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  1. Leeds tho!

    Irony just won the cup.
  2. Bizarre post...as if you have any influence over whether the Chairman stays or not.
  3. Racism in English football

    Well....would ya?
  4. Morgan Fox

    Hold on there....has anyone checked to see if they are what they've been called.
  5. Best Wednesday Goal ever comp

    Nailed it there.
  6. OP..What a condescending nobhead you are.
  7. To get a more rounded view of our situation, forget the results and look at the performances. My take on this is that United, Cardiff and Derby were all good performances. Boro, Villa and Barnsley were decent without being great. B'ham was dreadful but because of reasons that won't occur again and Millwall was bad. The City performance was an absolute disgrace...no two ways about it, and that is worrying because it's our most recent form guide. However, that may work in our favour as the players and management will want to erase that performance from the fans memory ASAP so here's hoping JL can shuffle the pack (no Fox or Palmer please) and we come out fighting for the next round.
  8. In support of Jos

    It shouldn't even be necessary to defend him. Anyone who faults him in these circumstances knows nowt about football.
  9. In actual fact if you listen to Jos he answers very few questions directly. He's very diplomatic and cagey.
  10. Still find it unbelievable...

    Err! I feel I must point out that the match against Preston was one of the most boring, uninspired, gutless, insipid displays from a Wednesday team that I've had the misfortune to pay to watch in quite some time.
  11. Southgate watching Reach

    Pudil isn't English though so I doubt it.
  12. Southgate watching Reach

    Well he got a good view of Tammy climbing out of Pudil's back pocket.
  13. New TV deal

    A good Spring feed should improve things.
  14. Stop the blame game

    Fair enough...apart from the refs...they can go fuucck themselves.
  15. Highlight the positives

    Little old trend bucker you.