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  1. If he is picked to play for us I will support him. UTO
  2. No complaints with Dom at CB, if his current form continues at the heart of defence he can’t be dropped from this position.
  3. Unequivocally Reach, assist, good goal and great energy. What more can you ask for? Well played Adam
  4. Iorfa was excellent against Huddersfield playing CB.
  5. Thought Hutch was our best CM today. Was incorrectly booked today by that clown of a referee.
  6. Westwood 6 Odubajo 6 Iorfa 8 Börner 8 Palmer 8 Hutchinson 7 Reach 6 Lee 6 Bannan 6 Harris 7 Fletcher 7 Murphy 6 Winnall 6 Dave 7
  7. Did Well this afternoon, wasn’t on for long and looked to be blowing a bit. Hope the goal boosts his confidence and he kicks on.
  8. Probably an unpopular choice but gone for Reach. Covered every blade of grass, helped out in CM (Not convinced with the present pairing) showed great energy and versatility. A decent all round performance and special mentions for Fletch and Iorfa. UTO
  9. Fletcher for me, a tough game playing up front on your own and he kept going and bagged a goal. Defence was decent except the obvious and the midfield was lacking today in fact it was poor.
  10. A spirited last 15 but overall not good enough. P. S. Ref was also a Reyt chopper.
  11. Not turned up so far today, I’ll-disciplined and inferior. Still 15 to go, a point would be great. UTO
  12. Harris for me the lad was consistently threatening.
  13. Gave it to Iorfa not the most graceful player but has power, pace and bagged a goal plus an assist, well done mate, not bad for £200K.
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