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  1. As someone living in Suffolk with several mates who have season tickets at Portman road, I can tell you that he is in no way “lighting it up”. they don’t rate him at all, a few decent attacking runs, often with no end product and very poor defensively is how they describe him
  2. Interesting that Ipswich were 2-0 up away at Cambridge today and ended up drawing 2-2 giving away the equaliser in the 88th minute. Paul Cook made comments about the size of the Cambridge players and the fact that once they got some corners towards the end of the game he was concerned. they scored from an 88th minute corner. speaking to an Ipswich supporting mate who went to the game he says Cambridge just kept pressuring their players into making errors and then getting the ball into the box as quickly as possible. Could be another difficult away trip for us
  3. I think if you took out the couple of individual errors BPF made that cost us 4 points then most of us would be happy with the start we’ve made. there will always be individual errors over the course of a season and I’m not slating BPF here at all, I think he’s got great potential and he bounced back with a good performance at Wigan. I know some of the performances have been frustrating and I’m not 100% convinced with our system at the moment. Sometimes though it’s about getting the results over the style of play. it’s not an easy league to get out of as Sunderland and Ipswich have shown so overall Im happy with how we are doing.
  4. Like the look of that lineup and some good options on the bench. Let’s hope things click today and we can turn some of the posesion that we usually have into some goals
  5. Living just outside Ipswich, I’ve been hearing town fans saying cook should be sacked after their second game. It didn’t surprise me as there is an element of their fans that don’t agree with how cook got rid of all the established players and they are looking for him to fail now. im sure he will do fine and they will be top 6 come the end of the year
  6. Been back in Sheffield this week visiting family, taking my stepdaughter to her first ever football match. She even bought a shirt from the club shop yesterday, her grandad will go mad, he’s a lifelong Ipswich fan
  7. Can’t fault the effort but a serious lack of quality in front of goal (both teams) if Charlton are one of the better sides in this league it doesn’t worry me too much, we will improve over the next 10-12 games
  8. Adeniran looks lively, will certainly win us plenty of free kicks, Green just looks lost, like the look of Kamberi so far, movement and getting in position, let’s see what happens when he gets a chance. Charlton are a horrible team to play against though. I’ll be looking at how we are doing after 10-12 games to be honest, can’t read too much into the result of this game
  9. This league is hard to predict. Living just outside Ipswich I remember clearly how they thought they would be promoted back to the championship at the first attempt. Plenty of my mates down here stuck bets on for them to be champions and get 100 points. I think with a good out and out striker coming in and injuries permitting that we have potential to be challenging top 6 this season.
  10. You can see that some teams that come down and then have a really poor first season have bigger issues, like Wigan, Ipswich, Bolton in their respective seasons. We could fall into that category if we don’t get the recruitment right this season. Equally if we can bring in a quality goalkeeper, a couple of goal scorers and keep hold of players like Windass, Iorfa etc then we could be challenging for the top six
  11. Also, do we not have a better option in goal than Pickford? I literally crap myself every time the ball goes into our box, or even when we pass the ball back to him - it’s like watching Dawson or Wildsmith
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