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  1. Where's everyone planning on drinking before Barnsley? Never been before but some suggesting stay in Sheffield/Chapeltown
  3. Place called 'English football club' just off the main square, was there a few weeks back and watched the forest game there
  4. Can anyone help? I have my own client ID but am only listed in 'friends and family' section on my dads account and don't have my own, do I need to create an account for myself or does having a client ID suffice?
  5. Palmer is pathetic, been saying it for ages, never seen him put a meaningful tackle in and never makes any attempt to block crosses, the amount of goals that come from crosses down our right hand side is a joke, he can't defend and he can't cross so why play him? I threw my remote on the floor when I watched the derby game back and he got motm, abomanation of a footballer, embarrassing.
  6. this mardy bum song can't not happen, amazing
  7. only joking about the blades thing, speaking to alex and he seemed like a nice guy and fair play to em, with all their success they still find time to come and support their beloved wednesday
  8. anyone else see them? had a chat with alex on the bridge before the game, quite a few were getting pictures with him, saw jamie under the stand. thought the arctic monkeys were blades though?
  9. looks like it's going to be an important game with the way things are going, queue the 4-6000 that will make the trip, as the jj/reda song is catching on their away terrace seems suitable for the dance that accompanies the song, will look impressive with 5000 owls doing it? maybe a few jamaica/benin flags as well thoughts? :reda:
  10. our best player by a country mile, many might disagree but looking at it he's one of our youngest players, but the pressure from the stands doesn't seem to get to him, he's the only one who seems to put his foot on it and look for a killer pass, he won the ball and started the move which lead to the penalty on tuesday, and sent antonio through later in the half but his final ball was woeful (went out for a corner i think) he's our best asset and only creative midfielder, some of the balls he plays through to our 'strikers' are superb and if they weren't so inept we'd have a bagful of chances,
  11. getting frustrating now, wrong formation, has been clear to see for weeks but jones is too stubborn to change it, it isn't working and his excuse is 'it's a learning curve' huddersfield are in a play off position and comfortably beat us at home earlier this season they seem to have adapted - no more pathetic excuses or shifting the blame- JONES is playing the wrong formation, oh and how Daniel jones gets a game i have no idea, he is poo , Bothroyd offers us nothing- forest is a must win and 442 is needed- kirkland buxton llera gardner mattock jj Semedo barkley/corry antonio o'grady Madine/rodr
  12. Shame this on a friday with the amex being new and all, but anyone know how many we've sold for friday? personally i'd say anywhere near 1000 would be respectable. thoughts? ps: Brighton
  13. For Everyone who is having trouble online: when it comes up with the page on which you chose how many tickets, pricing band, stand etc, CHOOSE THE STAND FIRST, which will be south stand then it should work, may have been mentioned already, if not hope it helps.
  14. He was in Peterborough last night, that's why he was texting my manager asking him weather he was out for a drink, Norris also said something about travelling up north over the weekend, I'm assuming he meant Sheffield, talks next week I assume
  15. Hmm, shall we wait and see what happens before branding things as bs, this has come from Norris himself so surely this is THE most reliable source? I understand that anyone could make something up like this, and people will doubt it, however it is Norris who has said this and let's wait and see what happens
  16. Just saying what I know and have seen (the text) you can choose not to believe it if you want
  17. My current football manager scouted him when he was playing in p'boro youth leagues and they still stay in contact, Norris was texting him this morning and he said 'it looks like Sheffield Wednesday, they've offered a 3 year deal' ps this isn't bs, see what happens
  18. first game: away at peterborough boxing day: away at forest Last game: home vs Ipswich
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