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  1. Hands On Chansiri

    "Conspiracy theory number 1 - The reason we got Carlos to manage and have continued to keep him on is because Chansiri or Atti is effectively playing Championship Manager with a real club and players. They employed Carlos to be the charming chap and the face of the club because he was the only man available that was up for this" So...You "haven't said anywhere he's a bad Chairman"...and "your entirely appreciative of him." With fans like you we don't need enemies...or pigs posting on here for that matter. So just go do one you appendage tugger.
  2. Hands On Chansiri

    Dear Outspoken Tom, you know during the first world war, they developed a tactic called a creeping barrage. The idea was that as the troops advanced across No Mans land, a barrage of artillery would be directed about a hundred yards in front of them and would advance at the same pace as the walking men. What could possibly go wrong eh! It seems to me that the ire of some fans has already encompassed the players both individually and as a team...it's positively engulfed CC and is now slowly creeping towards our Chairman... and his son FFS??? Are you fukcing mental or something? ....do you have some sort of a deficiency...or are you just a grade "A" nobedn. This Chairman is the best thing that has happened to SWFC in the last 50 years...with him at the helm we have a great chance of seeing Premiership football back at Hillsborough in the not too distant future...and when we get there he is uber ambitious to get us into the movers and shakers of the division....so please be a good chap and fornicate right off. PS You can probably guess what eventually happened with the creeping barrages....I think they call it "Friendly Fire"
  3. But how do we compete against the milkmans extra creamy gold top.
  4. FF back training with the team

    Bit pedantic there MO...you mentioned "discipline" in your post.....not a million miles away from punishment eh! However, my point was that being a footballer has to be one of a tiny number of occupations that you are disciplined by being given the weekend off.
  5. FF back training with the team

    Forgive me if I appear thick...but how is that a punishment?
  6. FF-DiCanio

    ^^^This^^^ End of thread.
  7. Brilliant article by a QPR fan

    At least he's done his research properly. Good article written without an angle.
  8. Season Ticket

    There's always one...you're it this year
  9. your 1st game you went to

    The 10th of November 1962 was a murky, dank, grey day that chilled you to the bone. But it was the day that my mate suggested that I went with him to the football. We caught the Booth & Fisher match day special from a car park off Sheffield Road in Killamarsh and on that packed bus a lifetime of addiction to the drug known as Sheffield Wednesday began. We parked up in the ABC streets opposite Hillsborough park and went through the juvenille entrance to be faced with a muddy slope that was the back of the Kop. We clambered and slithered our way up ignoring the meandering path that everyone else was taking until we reached the very apex...and...I looked down onto the pitch...and was totally gobsmacked. It seemed that half the population of Sheffield was there in the murky afternoon half light, and the whole place literally twinkled as people lit up their fags. I can't remember anything about the match other than the opposition was Aston Villa and it finished 0-0. Looking at the records tells me that the attendance that day was just over 20K, so my memory is playing me tricks. However, it's a wonderful obsession that burns just as bright today as it did then. Mind you I couldn't clamber up that slippery slope these days.
  10. Food at the match

    Went for a coffee at about 2.25 and was told the hot water wasn't...err...hot yet. Nobody told them the was a match on apparently.
  11. Roll Up Roll Up Executive Boxes For Hire

    Hasn't DC already proved what an astute businessman he is? When...not if...we get to the PL those boxes will have a waiting list for them...
  12. Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    First game ten minutes in he'll be off with a dead leg...nailed on.
  13. Hardest Wednesday player ever

    Laurie Madden was a tough player and I wouldn't have wanted to knock Mel Sterlands pint over either.
  14. Studs please!

    When was the last time you saw it?
  15. The Stats, the Passion & The Glory

    Statistics mean nothing...we need to get in their faces and stop their passing game and impose ourselves on them. COME ON WEDNESDAY