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  1. Westwood Buxton Hector Loovens Pudil wallace Bannan Lee Forestieri Hooper Fletcher
  2. Lewis Buxton. Had a torrid first season if I remember right, turned into a solid fullback and one of the first names on the team sheet.
  3. Must have been a different kop to the one I was on, didn’t realise we had 2
  4. The only time the atmosphere was poor was the 5/10 minutes before we scored and they were frustrating us. Before that and particularly afterwards the atmosphere was good
  5. Wouldn’t surprise me, BPF clearly hobbling about in the first leg
  6. He’s our best player absolutely no doubt, but proven to be ineffective in a deeper role, get him pushed up the pitch at all costs
  7. Hope our flag doesn’t come out on the kop, last time I couldn’t get the mouldy rotting smell off me for days
  8. Deserve punishment for racing gravel bikes when mountain bikes exist
  9. Says in the article they are already planning a display for the final at Wembley
  10. Very poor quality game of football but Wycombe are making it that way, it’s the only way they’ll win and I don’t blame them.
  11. Bit weird isn’t it. They beat us the only way they could as they can’t match us in footballing terms, I don’t blame them at all. They found a way to win and that’s what the game is about.
  12. Forget about the ‘alerts’ thing that the swfc website advises you to use. Just go on ‘tickets’ and ‘home tickets’ and it’s there when your window is up. Worked for me yesterday anyway when the ‘alerts’ malarkey wasn’t showing up on personal details
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