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  1. OK Smart arsé...at any point does that say who I do or don't support?... No?... didn't think so. So why don''t you keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.
  2. What's Newsome know? He's a detractor of our club and should keep his unfounded opinions to himself.
  3. I'm just going to pop put for a minute to commit suicide.
  4. Current grounds...Leeds in that section in the corner behind the scoreboard. Complete rip off.
  5. It's just money though isn't it? Before the Arabs came to City they were just another provincial yo yo football team like us. They were probably the last ones in before the authorities pulled the drawbridge up.
  6. Now here's a story going way back to the mid sixties...about 64 if my memory is any good. On Chesterfield Road just past it's junction with Beeton Road, there is a smart new church built probably only 5/6 years ago. Well, before that was there, it used to be a corrugated steel metal structure with path running across the back that led into the back yard of the last house at the bottom of Beeton Road on that side. They used to have regular pop bands on at the hall and one night me and about 6 mates decided to go. When we got there one of the lads told us that they always kept the back door open to let the fag smoke out and volunteered to go down first to check it was the case. It was pitch black at the back and we all crept up the path at the side of the house and this lad vaulted over the wall separating us from our goal. Well there should have been a short pause and then the sound of cuban boots landing in the back of the hall yard...but it was a delayed landing, as unbeknown to out volunteer, it was about a fifteen foot drop and instead of his deft landing there was a huge crash of dustbins that fortunately broke his fall. In a matter of seconds the back door to the hall was flung open wide and light flooded the yard. We all dropped down behind the wall above absolutely pïssing ourselves with laughter while our mate got a right earful, but no sympathy from the doorman. We never did get in that night
  7. I agree about LJ...he's a top man now, just needed time to get his shït together and now he feels loved. As for Mariott, he needs to have a period completely injury free and if he if given the opportunities he will become a prolific scorer in the Championship.
  8. You are very quick to condemn...what was your view about Lucas J when he was here? Slow burner but now probably the best striker in the Championship. Marriot has already done it and needs time.
  9. In the vodka tonic slice of lime song they featured Sean Bean....just saying!
  10. Only uses his left foot to stand on doesn't he.
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