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  1. Hougoumont

    Player signings

    So why do the media continually refer to us as "Big spending Sheffield Wednesday "
  2. Couldn't we just play the lot in a 28 formation and let the opposition worry about us?
  3. Hougoumont

    25 years ago tonight !

    Neither have l. Missed the replay because we had a family holiday booked so I watched it in a bar in Majorca. I thought I was on candid camera when Woods did his thing. I was wearing the yellow and black away shirt and I've never worn that again from that day to this...its' still in the back of the wardrobe forbidden to come out ever again.
  4. Total of 30 appearances in 4 years at Southampton before being shipped out on loan. Let's be honest, Southampton are hardly flush with quality players ATM so I wouldn't expect him to be any other than average.
  5. Hougoumont

    George Hirst

    Summat wrong with your hearing pal.
  6. Hougoumont

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Can't we also have an award for c*ck sucker of the year, W*anker! of the year and conker of the year, cos there's loads on there I'd like to nominate.
  7. Very good and informative.....what did he say?
  8. His debut for Spurs was against us on the opening day of the season and there had been lots of talk about him being a diver. He was a superstar of his era and you just new he would score against us. Sure enough he got a poachers goal in front of the Kop then wheeled away towards the North and performed a superb dive sliding straight towards me and I'll swear he winked at me as he stopped. I didn't think Germans were supposed to have a sense of humour but he had my respect from that moment.
  9. Hougoumont

    What price would you pay?

    I stood watching us get mullered at Walsall and vowed I would not renew my season ticket even if Megson got us promoted that season. He didn't, Jones did and I renewed. If football becomes a dirge then what's the point in it? During my years of watching Wednesday only the Buckingham side, Atkinson side and the first season under Carlos has given me that buzz that I need and several others...most notably Megson, Eustace and Sturrock have left me totally flattened by their turgid football.
  10. Hougoumont

    Empathy for Penguin...

    Something has just occurred to me. All this talk about wether the central stripe should be blue or white has been in vain. Look again at the shirt of our illustrious forward Red Froggatt and you'll see it should be neither. Get this right and there's nothing to stop us becoming next seasons invincibles of the Championship.
  11. Hougoumont

    Will they or won't they?

    I think you are judging him very harshly, I don't think he's a mug and now he's extracted himself from the people who only had self interest in their dealings with him, you'll now see this club as good off the field as it can be on the field with Jos in charge. Regarding your comments about George Hirst, I don't think he has ever had the intention of signing a contract with us. His father is obviously a big influence on him and also has a huge chip on his shoulder about Wednesday. Wether that's about his stated regret at not being allowed to go to ManU when he was here, or more recently about his "resignation" from his sinecure as a club ambassador I don't know, but he has persuaded his lad that his future lies elsewhere. I'll bet you that new kit will be on sale early this year and that pre season will be very intense and already planned. As for getting contracted players off the books...it's just not as easy as that unless someone wants them and is prepared to pay them their going rate, and if they are on good money here that may be difficult.
  12. Hougoumont

    Will they or won't they?

    No disrespect but a lot of what you say is with hindsight. Well, here's hoping DC has hindsight as well because he seems to be here for the long run and the experience of these first three seasons should stand him in good stead in the coming ones.
  13. Hougoumont

    Will they or won't they?

    If only it were you running the club.........