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  1. That's the winner - nearly spat my beer out
  2. And the way they are playing, taking into account confidence and momentum, they will beat us - and quite easily in my opinion. My concern is that DC will give him too long to sort things out before he makes a change and it will be another wasted season
  3. Sunderland look average to me, shame we didn't take 3 points from them
  4. Yep - once you've been out thought in the playoff offs by a manager with an inferior squad, just my opinion but last season was such a missed opportunity that I think it will be something fans look back on in 5 or 10 years and think how the hell did we not get promoted
  5. Give him 10 games

    10 games - potentially 30 points - no thanks, should have gone after being tactically outdone by Wagner in the play offs, nothing since has persuaded me otherwise
  6. Seriously COME ON

    I was in Norwich last weekend and home shirts in their shop are £15, don't know why we can't offer our fans a similar price to this, club will still be making some profit and not be stuck with a load of stock they can't shift
  7. semi may be staying

    My sister lives close to him and my nephew and niece go to school with his kids. He had a removal van at the house this week so my sister called round so the kids could all play together and asked him what was happening. He said he was going back to Portugal on Monday and would try to find a club there. If not he said he will retire and focus on coaching
  8. Bye Bye Carlos

    No point fans slating each other and trying to score points, truth is over 2 legs we didn't deserve to win and that is down to tactics, not players. Reading and huddersfield do not have better players/squads than us but they have more tactically aware managers than we do. I really appreciate what CC has done for us but he cannot take us that final step.
  9. Ipswich owner was number 3 on the times rich list, they are by no means skint but for whatever reason he will not invest in the team, I live and work in Ipswich and their fans just hope he will sell the club on at some point. MM doing the best job he can with what he's given. Enjoyed the game today and can't wait to go to work on Tuesday
  10. Lee was good and very close for mom Good game from pudil as well, Hooper absolute class again
  11. Bannan absolutely ran the game mom by a mile
  12. I recorded it will try to upload later, had problems uploading as my video was 4 mins long
  13. Top ten side and no more..........

    I'm glad you wrote all that mate because it saved me doing it. Sums up my thougts perfectly and good point about walk ups. I live in Essex and with work commitments have to choose which games to come up for, what I've seen so far this season doesn't make me want to come up every other week anymore. a finish anywhere between 6-10 place looks likely to me.
  14. Hooper - waste of a shirt

    Yep it was hooper who got back to head the ball off the line - not bad for a lazy player! Thought he had a great game myself