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  1. they've still got a hand full on upper tier and all the lower tier to sell yet! and they tell us their support is better than ours? JOKE FANS JOKE CLUB!
  2. what about reda?in any posistion on the field:-)
  3. Like this mate for future reference,cant get to the match(gutted) I'll be in mexico trying to find a way of listening to it!
  4. You get this channel free on virgin thats about only good thing about it though!
  5. his move from red star to us was named tenth on 50 worst premier league transfers? He scored 4 in 16 starts? Dont know how they come to that conclusion?
  6. Anyone remember darko kovicavic? was kack for us so we moved him on to a spanish team but the board at the time failed to put a sell on fee into the contract ended up moving to juve for about £20m we were run by chimps back then!
  7. flip me you wrote this after a few beers! .i agreed with alot you wrote though*cracking open another one*
  8. wtf is a hullabaloo? I don't care I'm using it!
  9. We really need to get out of this league to some bigger grounds that can handle our following!too,many fans missing out!
  10. On a more sensible note you can get box seats for blackpool game at £50 plus vat
  11. I wouldn't fancy being a millwall fan if it caught on:-)
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