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  1. We have a squad of over 30 players in the first team pool...Bruce has already said he wants a smaller, leaner, hungrier squad of about 24. So at least 7/8 will not be replaced. As another poster pointed out, contracts handed to Pudil and Nuhiu last season were a waste of money because neither has been able to contribute to any great extent...and assuming they are on about £25k between then that is £1.3m spunked down the toilet. Multiply that by several other players who don't contribute enough and you're probably looking at the thick end of £10m in wages which can be diverted to quality loans. It's a difficult balancing act but I'm confident we have the perfect manager with his years of Championship experience to perform the surgery we need.
  2. Absolute common sense Sal...there's no room for sentiment in football and I'm sure SB won't fall for it.
  3. Agreed...the save he made in the dying minutes of the Rumberlows Final was one of the best instinctive saves I've seen. He was a very good keeper.
  4. You've just described David Hirst there. Come on Brucey baby....find us one of those.
  5. Fair enough...but it is supposed to be "dream team" not seen team
  6. After that game me and the missus went to an Italian on South Road Walkley and who should walk in but Hodge. I explained to the wife the monumental bolok he'd made in a not too discreet stage whisper and he went bright red.
  7. Okey dokey... I'll start VB by saying am I the only one that didn't rate Pressman that highly. I think that he was in bit myopic because my overriding memory of him is him watching 30 yard shots whistle past his earhole on several occasions.
  8. Anyone who's voted for Pressman was obviously too young to see Ron Springett play
  9. I see you've got the dead raving needle about the away kit then.
  10. If the fixture was here instead of Norwich and the league positions were reversed there'd be about 3 of them in the away end.
  11. Not a million miles on tonight's performance...more like a light year.
  12. You could try jumping on Mable then make your escape on the underground.
  13. I'll bet you're a real hoot at a party.
  14. Was absolutely gutted when he left. That partnership with Varadi was possibly the best we have ever had.
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