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  1. VIPBOX is what I normal use now and never had any issues
  2. Edinburgh is a very nice city but yeah I know where London rd is
  3. I've been to Livingston shopping centre, but that's all I know of Livingston
  4. Just moved up to Edinburgh last week (in cramond) any other Wednesday fans up here?
  5. We won three games against teams with worse form than us, if we hadnt we could have being going down!!
  6. Joey Barton is becoming available soon, would anyone take him? You might say no but he could be a replacement for hutch when hes injured for 3/4 of the season?
  7. Everyones banging on about all the players we have injured and its not our first team blur blur blur. However, are you all forgetting august? We won 1 game in the league out of six with this so called "first team" So you can not rely on all the players coming back from injury and we become a top six team again next season.
  8. That looks like a bang average if not, lower league one team. Bring my FF back
  9. The past two seasons I was going to games truly expecting to win and been very disappointed if we didn't. This season I go to the game hoping just for a goal! Is our chance of going up gone? Atleast we had two decent seasons in the championship in about 20
  10. I think pudil is decent tbh, and we would lose money from ticket sales, advertisement, Tv etc etc so buying replaments would legit be league one/low championship players
  11. Yesterdays team sheet could very well be our team sheet next year if we go down minus reach. Which is becoming more and more of a concern, could be 4 points infront of the bottom 3 come end of the game saturday, where no winning game in sight. Can you really see the players out injured playing in league one? I guess Rhodes may get a goal or too tho
  12. Everyone keeps going on oh its our second team what do you expect? I expect our players to be able to pass a ball ten yards, without putting it out of play. Especially Loovens. Can we go down? It all depends if the teams below us decide to win a few or not
  13. As everyone including myself was outraged by the ref on Saturday, after seeing the highlights a few times, it was a def pen and I dont think it was a fault on nuhiu, although I still believe there third goal, was a goal kick and not a corner. UTO
  14. I do have a season ticket, but I did not go to that game as I was in Edinburgh
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