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  1. I'm guessing some of the unidentified people are random fans, hence the title?
  2. It could be worse. Have you seen Blackburns advert for their new kit? I'm working there at the minute and have not stopped taking the p**s for 3 days 😄
  3. Chairman refused to go on talksport yesterday. When they asked about only having 8 players he stated that it was 6 as 2 had reportedly walked out that morning. They had an under 21 match the other day and had to draft 4 players in from the first team due to lack of numbers.
  4. Charlie Webster with her chute full of reports
  5. Marco Gabbiadini runs a guest house in York and I think he owns a group of carpet shops
  6. Soccer Guy has made the best one this year.(kick that soccer ball) And even has the New York owls making a cameo on the video.
  7. I went with some Barnsley mates a few year back to watch their semi final v Cardiff. Good day out to be fair. I just hope Orient smash 20 past the baby blades today!
  8. @SunSportNow: Chelsea have released Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Samuel Eto'o. #cfc
  9. You would have thought that most clubs in this day and age would have a name.... Must be a new franchise?
  10. Weren't paddy power responsible for the plane over Old Trafford too? And the Grimm Reaper at Everton?
  11. There could be a number of reasons why he has gone back. Poyet didn't want him playing on the wing, takeover collapse, he hated having to disinfect everytime he left the ground etc. isn't there a ruling about how many teams a player can play for in a season? Or doesn't it apply to youth loans?
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