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  1. This has the David Brent seal of approval
  2. I agree 100% ..... except for fox and jones, they're dog turd.
  3. Chant For Big Dave

    He's gorra perfectly good song.
  4. Relegation or a trophy?

    Cup without a shadow of a doubt. What would look better on our honours list: sheffield wednesday fa cup winners 2018 or Sheffield Wednesday - avoided relegation to league 1 2018? we’d be back up soon enough and it would be forgotten about but we’d never forget winning the fa cup.
  5. Caption Competition

    Pudil and bamba's dab competition got a bit heated.
  6. Player of the season so far?

    Got to be reach for consistency.
  7. Love it Although, be honest, had anyone heard of our jossy?
  8. Brilliant idea, the problem is you cant trust people not to be tvvats
  9. Have I missed something?
  10. National View

    Seen plenty of adverts on sky for it. Sky sports Facebook feed has had had a fair few features as well.