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  1. Typical know ALLS HE HAD A GOOD GAME GÈT OFF HIS Back
  2. For all those wanting bullen manager hope you went today hes no idea
  3. Thats me done no more travelling from wales to watch that poo. Sorry lads but only way to get this flipping joker out is to stay away. God im fuming absoloute poo
  4. the only way to get rid of the clown is to stay away
  5. Thought he was poor Saturday but he'll get better with games under his belt
  6. hi all promised grandson age 3 that i'll take him to Hillsborough this year can you tell me the dates of pre season friendlies at home
  7. agree we were poo poo hull could have had 5, but don't forget what a fantastic season we've had & hopefully we'll come back stronger next season
  8. remember the game well, but like you said mate I was crapping myself on kop never seen anything like it. man utd fans just came to cause trouble that day.
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