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  1. Posted this in the match thread and won't include tonight's stats Even taking into account the games Madine has missed through injury he's still started as many games as Rhodes and more than Evans. Clearly Madine's goals to shots ratio is much better than the man from across the city, so perhaps if he had better service...
  2. So you're suggesting we have enough creativity in this team?
  3. Yet has still started more games than Evans has appeared in this season. Those 9 games shouldn't equate to almost half the chances as the other top team's players have had. We don't have the creativity.
  4. Shooting stats for League One Rhodes - 83 attempts Wright-Phillips - 78 Chedders - 72 Madine - 40
  5. Us, apparently. Seem to hear how we're just a team of bullies every week when we've won.
  6. More physical than the biggest set of bullies to grace this division?
  7. why do people keep mentioning Vodafone? There's was tax avoidance wasn't it? A completely different thing.
  8. Edwards? Really? Granted, he was prolific in the 4th division...
  9. I'd be happy if they parked the bus. We seem to bring about our own undoing at the back. At least if they defend for the next 45 minutes we can keep the ball in their half.
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