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  1. What's the point of this? (a)Why are you trying to make out that DC is stupid?.... (b)He doesn't whinge about it though does he?...he just keeps putting his hand in his pocket. Genuine question...Why are you so relentlessly negative? Do you think it helps in any way shape or form?... If DC is forced out of the club by constant sniping what do you think would happen to the club?
  2. Stoppit! I nearly wet myself laughing just then.
  3. To quote Dirty Harry...."marvelous"
  4. Wow!...don't stop speculating now...let's hear the whole story...as soon as you've thought it up that is.
  5. Quite possibly...that's what happens when clubs go bust. Read the rest of my post and learn something.
  6. It was the share structure that held this club back for years. No one put a penny into it and the directors treated it as an exclusive members only club taking out more than they put in and were virtually unaccountable to the thousands of small shareholders. Not until Dave Richards put a couple of million into the club...and that was far too little far too late, was any investment made. We'd relied heavily on gate money to fund us and as that became less and less important after the birth of the PL we eventually became impoverished. If it wasn't for Milan Mandaric our club would no
  7. This is a very accurate and astute post. Maybe Pulis should ask you to drop in on the Chansiri meeting to give the Chairman some perspective.
  8. In that case he should have put on Katchunga or Brown or even Rhodes, not left us without an outball.
  9. Rubbish Sally, we were comfortable until Pulis took Windass off and put Palmer on. The change told them that we weren't going to counter attack anymore but were going to sit in and defend for the best part of twenty minutes. You just can't do that against the top of the league side. This result has to go down as a serious blunder from Pulis.
  10. The only divorce I'm contemplating is from Wednesday after that shocking result today.
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