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  1. Hello, long time no see/speak The Pier has re-opened and the town has a certain buzz about it just now. Love the works they are doing and lets hope they maintain it and keep the place clean too. Not been on the pier yet believe it or not, keep meaning to but been too busy and its not really my bag, but has to be done :-) Was carnival night tonight - cold but dry and some great floats - so much effort goes into those things
  2. Nick, only just seen this I am down in Weston - a few of us here I was at Yeovil, went on the train and not a bad journey at all and taxi shared once got to Yeovil Pen Mill as a few London based owls on the train Did you get down to the match? Am a season ticket holder anyhow so will be up at Hillsborough on Saturday (go up after work on Friday and stay with family) We have a page on this site but don't think anyone has been on it in a while
  3. Having just spent half hour trawling through this subject, with interest at first I have now come to the conclusion that I believe nothing of the main conversations posted, or even that these people are who theyh say they are - they just come across as egotistical (sp) shits, who think they know anything and everything and appear to know nothing at all. Full of contradictions all round! Fed up to the back teeth of all this investment/takeover stuff and until someone (I can dream) puts money where their big mouth is, and signed, sealed and delivered I am not gonna believe a word .
  4. so the fundraising wasreally a cover for a great escape.....not sure how far £1500 gets you these days
  5. Got the paperwork back in the post 3/4 days later, so must have been processed on receipt. Still having a debate about the fact I sored online initially and when the paperwork came it didnt include the child ticket, even though was requested. Apart from that a very quick response
  6. I second that. Even more so seeing the mindless idiot run off the South Stand and kick the palace player in the back of the shins was pathetic.. Not what you want to see happening anywhere let alone at Hillsbrough.
  7. Am gutted It was a long way home last night and even more so when the replacement bus service from Birmingham to Gloucester missed its connecting train to Brizzle..... I ended up getting home at midnight instead of 1030 and was well hacked off. Anyhow will just have to start planning the plymouth game, and then some other numpty teams, in the hope we actually have a miracle and get out that division at first attempt I renewed my season ticket cos thought we would stay up, now feeling very ripped off once again! How's everyone keeping ?
  8. Was just about to post with same question - renewing mine and an under 13 but can't order under8 but registered it. Cheers for the info dj1
  9. Sorry if someone has already asked this question I am trying to renew season tickets online. I have been able to do mine ok so that is sitting in the shopping basket. However, I have added my nephew to my account under friends and family. I want to renew his season ticket but I cannot see any options to add his current ticket details so can't do this. Am I missing something blindingly obvious here? Cheers
  10. Where is everyone these days?????Anyone going up to Hillsbrough this weekend at all?
  11. 4 of us in Weston Super Mare that i know of. We have a page on here SoS that's been going a long time, but not many contributions of late :)
  12. Anyone off to Argyle on Saturday afternoon from Brizzle/Weston-Super-Mud area??Debating on going and if anyone was driving down and could give a lift I would happily contribute towards petrol costs
  13. Hello everyoneNEW SEASON........ who's around and who will be going to matches?Went on Saturday - 'nuf said!
  14. Probably say they already do this, in terms of giving you that option to join the £2 per month thing (might be more now, lost touch of a few things) and on offer were money, place on team coach, tickets etc....can't for life of me remember what its called that you sign up to without going to main SWFC site and checking
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