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  1. britpunk77

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    I am not whinging but simply stating the type of midfielder I along with many others would like to see at the club.
  2. britpunk77

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    I hope he surprises me too and await his metamorphosis into an imposing midfield general.
  3. Thats why I said minimum, I am of the same thought path as yourself “Rome wasn’t built in a Day”. Sacking managers within months means there is more wrong at a club than just the manager. Objectively, Where would Palace be if they hadn’t sacked Frank de Boer after his extremely short tenure. So I think every individual managerial appointment and the assessment of their progress or failure is dependent solely on the Chairman/Board of the club in question. I believe at our club any manager would get a fair crack of the whip with Chansiri at the helm.
  4. britpunk77

    Rate the season

    Considering the massive injury crisis 6/10 fair play to Jos for steering us away from any danger of relegation. We need some good targeted recruitment to get next season off to a flyer, something that Carlos failed to do.
  5. britpunk77

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    Agreed, need somebody with presence in a midfield 3 who can play a bit. Joey is OK but he will never stamp his authority on a game, he is reasonable back up imo.
  6. britpunk77

    M.o.m & Ratings

    Dawson 7 Baker 7 Fred 8 Loovens 7 Pudil 7 Reach 8 Bannan 8 Pelupessy 6 Joao 6 Nuhiu 9 Forestieri 8 Thorniley 7 Matias 7 Palmer 6 Can't deny Dave MoM with the perfect hat trick, header, left foot, right foot.
  7. britpunk77

    Last 24 hours for season tickets

    Thanks for the reminder, just renewed for r young en and myself. UTO
  8. britpunk77

    Daniel Pudil

    An imperious performance from him today MOM for me.
  9. britpunk77

    Carlos reception tomorrow

    Won’t boo him, two seasons of real hope with him at the helm. At Christmas we and he knew the end was here so fair play to him, just hope we win the game. UTO
  10. Joao and more than noteworthy mentions for Reach, Wildsmith and Pudil.
  11. britpunk77


    So far he been quite anonymous, plays a lot of backwards and sideways passes. Is off the pace of the game and doesn’t do much to be honest. So far “Joey Below Average” 4 out of 10 on his performances so far.
  12. Threw it away due to lack of Stripes.
  13. britpunk77

    Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Rochdale at Home