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  1. how much mate? and wheres collection from Magpies?
  2. women at counter told me yesterday that discounts start for 2012/2013 season ticket holders at the start of the season
  3. sign him up, been training with us now for a while so DJ must see something he likes,
  4. he said on one of the fans forum nights that they were looking into this
  5. as soon as the beer shop opens i'm there, got a bottle of champagne in the fridge but I'll save that for later (hopefully)
  6. im not worried, we step it up in the big games when it counts, Huddersfield, Oink United Hard game but we can win!
  7. jj down one wing and antonio on the other is a match for any team, if we convert a good ratio of our chances we should win,
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