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  1. 1. Middlesbrough (H) 1st Feb 1997 (won 3-1 Booth, Hyde and a Pembridge pen) 2. Benito Carbone 3. In my era Di Canio or Carbone but probably David Hirst (based on tv footage and older fans views) 4. 4-4 home draw with Huddersfield (11/12) for entertainment. 3-1 home win against Man Utd (98/99) for best performance 5. Love the day out at most always but for the whole package and what it meant it had to be the win at Brighton (A) play-off 2nd Leg (15/16) 6. Old Trafford or Wembley for a match, Nou Camp or Bernabau to visit 7. Br
  2. Remember him scoring a really well taken volley beating Charlton 3-0 in December ‘98. Could be equally tidy and wasteful with possession, Reach reminds me of him
  3. Started a thread on this, some said it was immoral, seems like common sense to me
  4. Because smart arse we are a business that cannot operate at the moment and don’t have the mega resources of a premier league club. I think you are missing my point.. I am suggesting that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let the government pay our wages up to £2.5k a month (as opposed to a likely wage bill of £500k + a month, paying non playing staff the additional 20% without topping up players wages until this is over to ensure the future of our club. To repeat, this is not the same as a Liverpool or a Tottenham furloughing staff, we are skint and potentially
  5. Ah right perhaps i’ve misunderstood, i thought they (players) were getting 80% up to a max of 2,500 a month not full whack. I’m half hoping the bubble bursts and we go back to a more sensible sustainable model
  6. Ola Tidman for me is by far the worst keeper i’ve seen in 30 years of watching football never mind wednesday. I’d go GK: Tidman RB: Carr CB: Westwood CB: Maddix LB: Beswetherick
  7. Just seen Sunderland have put all staff including first team squad on furlough (£2,500 per month max) Would it not be sensible for every club including us to do this? Unless i’m missing something i can’t believe no-one else has done this with first team players
  8. thanks, i was under the impression that clubs could not defend a hearing once the charge was found to be lawful but could appeal the outcome
  9. right okay so why has the club got to continue to defend charges? Or... are you saying we haven’t concluded the arbitration yet?
  10. does this mean we’ve lost the arbitration and now it’s about the extent of the penalty?
  11. I’ve had a few quid on city to keep a clean sheet at Evens - think thats a great price tbh
  12. Don’t want kids mate so i’ll be okay on that front!
  13. and that is fair enough mate. Anyone can do as they please, i probably should have said IMO afterwards Supporting Wednesday isn’t a choice for me either - far from it, all the way through my 20s ive worked extra hours and sacrificed things in order to follow them home and away every week...some my mates think i’m mental But right now, in my early 30’s just about to commit to my first mortgage, i’ve got some decisions to make about spending money. All i’m saying is i want to see some structure and some f**king leadership at our fantastic club before i part wi
  14. I've had a season ticket for 20 years straight but given the way the club is being run at the moment and the impending points deduction I don't cannot stomach parting with north of £550 until I at least know 1. whether we are found guilty of anything 2. what the punishment is including any potential transfer embargo 3. what league we are in next season I would rather find out these answers, hold on to my money for a bit longer, and pay a slightly inflated price. Anyone who is buying multi-year season and 10 year season tickets needs to give their
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