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  1. Wednesday on Look North Tonight

    So look North point out the things that Wednesday fans have been moaning about for a while and get moaned at for doing So?
  2. Message from Jose Semedo

    exactly the kind of character we are missing within the playing staff.
  3. Van Aken

    A young player who clearly has ability. Defending is something that can be taught easier than other parts of the game, whether we have the right people at the club to teach him/learn from is another matter. It will take foreign defenders some time to adjust to English football, particularly championship football. I think there is a player in there somewhere but whether he can step up/be manged properly or whether he will fall by the wayside like so many others is anyone's guess.
  4. "In reality in the last games, especially the last one, we took risks and left open spaces which makes it look like we are weak in defence, but when we play compact like a team and very solid (we've worked hard on this this week) and hard to beat, so it's not a defensive problem we have" Read it again, if you can't see that what he's saying is we have had too many players getting forward and leaving gaps at the back, and that they've been working on playing more compact (defensive) in the week and what that means for the style of play we can expect then I don't know what to say to you. As someone said before in the thread, we lack balance, it's either compact dull football and we haven't been able to get beyond the oppositions defence or it's "throw all our strikers on and hope for the best."
  5. Which means he's planning on playing more compact, defensive football which hasn't worked for us and bores the boobies off everyone. It's quite clear if you can speak English, even for sarcastic people.
  6. translates as: We will carry on playing boring, negative football that will result in a lot of possession but we won't be able to break teams down and we won't get the results we want.
  7. can't wait to get down to the shop and spend £20 on a medal.
  8. "Derrby are very organise-ed and play with good quality... they have very good players" "absolutely sure" "we will fight to the 3 points" "every game we want win" "I always play with pressure" "'spectation"
  9. Nigel Clough

    By clough's own admission it was jimmy Floyd hasselbaink that got them promoted.
  10. Thanks for the memories Carlos, decent bloke but fooook off now. Do the right thing and walk before you get hounded out.
  11. Sky tip us and weeds top 2

  12. Sky tip us and weeds top 2

    It's actually a computer that has predicted it based on form, who we have left to play and how well teams have done in previous seasons. Either way it's wrong
  13. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    It's literally that easy, why do we have so many bobbar kits?