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  1. Hougoumont

    John Sitton

    You wouldn't risk doing a runner would you?
  2. Hougoumont

    No news

    And of course the media pick up on it and publish it as the truth....where do you think they get THEIR ITK stories from?
  3. That is exactly what you put in your post. Just one of many threads on here criticising the club for anything and everything. Why don't you, or anyone else who shares your whinging attitude do yourself a great big favour and take a day off...who knows you may like it and stay away
  4. whinge whinge...it's not fair...I don't want to pay as much as that...Westwood spends it all and he doesn't even play...it's not fair...I'm a fan, I have a right to know...I pay my money so I have a right to express my opinion...whinge whinge....I'm really upset by the way the club treats me...I want to have a say in it...it's terrible the way the club keeps things from me...I have rights you know...I only hear rumours...and I think all the bad ones must be true...because Chansiri won't tell me what's happening...I think he's a big bully and I don't like him...I think I'm going to cry.
  5. That's the spirit...a self fullfilling prophecy.
  6. Hougoumont

    Meadowhall Shop

    Well it's not open yet and no sign of life there....except for a sign above the unit.
  7. Hougoumont

    Westwood starts u23

    Just getting Westwood fit for a move in the window.
  8. Hougoumont

    Barry Bannon - unhappy at the club?

    A name inspired by a couple of right t its .....so lots on here will be familiar with it.
  9. Hougoumont

    Best to face facts.

    Whilst I can see the logic in your OP the reality is that as a team and as a club we are slowly but surely sinking into a pit of lethargy. The players seem incapable of lifting their performances...the Chairman is not able to spend to change things...the fans are filled with despondancy...and the injury list which was blamed on CC by many has shown no signs of abating 12 months after he's gone. The net result of all this is we are sleepwalking into a relegation fight which if the unthinkable happened would put us back five years. So...what's to do? The only affordable answer is to let someone else take the helm...and see if a "new manager bounce" can reverse our fortunes in the short term and give us the chance to make better long term plans. The present incumbent really hasn't a clue how to do this and has no connection with the club or it's supporters. He is to SWFC what a civil servant is to your pension...a mere functionary...it doesn't' matter to him but is very important to you.
  10. Hougoumont

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    Why...do you think that would change the performances on the pitch? Do you think it would make any difference to the poisonous atmosphere in the crowd? Do you honestly believe it would attract more paying customers?....because I don't. I shouldn't think there are more than about fifteen hundred walk ups to a home game now, so if you cut the price by a tenner, all that would do would be to cut the clubs income by about £15k a match...and increase the FFP problem by about £250K per season. It wouldn't even stop the whingers whinging.
  11. Hougoumont

    Paul Clement

    Odds on Jokanavic goes to Reading
  12. I think the option of "Meekly accepting this crap" will probably get the nod from a majority TBH.
  13. Hougoumont

    MEGSON as DOF?

    But surely we need a football man in this role?
  14. Hougoumont

    You could drive a bus through there

    It may be rough on him Shady, but the simple truth is that he has been slow/reluctant to get back ever since he was first converted to RB from his original midfield position. Any team with upwardly mobile ambitions cannot carry a player like that in defence. As for Bannan, Reach and Matias, all of them can be out tackled by a big girl...and all of them looked like they were only going through the motions at Blackburn. JL's flawed tactics and confusing...and ever changing...formations have merely magnified the problems that were there before he came. I still believe we have a squad capable of winning games in this division IF we get a manager in who plays them in their most comfortable positions and motivates them suitably. It's obvious to a blind man that they are not a happy bunch at the moment.