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  1. Hi can I have this ticket please. Its for a mate of mine but can make payment for him. Thanks
  2. We all know it's down to money and has been from day 1. Sure the press will be having another dig at us and praise for those all so innocent scouse fans who have never done anything wrong anywhere !!
  3. Old joke now been on Facebook loads of times this week
  4. On nights tonight starting at 7.00pm but put a few hours holiday in so finishing at 11.30 instead of 5.30...
  5. They are asking over the odds for a mini bus. Enquired about a 8 seater yesterday and got quoted £525 !!
  6. I'm sure it's sold out but I would give Jamie a call on the number above, who knows some might have dropped out..
  7. Bloody hell lads your going to be well impressed with the Coach, just been down to pay and its Class.. Jamie you have done us proud mate..
  8. Kivo can you put my name in the draw please, thanks
  9. Would have both of you, would take my son with me..,
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