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  1. Dawson 5 Baker 4 Lees 7 Hector 7 Thorniley 7 Penney 6 Pelupessy 4 Bannan 5 Reach 7 Forestieri 6 Fletcher 6  Palmer 5 Nuhiu 3 Joao 4 The 3 CB’s did very well for us, a busy night for them and they more than held their own. Another Screamer from Reach, it’s a Praise from me, well done Wednesday against a very good side.
  2. britpunk77

    Man of the match and ratings

    Dawson 6  Palmer 7 Lees 7 Thorniley 7 Penney 6  Bannan 7 Pelupessy 5 Reach 5 Matias 6 Joao 7 Nuhiu 4
  3. britpunk77

    Wednesday In One Word

  4. britpunk77

    Player Ratings

    None of the goals were his fault today and he saved us from it being a much bigger embarrassment, I am afraid you are misguided.
  5. britpunk77

    Player Ratings

    Still better than a 5 mate
  6. britpunk77

    Just listened to Jos

    Irrelevant, dun’t say owt while the game is ongoing, no encouragement, no tactics, no motivation, no points.
  7. britpunk77

    Player Ratings

    As I recall Dawson stopped at least 2/3 certain goals, one on ones with the Brentford forwards. Could’ve easily been a 5-0 scoreline if it wasn’t for him and you gave him a 5.
  8. And after an hour even he’d had enough of the schennannnigannns, looked totally frustrated.
  9. britpunk77

    Atdhe Nuhiu's 200th appearance today.

    He was great today
  10. britpunk77

    Average of 2-1 Defeat

    Jo’s seems like he doesn’t care. Dean Smith was engaging with his players from the touchline throughout the game. Jos just stood there and watched us capitulate and even went and sat in the dugout as if he was hiding at one point. Motivational, NOT
  11. We’re in the clag already today we were seriously sub-standard.
  12. britpunk77

    Jos- discipline and organisation

    We were schibo today, Brentford didn’t get out of 2nd gear and beat us comfortably. Total Apathy today from us today: Seemed like the players weren’t bothered, the fans were bewildered into silence and the Manager couldn’t give a flyer. Change required at the earliest
  13. I agree, The facts: defenders that didn’t defend, wing backs that can’t beat a man and get one good cross in out of 10 some poor goalkeeping, a mainly non existent midfield and Strikers with limited service. Scored a good goal and a comedy goal. Iit’ll be alreyt next week though. Utterly Ridiculous UTO
  14. britpunk77

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    I am not whinging but simply stating the type of midfielder I along with many others would like to see at the club.