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  1. We have the best goalie in the championship sat on his arse at home and on 30grand + a week. l give you Mr Westwood
  2. Stop talking poo,I can only think of one striker worse than that bag of poo and that was Colin West.
  3. Dom Howson just reported Leko to sign later today.
  4. R I P Sammy a 70’s legend one of Wednesdays biggest fans I last spoke to Sammy a few months ago up in Hackenthorpe where he lived all his live although the last few years he spent a lot of time at Skegness. R I P big man
  5. Went to Blackburn with a mate who’s wife had just had a boy. My mate decided Before game who scored first goal he’d name his new son after, Anti Mirocavic hit the post just before ticker Taylor scored hence his lad is called Kevin lucky for him Mirocavic didn’t score.
  6. Only Big Jack could sign a player while out fishing in Ian Mellor who can forget the diving header he scored at Blackburn a win that more or less won us promotion.
  7. So sad to hear of the passing of Big Jack in my opinion the man who turned our great club around in the late seventies and early eighties the man who brought Sheffield’s only TC Terry Curran and who masterminded the famous Boxing Day massacre. RIP Big Jack fondly remembered by us old Wednesday fans.
  8. He’s passed it mate.Players of his ilk are without a club for a reason. Either passed it or too greedy.
  9. Can’t help feeling that with K Westwood in goal we would maybe 7 or 8 points better off. Westwood is worth 10-15 point a season. C Dawson is a fine keeper but he’s not ready yet for this league, if we keep playing him and he keeps dropping clangers like he is at the moment this could ruin his confidence. Saying all this it’s now time for JOS to fizz off back to Holland and take Pele’s cat with him.
  10. Hope so Come on. act now before we’re in the dark brown smelly stuff.
  11. I heard FF was spat at by the dirty animal who was dragged of by Freddy Fintstone.
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