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  1. Hougoumont

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Agreed...you must sit near me cos I thought the same.
  2. Hougoumont

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    I'm with you mate...I like 'em with a bit of something to get hold of.
  3. Nope...definitely Fairs Cup. 1962 is just before my time so I couldn't have seen it then...unless he did more than one.
  4. Remember that clearly. It was in the Fairs Cup and we were against a German club...Might have been Kaiserslautern, and they had given us a football lesson that night. A player who had given him the run around all night got past for the umpteenth time so he just performed a flying rugby tackle as he went past. Everyone in the ground just laughed.
  5. Hougoumont

    From the Bristol City forum

    I thought he died in a mining disaster.
  6. Hougoumont

    Hector and Joao

  7. Hougoumont

    I think Jos is doing a good job

  8. Hougoumont

    No Hand pulled Real Ale in North Stand.

    Almen has sprained his wrist at the school and will be another month.
  9. Hougoumont

    20 players

  10. Hougoumont

    What Team would YOU play ?

    Probably Chelsea....they should beat the dirties.
  11. Hougoumont


    Nowt wrong with 9.30 in the morning after a good nights sleep.
  12. Just announce that we're recruiting a vigilante squad to look out for the scrotes and you'll have more coppers than you can shake a stick at up there.
  13. Hougoumont

    Blame for their goals

    Been saying this for ages. Our "pressing" is simply going through the motions. It especially bugs me when our players make a twenty plus yard run to close down their keeper and then as they get to within 5 yards they ease off and let him clear the ball. What's all that about?
  14. Hougoumont

    Matt Penney

    As addedtime rightly said, Ince had him on toast early on. He got much better as the game went on and had the confidence to make a couple of good forward runs. The making of a good player is all about experience and he's learning fast.