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  1. If we did sack megson were a big enough club to take any league 2 and most of leauge 1's managers away from their clubs. so if i were milan i would have a chat with megson about his job. if he wasent even considering sacking him release a statement saaying he is going to back megson so we can move on. negativity isnt what we need at the derby so that means no shouting we want megson out! our confidence is low enough atm so lets try and bounce back against united and get behind the players and megson! GARY MEGSONS BARMY ARMY UTO FTB!!!
  2. i agree something needs to change, SOON!
  3. Who would you have in the centre of defence out of these three? for me its Llera and batth
  4. wednesday cant afford to pay megson off and bring in a new manager to pay his wages
  5. If we keep our nerve and get the points at chesterfield i have full faith we will WIN the derby. But if we collapse at chesterfield like we have in the last three games you have to start to wonder who will we tie in the play-off's if we make it? I dont know about anyone else but im really worried that whoever we get in the play-off's our team will struggle against them. Never like to criticise wednesday but ive been to the last four games and weve been rubbish. MEGSON SORT IT OUT!!!
  6. Biggest ever League 1 (Div 3) crowd Sheffield Wednesday 4 v 0 Sheffield United December 26th 1979 49,309 Whats your score and attendance prediction? Mine: Owls 3-1 Pigs 36,600
  7. After travelling all the way down to exeter yesterday to watch a shocking performance i notice how predictable we are, string a few passes together and then hoof ball its basically giving possession away. also when rob jones came on he didnt do anything apart from give away a free-kick that lead to a goal, should he be our captain?.
  8. i didnt realise how much money you could earn from a decent cup run
  9. If we beat blackpool at hillsborough we will have to play everton a week before the derby. if you were megson would you put out a full strength squad for the everton game and risk injury and tiredness 1 week before potentially are biggest game of the season? also i was wondering if bostock could play in the cup?
  10. yeah im heading down exeter from wednesday away is always the best it will be my 7th away game of the season mk dons next though UTO !!!!! from hillsborough
  11. he was down for about 6 but the subs and the goal celebration 10 for me but that extra minute could of cost us like it did against huddersfield
  12. he has scored 15 in the last 28 games but that is in league 2
  13. crawley put in 100k wednesday are belived to be putting in 1.75k
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