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  1. im after some odds for relegation as well. Anyone who thinks we’re in for a decent season is thick and/or deluded
  2. Why do you think??? How many other clubs are there in the top 4 divisions where players are threatening to walk out over unpaid wages, that doesn’t own its own ground and is under a transfer embargo. It’s not rocket science mate, we’re up shiit creek without a paddle
  3. Frightening similarities between our incompetent owner financial situation and not owning the ground. How the ******** do we mobilise as a fan base and do something to put an end to this shiit show?
  4. Any sane fan realises that there is very little chance of coming straight back up next season. For me an acceptable season on the pitch would be to develop an identity and (hopefully) an attractive and/or effective style with a top half / top 6 finish Signings wise I personally think it is closer to 8 needed, and with the current climate many of them will be frees or loans. The off the pitch stuff is the big worry and Christ knows where the end of tunnel is with Chansiri is in charge
  5. Realistically (and on the optimistic side at that) I don’t think we will bring in any more than 8 signings
  6. I’m probably a bit further along then Gangway H right next to the steps row 39
  7. That’s pretty much where my ST is - cracking photo
  8. some people are either to thick to realise or are in complete denial that this situation is a big possibility in the next couple of years
  9. i hope you’re right but with his stubbornness I just can’t see it. What makes you think he wants out? I think there would be people prepared to take us on but at a fraction of the price DC wants, especially when we’re in League 1 and the market price is a fraction of what it is now
  10. How does the Chansiri era end though without a willing buyer that is prepared to pay what DC wants?
  11. hands up I thought it was all over (for the final time) on Saturday after Bristol but if the above scenario does happen I don’t think anyone could argue with the fact that we’d have decent chance of stopping
  12. 250/1 for the draw with 5 minutes left, could see it happening
  13. 3-1 home win against Boro Feb 97, 8 years old, il never forget walking up the gangway and seeing the pitch and ground for the first time
  14. I would say the odds of staying up are longer than 10/1 tbh, I reckon it would be more realistic to say 99/100 we would go down from here... but take your point
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