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  1. Flipping hell crag, how's tha know? Have you forgotten where hillsborough is?
  2. Sasso solid..... Seen him at York and tonight. He's not my cup of tea. His distribution is shocking, I don't think he's passed to a Wednesday player in the two games I've seen him play in.
  3. Brilliant. Go on admit it.... You've been waiting ages to do that haven't you? I'm sure mores on its way!
  4. Your coming across very bitter a lately. Have you had your free bib and match day tickets taken off you?
  5. It's our tinpot strike force to blame for smashing them during shooting practice.
  6. Not sure about parking in the centre. I'm sure someone mentioned in another thread that there is a car park near the train station with reasonably priced all day parking. It's not far from the train station to the town centre.
  7. After reading your wawaw thread yesterday I'm starting to think you would be happier still paying £25 and watching a dull 0-0 draw like last season. You can't have your cake and eat it. If anyone thought the prices wouldn't go up after the take over with a major lay out plus must needed improvements must have rocks in their heads. I really do feel for people that can no longer afford to go but don't be bitter towards the club ffs. Most have been crying out for this kind of input for years and now it's here it's not good enough!
  8. It's costing me more money in replacing the coil springs in my car so let them concentrate on getting these speed bumps out if our village first!
  9. I think a few rows have been took out and a disabled bay is being put in on the kop.
  10. My guess is that the seed went down before the machines started injecting the desso stuff. At the start of the last time lapse it looked like that sandy covering was the seed and final layer. The water sprinklers keep coming on too, I don't reckon plastic grass needs watering!
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