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  1. Regardless of who plays, it’s still a football match which to any reasonable person commands a small entry fee. It’s up to an individual whether they want to pay it or not. Thinking about this analogy a slightly different way, you might pay £15 to see a top tribute act rather than £30 for the real thing but still pay an admission fee I go back to the point about inflation… how is it unreasonable to charge a fiver more now for a friendly than we did 15 years ago, bearing in mind the club have to cover costs? I would agree with those who say that ST holders should get a discount (say £5 off) but if you want to go to any professional match you have to pay, regardless of whether it’s a friendly or not. What was taking the ******** was Bournemouth charging £60 odd to watch them against a Real Madrid second string a few years back, that is an example of unreasonable and extortionate pricing
  2. I just think you (and some other fans) expectations of pricing are miles out. For the average family £40 for a friendly is imo more than reasonable. How is £5 for kids not attracting youngsters to the game. Are you genuinely saying that people should get in to a friendly for nothing??
  3. It’s a joke what people think is a “reasonable” price to watch Wednesday today. If you can take a family of 4 (2 x adults 2 x under 18) to a friendly for £40 and the average league one game for £70 then I genuinely don’t know what people are complaining about. You couldn’t go to a music or comedy gig /theatre for that today. Im starting to think that some fans don’t understand the concept of inflation
  4. I thought we got beat 4-0 by Mansfield that pre season or was that the year after (2006)? It was definitely under Sturrock
  5. This is a great example of what I’ve talked about in another thread re match ticket pricing… Could you please explain how £40 for a family of four is not reasonable to watch a game of football (albeit a friendly) in 2022??? Seriously give your head a wobble, we were charging roughly the same for friendly matches 10/15 years ago
  6. I don’t get your point, if we go up then absolutely so should the ticket price to roughly £30 average. Like it or not football is not the same as it was in the 80’s, and it’s still completely affordable imo to the average working person
  7. Roughly £25-30 to watch Sheffield Wednesday in a league game at Hillsborough is not expensive for 2022. Seriously have a look at the match day pricing from 10, 15, 20 years ago and you’ll see that they have barely moved, coupled with kids getting in for almost nothing
  8. I think that people who expect £20 a game in 2022 for the fourth division let alone our level in todays football climate are living in cloud cuckoo land. There are many things we haven’t got right as a club but pricing is in my view absolutely bang on when considering the market (rough average £50 premier league, £30 championship, £25 league one) By my reckoning I think the average match day price at Hillsborough has gone up roughly £5 in 10 odd years (had a season ticket for over 15 years but remember buying tickets for uni mates in 2007 for £26 on the North) which is madness when considering inflation
  9. Not normally one for friendlies but will be tempted with both of these if they get announced to nick some uk grounds off that we won’t play competitively at
  10. I wasn’t around (born in 87) but i would say that football below the premier league is still relatively affordable for someone on an average wage. It might be an unpopular opinion but I think in todays climate with modern standard and fitness of players, £25 for 3rd tier football with kids tickets for less than a tenner, and a season ticket on the North that averages out at roughly £21 a game is very reasonable. To people who went in the 70’s and 80’s… is there not an element of nostalgia and rose tinted specs with regards to football and prices? From speaking to older mates, it seems to me that the grounds were awful and unsafe, you had a chance of getting lamped at any point even if you weren’t looking for it, pitches were dreadful and the standard wasn’t much better. Dont get me wrong I wish football wasn’t commercialised to the extent it has been, especially at the top level, but to my mind it’s not unaffordable for the majority of people
  11. Really good analysis that - I had a feeling right from the off in the ground that they were going to stop us doing the things we did we’ll all season and this just highlights how good Sunderland were at stopping us
  12. Match sponsor was £200 (£240 inc VAT) per person which included 4hrs booze, 3 course meal and half time/full time refreshments all included. Also got a signed shirt and bottle of Moët champagne. Ive done similar hospitality at Ibrox and at Hampden Park and I think SWFC represents good value for money
  13. My company sponsored the Charlton match in February, £2000 + VAT for 10 guests.. Excellent three course meal, snacks at half and full time, great private waiter service, 3hrs drinks before an hour after, top day
  14. I know we’re trying to sign younger players but I reckon Tom Ince would be a great addition for this league (subject to sensible wages)
  15. ******** off you attention seeking 2at
  16. yep, should be able to private message no problem so we can sort payment and ticket collection
  17. South Stand Adult ticket available for tonight - face value £20 Can email ticket to print at home or meet at ground for 7:30pm
  18. It’s a weird one this.. with being one down at kick off I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, it’s more the anticipation of what Wednesday will turn up, and whether we can do it as second favourites. Heart says we’ll win 2-0 and go through, head says 1-1 and we fall short
  19. Out of interest I was looking to see whether I could use my ID to purchase a second ticket for a mate and it looks like I can. Anyone know if this is right, is it because you qualify twice (i.e 1 for being a season ticket holder and another 1 for being a member)?
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