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  1. Didn’t we play them in that paint pot or pizza trophy thing recently? vaguely remember, the memories not what it used to be
  2. Bonne at Ipswich has just ended a run of 17 games without scoring, 1 goal in his last 23 games now I think it is. Ipswich fans are convinced they would be in the autos if he had continued his early season form. 100% agree with the OP’s point though, it’s fine margins and a fit Windass would have had us pushing for autos in my opinion
  3. Vital to get the win with Sunderland and Wycombe both winning - well done the lads for grinding out a result
  4. Starting to look better with options on the bench now - happy with that line up
  5. Always had a soft spot for Grimsby. My uncle Jim was their club photographer for many years 70’s/80’s and as a teenager with aspirations to be a photographer myself I used to stay with him and he would lend me a camera and take me with him on match day. I’ve got some great photos of Tony Ford scoring a goal and celebrating right in front of me. But that’s different to supporting a second club, can’t imagine ever feeling the emotions that I feel with Wednesday with any other club
  6. For me, living in Suffolk I’ve got a lot of Ipswich supporting mates and I think their situation this season has been similar to ours in some ways. Manager rebuilding in close season, big player turnover and expectations of a promotion challenge. I know they have had new owners which we haven’t, but when it was clear things weren’t going as expected, they acted quickly and made a change. obviously is still too early to say if it will pay off for them, but at least they took decisive action. I feel we are at a similar stage now where we need to make a decision. Paul Cook said about Ipswich, they only thing that is consistent is our inconsistency - sound like any other team we know?
  7. Merry Xmas to everyone and a big thanks to Neil and everyone who keeps the site going, there’s no better place to talk about all things Wednesday
  8. Can see either 2 draws or 1 draw and 1 loss - it’s the Wednesday way - chance to get into top 6 and we blow it. Have lost count of the times we have done this in recent years
  9. As someone living in Suffolk with several mates who have season tickets at Portman road, I can tell you that he is in no way “lighting it up”. they don’t rate him at all, a few decent attacking runs, often with no end product and very poor defensively is how they describe him
  10. Interesting that Ipswich were 2-0 up away at Cambridge today and ended up drawing 2-2 giving away the equaliser in the 88th minute. Paul Cook made comments about the size of the Cambridge players and the fact that once they got some corners towards the end of the game he was concerned. they scored from an 88th minute corner. speaking to an Ipswich supporting mate who went to the game he says Cambridge just kept pressuring their players into making errors and then getting the ball into the box as quickly as possible. Could be another difficult away trip for us
  11. I think if you took out the couple of individual errors BPF made that cost us 4 points then most of us would be happy with the start we’ve made. there will always be individual errors over the course of a season and I’m not slating BPF here at all, I think he’s got great potential and he bounced back with a good performance at Wigan. I know some of the performances have been frustrating and I’m not 100% convinced with our system at the moment. Sometimes though it’s about getting the results over the style of play. it’s not an easy league to get out of as Sunderland and Ipswich have shown so overall Im happy with how we are doing.
  12. Like the look of that lineup and some good options on the bench. Let’s hope things click today and we can turn some of the posesion that we usually have into some goals
  13. Living just outside Ipswich, I’ve been hearing town fans saying cook should be sacked after their second game. It didn’t surprise me as there is an element of their fans that don’t agree with how cook got rid of all the established players and they are looking for him to fail now. im sure he will do fine and they will be top 6 come the end of the year
  14. Been back in Sheffield this week visiting family, taking my stepdaughter to her first ever football match. She even bought a shirt from the club shop yesterday, her grandad will go mad, he’s a lifelong Ipswich fan
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