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  1. Im predicting somewhere between 1-1.5k, I suspect quite a few London/southern owls will fancy this one
  2. Oh yeah totally agree it’s a decent fair system, I think what has skewed things slightly is the 1867 scheme which I believe gives you extra points at the time of purchase
  3. Sold out - I genuinely can’t remember the last time somewhere had sold out before my TPP (700)
  4. You realise that “Mr Hutchinson” didn’t get on the pitch yesterday you lemon
  5. yeah I thought that looked odd, surely Lincoln game will be 25k plus
  6. went to Huddersfield then bought tickets for the papa John’s games without actually going
  7. Like someone else has said, I’m struggling to see how people get up to those high numbers? I’m on 700 and missed Plymouth (this season) and roughly 4 or 5 aways in 19/20 before covid 19
  8. Our lot all have between 680-720. We’ve bought tickets in the home end as back up. No idea when this could theoretically sell out, anybody ITK on that?
  9. I use raileasy to find out where to split tickets and then book individually to avoid booking fees.
  10. i think that this is the most likely explanation
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