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  1. Well the first plan will be to not use Supertram to get to the match because SYP will no doubt be total cúnts again and stop all traffic going through Hillsborough corner like they did last time.
  2. Hougoumont

    I pay £30 a month for this!!!

    More fool you...I only pay £4.79p
  3. Hougoumont

    iFollow is junk

    Watched on Safari...no problems whatsoever....apart from we didn't score.
  4. Hougoumont

    Vic Buckingham

    It was already decided that he would be released at the end of his contract...the bribes scandal broke shortly after he left, so unless the Wednesday board had a heads up from someone at,"The People".....which I doubt, it being a major exclusive.... it would seem that neither he nor they were aware of it until after he left.
  5. Hougoumont

    Vic Buckingham

    He played some smashing football and given a bit of investment would probably have won us something. He was a very urbane bloke, much more at home socialising with establishment figures and actors etc. rather than footballers....which I suspect didn't meet with Eric Taylors approval at that time, so he was moved on in favour of the "Hard man" image of Alan Brown. Buckingham was credited with finding and nurturing the young Johan Cruyff at Ajax and the player acknowledged the part Buckingham played in developing the "total football" they played.
  6. Hougoumont


    Old dogs...new tricks etc. Never been prolific and never will be.
  7. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    Yes, there are still plenty of Diana bores about...but TBF their contributions have been reduced to a manageable level.
  8. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    And what about respecting the decision of the majority in a democratic vote?.......Oh! fûck....I bit
  9. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    I have a confession to make...when Princess Diana died, my initial reaction was one of relief...that after the furore had died down, I could watch a news programme or buy a newspaper or magazine without reading or hearing any more of that inconsequential womans problems/ hopes/social life/sex life/dresses/jewellery/ holidays/friend/ charities/divorce/ children/et..bloody cetera. And if there are any Princess Diana "fans" out there who want to berate me for my callous reaction...then to save time later, go do one now.
  10. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    Sorry, I won't bite.
  11. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    I was wondering when the "you're not human like me" would crop up.
  12. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    Bit of a jump there from millions of people who have given their lives for their country in war, and an Argentinian footballer who was unfortunate to go whilst pursuing £45k per week in Cardiff City's football team. In my experience, the majority of millennials haven't got a clue when it comes to recent history of the wars that ended the lives of those commemorated on Armistice Day. There are no prizes for showing your respect for the fallen...you either have it or you don't...so there should be no recriminations for not showing it for anyone else who you don't know. We need to stop this silly one minutes applause thing now.
  13. Hougoumont


    Class is permanent, form is temporary. Well done to Liam Palmer for upping his game recently.....but it won't last.
  14. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    But he wasn't a team mate was he. The players had probably never met him. Let his family and friends grieve for him but leave the rest of us out of it...after all, we're all going to die.
  15. Hougoumont

    Good Grief?

    There again, Why?...There are thousands of people die every day...loads of them football fans, so should we have a minutes clapping before every game at every ground to make them feel good? We're all going to die sooner or later so why not just accept it as part of the life we all live.