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  1. This is probably the greatest thread and should be pinned forever in my opinion. So many great stories that sum up why we are Wednesday and not anything else. Me, I'm born in walkley 1967, dad takes me to my first game in 1973 - not a great time to start I know but I was hooked. 1974 I made him get us a season ticket. Midweek games at Rotherham, Mansfield, been lifted over turnstiles to get in for free. Memories of players, too many to mention. Dodgy away trips, Chelsea, Millwall, Derby, Leeds and as I got into my teens ashamed now to say that I got drawn into the hooligan culture and did things I'm not proud of. I could go on but I'll try to sum it up, attended cup final in 1991, all Wembley trips in 1993 and play off final v Hull when it was me, dad, sister and nephew, all the generations together and that's what Wednesday is, a family, transcends generations, in your blood. I'm Wednesday, don't have a second, a favourite other team, I'm Wednesday, that's it.
  2. Of course we can beat them, but we won't. I really can't be bothered to go into the reasons why and I'm probably in the growing number of apathetic fans who question if they will go to the games each week. I can't even be bothered to argue with people who label me as armchair fan, clapper, pig etc. Truth is I now live 212 miles from Hillsborough, born in walkley, could hear the roar from the ground on a Tuesday night from my garden. Dad took me to my first game in 1973 aged 6 and I loved it so much next season he got us both a season ticket. So I've seen the good the bad and the flipping awful, now I just can't be bothered. So disappointed and disillusioned I can't remember feeling this fed up. Sorry for the long post
  3. Can't see where we will pick up 15/16 points to make us safe. Think we will stay up due to there being enough teams below us that are worst than we are. Nervous times though and never thought this would be how we would spend the 150th anniversary season
  4. I said tonight the biggest complement I could pay the young lad was that I didn't realise he was there. I know that sounds weird, but I meant he fitted in, looked comfortable and didn't make any critical mistakes ( unlike loovens - who should gracefully retire at the end of the season)
  5. Neither can I until hooper is back, Rhodes finishing is woeful, not slating Rhodes here as joao also had two really good chances that should have brought one goal at least, but joao also had a good all-round game and they couldn't settle when the ball went to him. Rhodes contributes very little else and his reputation as a goal scorer/poacher/finisher - call it what you will, carries very little weight, when given said chances he hits the keeper or misses the target completely. I was one who wanted him here ever since I saw him score the goals in that 4-4 draw many years ago. Unfortunately I think that player is long gone
  6. My thoughts exactly- but probably just a step up from where he is now
  7. It was a fantastic tackle - pity the ref saw otherwise
  8. Owl247

    How do you feel right now?

    Actually don't care and that's the worst thing to feel. Last time I felt this disinterested I had just come out of layer road after seeing us beaten 4-0 by an awful colchester United side, but what pi##ed me off more than the performance that night was our manger leaning on the side of the dugout with his arms folded as each goal went in, seemingly with no emotions, no ideas of how to change things. I'm not saying we are in the same position now before the "look how far we have come brigade" chip in - but I am saying I feel the same sense of not caring anymore
  9. Owl247

    Mid-table mediocrity

    100% agree and saved me typing it myself - sums up how I see this season
  10. Owl247

    He won't be sacked

    Yep and it was the usual drivel- he may as well record it and just play it back each week
  11. Owl247


    Totally lost interest in this season, enjoyed the Leeds performance but knew it was just another false dawn. Today was no surprise at all. Mid table unless something changes pretty soon and another missed chance to get out of a weak league this year
  12. And when he's fit again you will still have him on the bench and not starting
  13. So many good performances today but I honestly feel that the key to getting the best from hooper is Fletcher performing like he did today. I know he missed a sitter but a fully fit Fletcher and hooper combo for a full season could push us towards that top 2 place.
  14. We need to do what ipswich did to Sunderland last night - a convincing win against a team currently struggling. No excuses, a point is not a good result, if we are not careful our draws will kill us at the end of the season - 4 already.