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  1. Which areas are Wednesday

    For what its worth ide say the Hope Valley is 60-40 in Wednesdays favour
  2. That was a decent performance today. Hooper, Reach, Hunt, Ban Aken, in fact the whole 11 were solid. Dictated the play for large spells, just so frustrating we cant land the knock out punch to kill the game. Would have happily taken 1-1 before a ball was kicked but obviously feels like a defeat. Lets dust ourselves down and get up for the scrubbers next week UTO
  3. The Home Sheffield Derbies And You.

    Some others not mentioned post 2000: 2000/01 league game Sibon fantastic turn and shot but sod all else from Wednesday lost 1-2 2005/06 Them lot went up that year and could have scored 4 second half, jammy free kick from Tounge last minute pen from us, never really in it 1-2 2008/09 - Watsons lovely lob over the knob head that is Paddy Kenny 1-0 2009/10 - A rare moment of actual football from Potter to make it one nil with a decent volley but a scabby free kick from them 1-1
  4. A walk around Wednesday's old grounds

    This is probably the thread ive most enjoyed in 10 years of readkng Owlstalk. Absolutley Class
  5. Steering group meeting

    Just email the media department tell them who you are with ID number and ask them to be put on the list, simples
  6. Sailing close to the FFP wind

    Not seen this forum mentioned is this in addition to the Steering Group thats happening on Wednesday night?
  7. Match day pictures. Ipswich away.

    Even money on this lad getting in today!