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  1. Hougoumont

    We're (Not) On Our Way....

    It wasn't Mr Chansiri who played cr*p in the final or who missed a penalty against Huddersfield. You're talking round male appendages.
  2. Hougoumont

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Why not...this site needs it's daily dose of conspiracy theories in the absence of facts.
  3. Posted with a happy ignorance about how it all works.
  4. You mean it's a wind up.....I was going to sign up....so who are they getting instead of Mr Chansiri?
  5. Hougoumont

    If we are Radio outraged

    I'm not outraged...no more "Let's just pop over to Oakwell"...."There's news of a goal at the Keep Moat" and "Let's hear Keith Edwards take on that incident"
  6. Hougoumont


    Was Curran the last singing player we had?
  7. Hougoumont

    Memories of this guy

    The day he let that punt from Ogrizovic bounce over him, me and the wife went to an Italian restaurant in Walkley. We'd just ordered when who should walk in but Hodge. I told her who he was and what had happened that afternoon and he must have overheard me because he looked proper sheepish and went red.
  8. Hougoumont


    Education?....what you're advocating sounds more like public humiliation.
  9. Hougoumont

    Fans ripped off

    Don't buy a shirt and don't attend games. Don't get mad...get even.
  10. Am I missing something here? The reality is that season ticket numbers are at an all time high and although I haven't researched it the average crowd is now higher than at any time in the last 20 years.
  11. Hougoumont


    Quite right too.
  12. Hougoumont


  13. Hougoumont


    In a similar worry I heard that the earth is going to be hit by a giant asteroid and it's really frightening because the government haven't said anything.
  14. Hougoumont

    Just Got back - Ratings

    FF was very near to his best during the last few games of last season. He has worked hard to get fit over the summer and just because he has an indifferent pre season friendly against a small nomark club whose two centre backs decide they are going to kick him in the air and give him the treatment because of who he is, you decide he is expendable and needs shipping out. Our transfer strategy wasn't short term either, it was just plain old rubbish, bringing in selling platers like Jones, Fox and Butterfield who never made an impression on the team. Short term is Villa last year. Obviously FFP is an issue this season, but you have to get the best out of what you've got and selling your stand out player to a rival is not going to improve our chances of being competitive this season
  15. Hougoumont

    I want our owl back

    There you go again with the low level criticism. Was it Simon Jordan at Crystal Palace who said it's easy to become a millionaire...you just start as a billionaire and buy a football club