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  1. hopevalleyowl

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    you have to receive an offer before you can sell
  2. hopevalleyowl

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    haha that would fetch £1.5mil max, few quid short of the circa £12 mil black hole we need to fill to satisfy FFP
  3. hopevalleyowl

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    born in 87, first game 3-1 home win v Boro in 97. I think Di Canio is definitely by far the most skillful since ive been going
  4. hopevalleyowl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Remember it well Feb 2006 - if you watch the build up its typical Wednesday that we had a 5 on 2 break yet only just managed to get it over the line via a deflection haha
  5. hopevalleyowl

    Sold out

    What trains you on pal? If they fit with my plans i’ll buy them from you, least you’ll get some money back
  6. hopevalleyowl

    Birmingham away details

    Any chance i could have this mate? If so could you PM me surname postcode and ID
  7. hopevalleyowl

    clean sheet today?

    Kept a clean sheet down there in the 3-0 FA Cup 3rd round win in 2010/11
  8. hopevalleyowl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    i would say £550 (£24) on the North for a season ticket is very good value in its own right in the modern day. Just don’t understand why we (Chansiri) have to essentially ‘freeze out’ the rest. Surely you can look after the hard core and have reasonable pricing which may turn a casual into a season ticket holder
  9. hopevalleyowl

    Give Pelupessy a break

    I take your point - lets get behind him as he does the dirty work in the middle. The problem i have with him is that he hasn’t got a first touch and doesn’t position himself in way that allows play to flow forwards. The moves stopped/broke down countless times Saturday when play went through him. He isn’t the first nor the last midfielder at Wednesday to lack ability, and given he cost 500k i wasn’t expecting much. I really hope he proves me wrong and becomes a proper player but for now i would actually rather see Jones in there
  10. hopevalleyowl

    Joey Pelupessy

    He is ‘lost’ in so far that he is way out of his depth in the Championship, hasn’t got a first touch and looks like a rabbit in headlights when he has it. Simply not thd standard we need. It says a lot when i would rather see Jones in there in his place!
  11. hopevalleyowl


    he is 10 times the LB fox is, looked very assured on the ball and some good positional sense as well
  12. hopevalleyowl


    Im not defending the Cat A or Cat B prices - prices of tickets should ideally be capped at £30 but having said that i do think the under 18, under 11, and under 5 prices are spot on and should encourage new kids to come. A dad, his 16 yr old and 10 yr old can sit in the North Stand or Grandstand for a total of £64 for a Cat C game without membership. Personally i think that is good value for an afternoon out. You dont need to buy food, drink or programmes (which rack the price up) to enjoy the football with your family.
  13. hopevalleyowl

    EFL's Safe Standing Survey

    Done. Safe standing needs to happen asap
  14. hopevalleyowl

    Our Highest Paid Player

    Just to be clear that wasn't a joke that actually happened, left at 10pm Main points discussed before I left were: - Player Recruitment/Strategy - Doyen involvement - Reason for injuries/any truth in contractual rumours - negative and inaccurate reports on social media - FFP and likely transfer imbargo - Player wages/contracts - Terror threats and security - Stadium capacity increased - Improvements to megastore merchandise and online shop - Introducing pre match family zone outside megastore left ft after the above was discussed at 10pm. Someone will do a better job than me at summarising what was said.
  15. hopevalleyowl

    Our Highest Paid Player

    At the steering group tonight Chansiri played a game of guess the wage - top and lowest earner (striker only) top was under 35k (so possibly 34) and lowest was 8k. Also came out that Urby Emmanuelson was on 13k, not bad value for 1 appearance!!