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  1. Cheshowl

    We aren't very good

    I think we knew that we weren't very good at the start of the season, we went on a little run and we thought we might NOT be not very good, but now we realise we're not very good again and remembered that we knew we weren't very good anyway from the start.
  2. Cheshowl

    Dark Arts Department

    Give it Snape til the end of the season.
  3. Cheshowl

    Sam Winnall - Setback

    With one leg from nuhiu and one from Fernando he’ll only be able to run in circles.
  4. Cheshowl

    The promotion winning team

    If you look at past interviews he’s said exactly the same thing after every time he’s thrown it all away, he’s a lost cause unfortunately.
  5. I agree to some degree but I think there’s a time and a place, like you said, to instigate an attack, hit quickly on the break etc. However, those boobies who were screaming at him to get it forward in the second half against leeds baffled me. Every time we went forward we lost the ball and were hit with another attack from them, he was rightly keeping the ball as long as possible to hold onto the draw.
  6. Cheshowl

    New song !

    I think you've had quite enough already.
  7. Cheshowl

    Credit to Reach's fair play

    Yes I'm sure he's a swell fella but he was just running time down.
  8. Cheshowl

    Live stream ?

    It's on the red button on sky though if you have that
  9. Cheshowl

    Live stream ?

    Looks like they’re all down at the minute
  10. Cheshowl

    The elephant in the room

    There's no doubt about it, just having them in the same league definitely magnifies reactions whether they be positive or negative. It just happens to be that they are doing well (spit).
  11. Cheshowl

    New song for Adam reach!!

    He scores, personal, screamers
  12. Cheshowl

    Forget promotion

    Thought everyone had already?
  13. Good image but I find the concept a bit odd. Why is bazza in a 91 league cup final kit?
  14. Cheshowl

    Gary Cahill Linked

    Thought the losing a testi part and selling my missus made it obvious it was a joke.