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  1. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Without a doubt my favourite was the DiCanio double dribble goal at the old Dell....fantastic!
  2. Nurse...NURSE! COME QUICK.
  3. "Arrogant self righteous bafoons" you say? How do you know my Brother-in-law?
  4. A different voice

    Are you psychic?
  5. NO NO NO NO NO Is that clear?
  6. There doesn't seem to be a BFB sizing on the list...and we have plenty of supporters that need one.
  7. I don't know hom personally but his sister lives just up from us and called in to tell us the news last week. Huge Wednesday fan and manic metal fan. Carried into the service to the strains of "Freebird" RIP Geoffrey.
  8. It's a photo shopped desk but it is funny.
  9. How does that explain Wolves spending power...do they have a FFP get out of jail card?
  10. Communication

    We are not "loyal customers"....we don't have the option of supporting an alternative SWFC if we don't agree with how the Chairmen communicates with us. We are also all customers of British Gas, Sky.com, etc. etc. etc. Do their Chairman communicate with you regarding the day to day happenings at their business?...No?...didn't think so.
  11. The second has caught his expression perfectly....he's just got the bill for his new Barnet.
  12. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    The OP does say ex Wednesday player.
  13. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Is it George Hirst????
  14. Hands On Chansiri

    "Conspiracy theory number 1 - The reason we got Carlos to manage and have continued to keep him on is because Chansiri or Atti is effectively playing Championship Manager with a real club and players. They employed Carlos to be the charming chap and the face of the club because he was the only man available that was up for this" So...You "haven't said anywhere he's a bad Chairman"...and "your entirely appreciative of him." With fans like you we don't need enemies...or pigs posting on here for that matter. So just go do one you appendage tugger.
  15. Hands On Chansiri

    Dear Outspoken Tom, you know during the first world war, they developed a tactic called a creeping barrage. The idea was that as the troops advanced across No Mans land, a barrage of artillery would be directed about a hundred yards in front of them and would advance at the same pace as the walking men. What could possibly go wrong eh! It seems to me that the ire of some fans has already encompassed the players both individually and as a team...it's positively engulfed CC and is now slowly creeping towards our Chairman... and his son FFS??? Are you fukcing mental or something? ....do you have some sort of a deficiency...or are you just a grade "A" nobedn. This Chairman is the best thing that has happened to SWFC in the last 50 years...with him at the helm we have a great chance of seeing Premiership football back at Hillsborough in the not too distant future...and when we get there he is uber ambitious to get us into the movers and shakers of the division....so please be a good chap and fornicate right off. PS You can probably guess what eventually happened with the creeping barrages....I think they call it "Friendly Fire"