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  1. Back four never looked comfortable post Fox and the majority of ‘em were very poor. There was a lot to pick from tonight if Monk is having a clear out.
  2. I am interested and have PM’d you, please respond , Cheers Mate.
  3. Went for Luongo, was great in the middle of the park today. All the defenders were very good ( Super Dom Iorfa) and Massimo had some sterling support from Lee & Pelupessey. UTO
  4. Don't see us doing much business in January unless we manage to offload a few and If we do then the balance of the squad needs to be maintained. If we need some replacements just hope they are decent loans or players at a re-saleable age, according to transfer-market we have the oldest squad in the division.
  5. Palmer and Fox are OK and seem to be improving, Rhodes is not what he was and I think it is unlikely he will regain the form that made his reputation as a prolific striker at this level but fair play to him yesterday and that may spark an interest for his services from somewhere. If decent offers came in for any of them in January I would not be berating Monk if he let them leave.
  6. Did well last week but was below par today. Would prefer him on the bench.
  7. Did better today than v Charlton but I am still unsure about him. Not a lot between him and Palmer.
  8. Dawson - 6.5 Odubajo - 6 Iorfa - 8 Lees - 7 Fox - 6.5 Murphy - 5 Hutchinson - 7.5 Bannan - 6 Harris - 7 Fletcher - 8 MoM Nuhiu - 4 Rhodes - 6.5 Reach - 6 Luongo - 5.5
  9. Dawson 6 Moses. 4 Lees 7 Iorfa 7 Fox 5 Hutch...6 Bannan 7 Harris 6 Forrestieri 6 Fletch 7 Adthe 6 Murphy 6.5 Reach 6 Luongo 5.5
  10. I think Borner is suspended, too many yellows.
  11. Iorfa, some great driving runs to get us on the front foot and more than competent defending. Well done Big Dom.
  12. Turn your phone through 90’ to view and you will be haemorrhage free.
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