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  1. Im predicting somewhere between 1-1.5k, I suspect quite a few London/southern owls will fancy this one
  2. Oh yeah totally agree it’s a decent fair system, I think what has skewed things slightly is the 1867 scheme which I believe gives you extra points at the time of purchase
  3. Sold out - I genuinely can’t remember the last time somewhere had sold out before my TPP (700)
  4. You realise that “Mr Hutchinson” didn’t get on the pitch yesterday you lemon
  5. yeah I thought that looked odd, surely Lincoln game will be 25k plus
  6. went to Huddersfield then bought tickets for the papa John’s games without actually going
  7. Like someone else has said, I’m struggling to see how people get up to those high numbers? I’m on 700 and missed Plymouth (this season) and roughly 4 or 5 aways in 19/20 before covid 19
  8. Our lot all have between 680-720. We’ve bought tickets in the home end as back up. No idea when this could theoretically sell out, anybody ITK on that?
  9. I use raileasy to find out where to split tickets and then book individually to avoid booking fees.
  10. i think that this is the most likely explanation
  11. ignore that I was looking at the 21:46 below it!
  12. No chance - 1.2 miles to the station so you’re looking at a good half hour walk meaning you would have to leave around the 60 minutes mark if you wanted to make it
  13. You still looking for two tickets. Got 2 x adult tickets available (standing) face value pick up from Hillsborough tomorrow
  14. He was doing the rounds in hospitality with Jon Pearson as well, came in to the foundation lounge and told a great story about Sturrock… 05/06 season during an horrendous run they finished training on a Friday afternoon and Sturrock said to Coughlan everyone is staying behind - everyone was wondering who had pissed him off - Sturrock then kicks the canteen door and comes in with a load of ale - said if you can’t play sober you can have a go at playing pissed - won on the Saturday
  15. I think that des is my favourite overall since I’ve been watching in 96
  16. Been to watch them play at their ground, nice little stadium, got about 10,000 but sounded like double that
  17. I go to 3/4 of away games and if for some reason I can’t make it then of course I’m going to buy a ticket get my points and sell it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - I’ve earned those points legitimately by going away nearly every week for 10+ years. Someone gets to go in my place who wouldn’t have had a chance normally. As it turns out this time I’ve given it to my brother who didn’t quite have enough points
  18. 1 x adult ticket available, face value £23. Will post 1st Class or if it arrives before Wednesday can meet before Fleetwood match on Tuesday. First PM gets the ticket
  19. The thing that boils my p**s is that I’m still waiting on a refund for Bristol C (a) tickets - it’s not even Swfc’s money. There shouldn’t be anything stopping me walking in to the ticket office and getting my refund there and then on proof of receipt
  20. That’s a great following from Morecambe for the size of club average home attendance and the distance
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