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  1. hopevalleyowl

    Pre match drinks

    Camden Town for about half 12 then get the tube down around 5
  2. hopevalleyowl

    All Wednesday

    Ah right no i watched it at Sheff Uni, il watch it again! cheers
  3. hopevalleyowl

    All Wednesday

    Thought it was really good - even managed to get on there in a mexican outfit at Brentford in the 2012 promotion season Just couldn’t believe there wasn’t a small amount of time dedicated to 40,000 fans at cardiff - only league 1 promotion but what a day that was!
  4. hopevalleyowl

    Chelsea game - Ticket Information Here

    How can it be a closed shop when points get refreshed every two years? Like loads have said this system is as fair as it possibly can be and doesn’t penalise people who live outside Sheffield. If you had done one more game in 2 years (that includes home cup matches) you would have had one - there has to be a cut off somewhere.
  5. hopevalleyowl

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Just had a look at the stats, must of been George Weah looking at the line up
  6. hopevalleyowl

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Yep, 1-0 Wim Jonk pen, remember Hasselbank hitting the post with a rocket from 25 yards
  7. hopevalleyowl

    North Stand Wooden Seats...

    I seem to remember the change coming in the summer of 97 first game was Leeds lost 1-3
  8. hopevalleyowl

    That’s it, i’m done

    give it a rest you attention seeking too-at yes its bad but come on get a grip ffs
  9. hopevalleyowl

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    you have to receive an offer before you can sell
  10. hopevalleyowl

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    haha that would fetch £1.5mil max, few quid short of the circa £12 mil black hole we need to fill to satisfy FFP
  11. hopevalleyowl

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    born in 87, first game 3-1 home win v Boro in 97. I think Di Canio is definitely by far the most skillful since ive been going
  12. hopevalleyowl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Remember it well Feb 2006 - if you watch the build up its typical Wednesday that we had a 5 on 2 break yet only just managed to get it over the line via a deflection haha
  13. hopevalleyowl

    Sold out

    What trains you on pal? If they fit with my plans i’ll buy them from you, least you’ll get some money back
  14. hopevalleyowl

    Birmingham away details

    Any chance i could have this mate? If so could you PM me surname postcode and ID
  15. hopevalleyowl

    clean sheet today?

    Kept a clean sheet down there in the 3-0 FA Cup 3rd round win in 2010/11