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  1. The EFL can't do anything until after the independant enquiry has made it's findings known. That certainly isn't a foregone conclusion and DC's threat of court action is likely to delay things for the foreseeable future. I'm not worried.
  2. New boss in September was Rick Parry...ex Liverpool CEO and lifelong fan. Now if you were a cynic like me? If it looks like a duck...walks like a duck... quacks like a duck...etc.
  3. He had a cracking game Saturday because there were two in front of him to occupy the central defenders and FF was a loose cannon dragging the full backs all over the place. It was his run and the full back following him that created the space for the cross for the first goal.
  4. What, just on the players we've recruited "over the past 3 years"
  5. "Hundreds of millions" wow I never realised we were that rich.
  6. Only just read this thread and the answer is yes.
  7. Against Swansea we created about 10 good scoring chances that on another day half of them could have gone in. We conceded two goals from set pieces and although Westwood didn't cover himself in glory he was crowded by Swansea players at both corners and on another occasion with a different referee both could have been disallowed. Against Cardiff we also created chances but conceded from an unnecessary free kick that should have been disallowed because of the antics of their player. Against Blackburn we were shït, end off. We have suffered some bad decisions and some poor finishing and have been inconsistent. All of these things can be turned around by coaching awareness and responsibility...and by getting a break from the referees now and again. This is a moderate Championship and although WBA seem to be the best ATM, they are not running away with it, nor are any other teams. We have the capacity to improve quite dramatically on these last three performances and all the others who have been getting results have the capacity to have a run like we just have. This season will not be decided at Christmas, there's plenty of life left in it and I still believe we can be in the mix at the end.
  8. Perhaps if they stopped playing all that relentlessly shít local band music a few more people would feel they could come back.
  9. Atalanta?....he must be planning on taking a 50%+ wage cut then?
  10. No it's not in fúcking free fall...and the missing thousands are only in your warped imagination. Times are good and friends are precious. Take your negativity and shove it.
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