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  1. I understand that, but we can't lay the blame solely at the manager's door surley
  2. I'd say that was an average performance based on this season's standards
  3. Yep, all the managers fault. Nothing to do with the players at all.
  4. perfect excuse to get rid of ff!!
  5. For me we're still a top class centre half short (to partner Lee's). Sasso & Loovens are sound enough as back up, but we don't need to make do anymore. Infact I'd say Hutchinson is a better option than both of them
  6. Good Shout, not sure on his availability though
  7. Considering they never played with Deane their going to say Bright i suppose.
  8. Kirkland's the bestest whereas Westwood is not a bestest goalie
  9. Rather have Steve Howard, Russell Howard or Ben Howard than blockhead Madine
  10. Hope so. The lad's a complete moonmonkey & he's sh*t
  11. His goal ratio is about 1 in 5 isn't it? No other clear quality's neither. Don't understand why people see him as having alot of potential. He's w*ank. The kid's a complete monkey spunker aswell.
  12. Its ok getting frustrated & having a word with the ref, but not while we still had the chance to score. The ***!
  13. I know he's a pig, but he would walk in instead of lines.
  14. if ya still have it pal il meet ya outside west stand
  15. desperate for a ticket i will get as many pints in as needed to get a ticket for todays game pm me please
  16. can i get that ticket mate il meet ya anywhere
  17. me mate i will have it off you il get ya a few pints in aswell mate desperate for a ticket
  18. i know its a long shot but ticket needed for saturday pm me if anyone has 1
  19. nice 1 just didnt know what the situation would be thanks for clearing it up
  20. reports in paper this morning saying megson is going to be offered wolves job, if that was to happen can he recall danny batth????
  21. also jj hasnt got gm shouting at him to get back anymore... rather him coming off the bench as a striker option
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