
  4. Bunch of idiots. Hope it was those gobby lads who sit at the back row of the north who got sparked out though (you know the ones if you’ve been unfortunate enough to sit anywhere near)
  5. Ordered mine at the beginning of the season and it came last week. Looks like they are sending them out slowly but surely.
  6. He must be at Moore’s daughter, it’s the only explanation
  7. Palmer has been one of the very few silver linings the last few games.
  8. If we win every remaining game we stay up. We won’t win every game and we’ll go down but there’s always the slimmest chance
  9. Absolutely. He’s not a defender, hence why I said “of Bannan’s quality”
  10. By far our best player. If we had 10 other players of his quality, fitness record and consistency we’d be nowhere near the mess we find ourselves in.
  11. We’ve tried that, he ended up not being able to affect forward play enough, and he’s our only creative player. And although he’s our best player, the part of his game lacking is he’s easily breezed past by bigger players on the ball. When he sat deep he wasn’t the best at breaking up play understandably so he was wasted there in my opinion.
  12. Don’t know, but a couple weeks later on the 21st the two first teams met. A 19 year old David Hirst scored the goal in a 1-0 win.
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