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  1. Don't be obtuse...you know I am comparing Henderson with Ramsdale who will cost them points that Henderson gained for them in the past two seasons. In fact Henderson is the reason they are in the PL now.
  2. Westwood is a far better keeper than Dawson, however whatever he has done or said means that he will never play for us again so he is history and I don't have a problem with that. The goalkeeping situation is not a matter of personalities, about who you like or prefer... it's about keeping goals against to an absolute minimum to give your team the best chance to win games.
  3. I did, but it cannot be allowed to blind us from his inadequacies. A good keeper can be worth 10/12 points a season, a poor one can cost you that. Just ask pigs fans.
  4. His clean sheet yesterday was more down to his defense, some poor finishing and Van Aken's block. He still looks indecisive and his positioning is suspect. However, his distribution although still waywards with his kicking is much improved with his early release awareness. Give him some time but continue the search for a top class bargain.
  5. Gave it to Van Allen purely because he earned us two points with that fabulous block tackle at the end when everyone was on their last legs. Everyone else was a minimum 7 in a great team performance. However still not happy with Dawson.
  6. Absolute rubbish. The iFollow service is as advertised and good value for £10. If you are having reception problems then I suggest you look at your browser, wifi, etc to find our what your problem is.
  7. Tommy Rubbish Jimmy Rubbish Sebastian Rubbish Franco Rubbisio Rudi Rubbish Rob Rubbish Garry Rubbish Mark Rubbish Pavel Rubbishskl James McRubbish Tony Rubbish
  8. It was Simon Jordan when he was at Crystal Palace who said...'it's easy to become a millionaire, you just need to be a billionaire and buy a football club'
  9. The only thing accurate about your post is the first word.
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