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  1. 3 x Reading tickets availalable. Preferably looking to sell all 3 at once (not separately) PM if interested.
  2. Might possibly have 3/4 tickets spare for behind the goal if anybody is interested? Don’t want all the hassle of taking them back to the ticket office for refunds.
  3. Got one spare Barnsley ticket available for the game today. Face value (£36). Can meet in Barnsley or outside the ground.
  4. I have got a spare Middlesborough ticket for sale. it's an under 18's one though. I paid £17 for it but would accept £10.
  5. I have got a spare Middlesborough ticket for sale. It's an under 18's ticket though. It cost £18 but would accept £10 for it.
  6. I have problems trying to use the internet, the signal is shocking.
  7. If its going to be hoof ball, we might aswell just play 4-3-3 and forget about playing with wingers.
  8. To be fair, I wouldn't like to be a striker in our team. With no proper with wingers other than JJ (if he ever decides to pass the ball) we are never going create much. Playing central midfielders out wide who are not going to beat a man and create a chances, we might aswell just go 4-3-3. Ben Marshall is loss, but he was never our player in the first place.
  9. surprisingly, booking them online worked at the first attempt this time for me.
  10. We are getting the 8:42am train from Sheffield and will probably heading to the castle pub for about 12pm.
  11. Bywater Buxton Batth Llera Reda Lines Semdo Palmer JJ Madine Lowe
  12. The Madine & O'Grady combination doesn't work. I would try Madine & Lowe against Sflaphorpe. At least Lowe is always likely to come up with a goal when you need one.
  13. In all fairness, I think Ryan Lowe deserves a start. He knows where the net is and is a decent finisher.
  14. Charlton's following is expected to be around 1,500? That is poor.
  15. We were thinking about going on the train to Exeter but there is no way im paying them silly prices.
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