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  1. I’m probably a bit further along then Gangway H right next to the steps row 39
  2. That’s pretty much where my ST is - cracking photo
  3. some people are either to thick to realise or are in complete denial that this situation is a big possibility in the next couple of years
  4. i hope you’re right but with his stubbornness I just can’t see it. What makes you think he wants out? I think there would be people prepared to take us on but at a fraction of the price DC wants, especially when we’re in League 1 and the market price is a fraction of what it is now
  5. How does the Chansiri era end though without a willing buyer that is prepared to pay what DC wants?
  6. hands up I thought it was all over (for the final time) on Saturday after Bristol but if the above scenario does happen I don’t think anyone could argue with the fact that we’d have decent chance of stopping
  7. 250/1 for the draw with 5 minutes left, could see it happening
  8. 3-1 home win against Boro Feb 97, 8 years old, il never forget walking up the gangway and seeing the pitch and ground for the first time
  9. I would say the odds of staying up are longer than 10/1 tbh, I reckon it would be more realistic to say 99/100 we would go down from here... but take your point
  10. unfortunately not, it’s just going to delay the inevitable
  11. I’ve gone Norwich -1 at 13/8 which at the moment seems a dead cert
  12. Applied for a refund on 2 x Bristol C tickets on 3rd July, 3 x times I’ve chased same reply, it takes the ******** I’m only after £54. Id be raging if I was waiting on a season ticket refund, the contempt that the chairman shows to the fans is absolutely scandalous
  13. make no mistake, if we go down the clubs very existence is at risk
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