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  1. I've ignored the second half subs, as they weren't culpable for the shiitstorm they were thrust into. Likewise the kiddywink at RB...he didn't know what had hit him. So, being as you don't have a "none of the above" option I've given Reach a vote purely by the fact that he kept going. Totally ineffectively I might add...but he did keep trying.
  2. You can find many examples on Hamster as well
  3. Realistically, it's not in his interest to feign injury. If it carries on he definitely would not be offered a new contract next season. And if it was suspected he was coming the old soldier so as not to play, no one else would take him on either. At his age his best plan is to get fit, get picked and then convince Monk and or any other managers that he is a valuable asset in order to get another contract. So...can we please stop these pathetic conspiracy rumours, it's not doing our club any favours.
  4. "Dictating"...."speaks volumes to you"........ Knows nowt...why don't you keep your predudices to yourself?
  5. Firstly, the medical team will decide when he is fit to play and secondly, the manager will decide if he will be picked. It's nothing to do with you.
  6. Go back to terraces and we could call it the "Long Stand"
  7. Thanks Snooty for confirming that I'm not alone with my views. Common sense will out.
  8. Did you help with the Labour Parties manifesto costings?
  9. Happens he's got a dose of the farmers and finds it uncomfortable sitting on the bench?
  10. Get thissen to football...take her when you get back.
  11. Better than 1 in 2 for Charlton and only slightly over that in his career. Maybe a late developer who's gone under the radar having spent most of his career at shiit clubs. Will be cheap in January and at 29 has a potential 3 years at a decent level. Fine by me.
  12. The difference now is that before, we were over our limits and knew it so we took the embargo on the chin and worked with them. Now, they are making serious allegations that DC, the accountants and the auditor have all mislead them...fraud in other words. None of the above will take that lying down. This will end up in court and unless the EFL have a rock solid case they will probably end up with charges of defamation and restraint of trade against them plus one or two things that I haven't thought of.
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