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  1. Over here in Australia the A-League is bravely, or irresponsibly, pushing on. Clubs are self isolating in the belief that they're all virus clear and there's football to be played. Unfortunately the NZ based Wellington Phoenix have been forced to self isolate for 14 days until re joining the competition. That means all you Gary Hooper fans will have to wait a few weeks to see his silky skills in front of goal. But fear not we've still got the likes of Wes Hoolahan and Neil Kilkenny is action this weekend. The match of the round is the much anticipated harbour city derby between Western Sydney
  2. Lucas Joao Sheffield Wednesday 2 - 1 Ipswich Town, 25 August 2018
  3. Top work Lord. A thorough balanced appraisal.
  4. Meaningless comment to help you find this thread later tonight. You’re welcome.
  5. My grandad used to say that given the inclination with enough patience I reckon you could f**k a cat !
  6. It’s not a crisis until Big Guns chimes back in.
  7. Bookies have been known to get it wrong. Ask Leicester fans.
  8. Umm yes it was. 100 %. The booing that is.
  9. Typically how far in advance do tickets go on sale for Home fixtures ? I’m specifically interested in Ipswich in Rd 5.
  10. Geez they must be good. I posted hoping for tips on pubs and where to sit but everyone’s just banging on about Beres pork sangers.
  11. That would be the dream. But I’ll more likely draw Brentford.
  12. Any idea when tickets go on sale ? I’m aware the draw is on June 21. Much after that ?
  13. I’ve taken a calculated punt based on previous years fixtures. International break looks like a possible spanner in the works but it might also throw up a midweek fixture. I have a 2 week window so will def try and fit in an away game as well.
  14. I’m counting down til June 21 and looking to book tickets as soon as they’re offered. It’s normally just moved to a Friday night or early kick off though yeah ?
  15. I was a kid and used to watch Match of the Day late at night in the early eighties. I was intrigued as to why a team would be called Wednesday. So I decided they were my team.
  16. Im not flying in on the Saturday and flying out on the Sunday but it’s one of a couple of bucket list things I’m ticking off. It’s at least half the reason.
  17. Cheers for the advice. I wasn’t aware they offered a stadium tour so will def be in for that.
  18. Yeah looks like the place to be but probably not for someone wet behind the ears like myself. First time at any ground in the UK so will probably opt for the North Stand.
  19. I’m on my way to Hillsborough early in the season to make my debut appearance as a Wednesday supporter. Been a fan watching from the other side of the world for 30 plus years. Looking for suggestions on what I should try and experience as I’m not sure when it will happen again. As in where’s the best place to sit as a rookie. Best watering holes before and after. As well as any other match day must dos and do nots ? My baseline is Jimmy Hill on a Monday night or waking up at 3 am trying to log into Wednesday Player so any suggestions are welcome.
  20. Any chance you can post a link to the adverts. Asking for a friend.
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