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  1. Look how three of the rumoured contestants for our managers job have fared after joining new clubs.....McCarthy unbeaten in ten games, Pearson won two, Cook won away last night. The Wednesday way will be to go against the trend and lose with our new manager in place............or am i being too cynical?
  2. My wife and I live in Spain so can only follow Wednesday through the media. How come that when we read that Wednesday are to play a team that is going through a lean period, we know we will lose. We were very surprised yesterday when we went 0-2 up and even peaked at the tables which was very encouraging at that time. But when it went to 1-2, how come we knew that the score would end up 3-2 or 4-2. And how come we knew that at 3-2, we would not be able to come back and make it 3-3 or impossibly 3-4. If we know these things, the opposition must also know them. Why don't our own team players and
  3. Now that you have confirmed Tony's surname was Wilson, I was at school with him and would like to make contact. I now live in Spain.......do you know which area he lives in. ( You can PM me with his address if you know it)
  4. Does anyone know if Evans is playing for the Pigs today?
  5. We can't now be relegated...............maybe play with even more freedom. !!!
  6. RIP Tommy. He was in the team when I first started following Wednesday and a class act. He also trained a local team I played in. Condolences to his family and friends
  7. Thanks wharncliffeowl, that's exactly what I meant.
  8. Why couldn't the Wednesday players respond to the acquittal of their chairman like Tottenham players did to the acquittal of their manager? Very disappointed!
  9. I agree Tony Kay was the hardest I ever saw.........................he took no prisoners!
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