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  1. He was the weak link last night and has been every time he has played, really want him to step up but he is weak as p&&s and just isn’t what we need, Palmer gets the nod for me all day long
  2. Looks like there’s some right disruption on trains that weekend from Sheffield and Donny down to London and back as well, fair play to all that travel
  3. Yep, i was only 8 nearly 9 at the time so didn’t really understand how close we got at the time. I went to the 1-1 draw with Newcastle which was class but then i think we got battered away at Blackburn and West Ham. First season ticket was 99/00 so i’ve had a pretty miserable 20 odd years overall!
  4. Andy Booth’s opener against Middlesbrough in a 3-1 win in early February 1997. Bullet near post header from a pembridge cross. Looking back i don’t know how we didn’t make Europe that season - in true Wednesday style we really cocked it up towards the back end of that season
  5. I know it's a long shot but if any season ticket holders (ideally with 580 points or above) are not planning on going could I please borrow them for a couple of mates? PM if there is anyone who can help out, cheers.
  6. Bit of an exaggeration that.. - Atherton (solid although not the quickest) - Bullen in the first promotion from L1 (pretty consistent and came up with a few important goals) - Simek (was fantastic before he got pole axed at Palace) - Buxton (again solid and reliable)
  7. This is it for those who haven’t seen it... https://mobile.twitter.com/razzleplant/status/1175510382686998528
  8. What an absolute set of clowns we have running our domestic game!
  9. I’d avoid Stoke pre match - absolute dump, if you’re going by train you’re better off getting in early to Manchester or Macclesfield then getting a train down around 2ish
  10. I’m away for the final two home games of the season so am offering my ST for each game for £25 or £50 for the pair - no ticket details released yet but based on Forest game prices for the North (£31 for members £36 for non members)will be much less than face value Will print paper tickets at the ticket office and deliver to you by post. Seat in North Stand, Gangway H, two thirds of the way back - decent view. First come first served - PM if interested Cheers
  11. haha yes i do - was just saying that i thought 2/1 was good odds anyway (only saw 9/4 after i had put a bet on)
  12. Think 2/1 on Skybet is a good price, had us as part of a 4 fold with Wolves Hull and Leeds - pays 22/1
  13. Camden Town for about half 12 then get the tube down around 5
  14. Ah right no i watched it at Sheff Uni, il watch it again! cheers
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