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  1. Couldn't find one, so I did one. ENJOY!!! https://youtu.be/vAXjBMoRXLk
  2. How do all, I have a new project I’m playing with “LH News” This is a work in progress so please feel free to rip it to shreds. Any feedback is good feedback apparently! https://youtu.be/tBOSD1eCfRk https://youtu.be/6N9EL9K7goY
  3. RT @TWWcast: Episode 16 (2016-17) UP NOW!!! #swfc https://t.co/fgNj7eguBb https://t.co/ptJAQRQRpk

  4. RT @swfcDesigns: @stevenfletch10 @swfc @L0RD_H @Hollie_Murphyx @swfc_fanzone @SWFCTransfers #6 #swfc #wawaw #TheOwls latest design!! https:…

  5. @bodle1 @SheffieldGrad I worry about Wallace’s legs. Maybe he’ll have a bigger impact as a sub

  6. RT @Beastie_: Last 20 minutes were tense but the last 5 were off the chart...It always felt like the goal was coming but it felt like they…

  7. RT @Daryl_Pearson: The song around tonight's campfire seems to be "Hutchinson's wired, Will Grigg's legs are terrified"

  8. And now he has all the Tuna he can eat

  9. RT @montydangerous: @L0RD_H No difference. You'd forgive either for having having a crack at your sister.

  10. RT @EditingRichard: @jimimanovsteel @L0RD_H @MightyWednesday 2nd consecutive league loss in almost a year and people begin to lose their mi…

  11. RT @___Kazza___: No red card? @L0RD_H

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