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  1. Good man, should be spread so everyone does the same. Last straw for me, chansiri should be ashamed
  2. 1. I think Chansiri is completely out of his depth and doesn’t know what it means to run a football club. I hope he is learning on the job and starts making better decisions. 2. Palmer is a solid performer. 3. We should be playing to Forestieri’s strengths and building a team around him.
  3. Whilst I agree I think 5k is a bit optimistic.
  4. Cheshowl

    #SWFC Training photos.

  5. Cheshowl

    #SWFC Training photos.

    In all seriousness just looked through his Instagram, his nose in his more recent photos is definitely not the same nose as his older photos.
  6. Cheshowl

    #SWFC Training photos.

    100% had a nose job. Feels threatened by joey’s natural beauty.
  7. Cheshowl

    Adam Reach last season

    Class player with a great attitude. Now if he didn't nesh tackles he'd be close to the full package.
  8. Cheshowl

    On Debut

    People saying the kop/north will put you off, I’m totally convinced that it won’t, and if it does then football might not be for you. Like others have said, try to pick the biggest game you can. Hillsborough on a packed out big atmosphere match is the like nothing else! Don’t worry too much about what you shouldn’t do, you’re there to enjoy yourself and Visit the greatest club in the land like everyone else, enjoy it!
  9. Cheshowl

    #SWFC Caption Competition

    To betray or not to betray
  10. Cheshowl


    Even if all the rumours about his character aren’t true he’s made it abundantly clear through his own public comments that he does not want to be a Sheffield Wednesday player. Parting ways would be the best outcome but like others have said, it makes it less likely now that Rowett has gone to stoke.
  11. Last 3 games? You mean with jaoa and fernando in the side?
  12. Cheshowl

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Thanks, smashed the mouse clicking the vote button so hard, feel much better now.
  13. Cheshowl

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Wilder for me - Wednesday obsessed, sour faced, thick, brummie accented “Sheffield lad”, dirty, piggy barsteward
  14. Cheshowl

    Mason Mount

    Henman hill is Henman hill, I wish people would stop trying to rename it!