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  1. Cheshowl


    Even if all the rumours about his character aren’t true he’s made it abundantly clear through his own public comments that he does not want to be a Sheffield Wednesday player. Parting ways would be the best outcome but like others have said, it makes it less likely now that Rowett has gone to stoke.
  2. Last 3 games? You mean with jaoa and fernando in the side?
  3. Cheshowl

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Thanks, smashed the mouse clicking the vote button so hard, feel much better now.
  4. Cheshowl

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Wilder for me - Wednesday obsessed, sour faced, thick, brummie accented “Sheffield lad”, dirty, piggy barsteward
  5. Cheshowl

    Mason Mount

    Henman hill is Henman hill, I wish people would stop trying to rename it!
  6. Good stuff mate. Good to see the Wednesday getting a mention overseas. Although I do hate how Sheffield Wednesday is now synonymous with the Hillsborough disaster for supporters of other clubs.
  7. Villa and Fulham. That’s it.
  8. Cheshowl


    I like him at cb, but I also like a settled defence. If he’s injured every other week then then there goes the settled defence but if keeping him at cb can reduce the injuries he picks up then yes. So my answer is “I dunno mate.” That good enough for you?
  9. Have you been paying attention at the back?
  10. Cheshowl

    Goal of the Season Competition

    Whether we’ve played good or bad there’s been so many screamers in the Chansiri era over the last 3 seasons.
  11. If it was player of the last 2 months I’d vote for Athe. As it’s player of the season it has to be Reach.
  12. Cheshowl

    60 yard goal from ex-owl

    Brilliant strike but the ball was moving so technically shouldn’t have stood.
  13. Cheshowl

    Joey loves it doesn't he

    Think his attitude will go a long way and hopefully he can keep improving for us.