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  1. Would love to be optimistic but honestly can’t see us staying up. every time we have a chance to get out of bottom three or beat a team around us we blow it. it might sound dramatic but I said last October when we lost those consecutive games against Luton Rotherham and Wycombe that those results could send us down at the end of the season - I know there was loads of points still to play for but it’s picking up zero points in those type of games that has killed us all season really hope I’m wrong, but fear the worse - the Birmingham and Luton defeats sealed it for me
  2. For once it would be nice when we have won a game in challenging circumstances, to not have a thread criticising individual players. Why can’t we just say, well done lads, you all played a part and leave it at that? Guess I’m showing my age, from going to my first game in 1973, I’ve seen much worse times and much worse players. Yes the clubs in a total mess at the moment but I still enjoy seeing the young players get a game and have pride in the shirt, regardless of their long term potential
  3. Always fun to see a good fishing post - caught a few as well 5 pages so far
  4. 1973 was when I started going to games, what a year to start!, would definitely be interested in getting a copy of the book
  5. Loads of places mate, colonial bar in playa fanabe, sports bar in los cristianos and every other bar in las americas - never have any problems when I’m over there
  6. Shame we dropped those points against Rotherham Millwall and Reading, that was a real opportunity missed. You never know though, we're a different team under Bruce - dare to dream
  7. Realistically think that dropping those points to Rotherham, Millwall and reading cost us any outside chance that we had of sneaking 6th place - but who knows, last two games have been very impressive
  8. That's probably not far off to be fair - I expect somewhere between 10th - 15th this season
  9. Good result - can't agree with the rest of the post - second best all over the pitch, constantly gave the ball away, lucky to not concede 4 or 5 - we're nowhere near the standard that Leeds showed tonight
  10. Exactly this - we are so desperate for one of our own to make it that we cling onto players like Palmer who are nowhere near good enough
  11. This is probably the greatest thread and should be pinned forever in my opinion. So many great stories that sum up why we are Wednesday and not anything else. Me, I'm born in walkley 1967, dad takes me to my first game in 1973 - not a great time to start I know but I was hooked. 1974 I made him get us a season ticket. Midweek games at Rotherham, Mansfield, been lifted over turnstiles to get in for free. Memories of players, too many to mention. Dodgy away trips, Chelsea, Millwall, Derby, Leeds and as I got into my teens ashamed now to say that I got drawn into the ho
  12. Of course we can beat them, but we won't. I really can't be bothered to go into the reasons why and I'm probably in the growing number of apathetic fans who question if they will go to the games each week. I can't even be bothered to argue with people who label me as armchair fan, clapper, pig etc. Truth is I now live 212 miles from Hillsborough, born in walkley, could hear the roar from the ground on a Tuesday night from my garden. Dad took me to my first game in 1973 aged 6 and I loved it so much next season he got us both a season ticket. So I've seen the good the bad and the fli
  13. Can't see where we will pick up 15/16 points to make us safe. Think we will stay up due to there being enough teams below us that are worst than we are. Nervous times though and never thought this would be how we would spend the 150th anniversary season
  14. I said tonight the biggest complement I could pay the young lad was that I didn't realise he was there. I know that sounds weird, but I meant he fitted in, looked comfortable and didn't make any critical mistakes ( unlike loovens - who should gracefully retire at the end of the season)
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