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  1. That tongue at the start needs to be flagged for sexually explicit content
  2. Some proper questionable tattoos in this picture
  3. No I think James Gregg is the fella who does the radio 1 breakfast show
  4. Apologies if this has already been posted but I haven’t seen it. A bloke called James Lindsey has set up a just giving page raising money for St. Luke’s Sheffield hospice in response to the Flyover fund raise that our classy neighbours have set up. Wednesday fans have already raised £3,800! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wereallsheffieldarentwe
  5. Had a touch of the Danny Uchechi’s about him
  6. I voted for Nilsson before seeing the rules. I was born in 92 so was too young to see him play but he’s written into Wednesday folk lore as the best the club has seen. I’d be lynched by family members if I’d have voted for anyone else. It’s a shame that people my age and younger don’t seem to have any Wednesday “legends” as such though. I started going to hillsborough at a very young age but don’t really remember our premier league years, the ones I attended were close to our relegation season anyway. So really, the best collection of players that I can fully remember are our current crop over the last 4 seasons. Because I’ve not been around through our best years the players that I remember and look back on fondly mainly aren’t remembered for their ability but for being characters. Lee Peacock, JJ, Bullen, Owusu and his throwing up every game, Kuqi and his swan dives etc. Not legends in a footballing sense but they stick out. Hopefully I’ll see some world class players back in the blue and white in my lifetime.
  7. Hope you're right, would be a big boost going into next season
  8. It would be nice but we don’t have the squad at the moment, unless something drastic happens in the transfer window. I can see us being around the playoffs though.
  9. As Gary Neville once so elequently put it “it’s like having a choice of which bloke should nick your wife.”
  10. Guessing you don’t go to away games?
  11. I’d take the loss of course as a professional football club, those at the club wouldn’t... but I would.
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