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  1. Thanks for the more constructive replies. I did make it on Tuesday night, arriving around 7:10 - masked up, heading up to my seat in the wings of the Kop. I spotted a more remote area of seats during the first half and swapped at HT (also with a less obstructed view!) and hung around after FT to miss the majority of the crowd. I will do the same again whenever I can next get to a game. Cheers for all the tips (except the ones about putting my unvaccinated lad in the firing line by just inviting Covid into the house for the sake of the atmosphere! )
  2. Didn't go today but could do with a bit of feedback on the experience. I've got a four-month-old and have been steering clear of crowded places for the most part to be on the safe side. We're keeping an eye on Covid numbers etc and making judgement calls on what is and isn't the right kind of environment to be in without risking getting it too much. I am thinking of going on Tuesday, steering clear of the crush for loos at half-time and hanging back to avoid the exodus at full-time. But has anyone else noticed anything that has been done to aid the experience of those like me who aren't convinced enough to head to Hillsborough yet? Anything that would make me think twice about going on Tuesday? Have they changed the way queueing is administered or anything similar? Thanks in advance.
  3. Guessing he's down as a trialist until he's actually signed/loaned. Any chance he hasn't been yet because there might be a fee of some sort involved that would need EFL clearance?
  4. I'm looking forward to it. Something different, isn't it?
  5. Whatever the first game is will feel like Wolves away in 2000. New freebies and loans padding out an inexperienced, recently-relegated bunch of players we recognise a bit but are now fundamental. Let's just hope Wildsmith isn't sent off 13 seconds in.
  6. By the time squad numbers came in, fixed numbers had long since stopped signifying where a player was playing. As someone earlier mentioned, Waddle wore 8 on the right and had worn 9 at times for Newcastle and Tottenham IIRC. Steve Nicol had played in every outfield position for Liverpool but had worn number 4 in pretty much all of them. And in 1992 and 93 alone Chris Bart-Williams wore every shirt from 5 to 11 but played in three/four different starting roles max, not seven. Under Atkinson and Francis we would see Pearson playing sweeper wearing 11, or King at left-back wearing 5, or Palmer wearing 4 whether he was centre-mid or centre-half, Warhurst in 6 up front. Squad numbers simply became an extension of what was already happening. The best players were picking a number and the rest wore whatever was left over. It seems far more sensible to have squad numbers than the mess 1-11 had become by 1993.
  7. Think Odubajo has a point. I remember turning up for the Bristol City game before Christmas expecting the place to be bouncing given we were heading for third and our best tilt at the Prem in 20 years but it was flat as hell for 80-odd minutes, as though everyone was waiting for the team to get us worked up. That's emblematic of our season. The vibe just wasn't there regardless of the results. Maybe that's because of what is/isn't going on in the boardroom, or because Monk football has been generally formulaic and short on inspiration for the most part, but I feel like the fans have been too quick to complain/point fingers. And this mentality that players are there to be abused once they turn in a poor performance is only going to lead to a disconnect between players and fans, continuing the cycle. Even since Covid when players might have expected a release of some of that burden they've seemingly just had the crap kicked out of them online instead. Too many seem to forget that it is in our best interests to get behind the players because a happier and more motivated team is more likely to deliver the results that make our lives more fulfilling.
  8. Geoffrey Richmond at Bradford reacted to their best season in a century by signing Carbone, Atherton, Nolan, Cadete and more and ended up calling it his summer of madness. I wonder what Chansiri will call 2016/17 when he looks back on his Wednesday reign.
  9. Whatever his reasoning, I don't see that we're any worse off for saving upwards of £100k for the sake of no more than two or three starts max given his physical condition since December.
  10. IIRC he hasn't played since Wigan, which was when Monk came out afterwards and said it was basically the end of a few players.
  11. Why would Fletch, for instance, sign for another month when he's not fit enough for one game a month let alone eight? He's done us a favour. I wouldn't put my career in the hands of Garry Monk given the chance either.
  12. The long-needed overhaul comes now. Unfortunately there is every chance it will be A) done in League One and B) in Garry Monk's vision
  13. Tbf, there were a fair few calling him out at the time. It's just one of those things that his Wednesday career never got back to the level of the previous season.
  14. The fact he's only signed for the extra month suggests they'll need to see more from him to be convinced he should stay.
  15. What we'd all give to go back to Norwich away Aug 2016 and persuade the club to get whatever they could for Forestieri.
  16. Fletcher also struggling with injury of late. Will do him well to rest up for the next month and find a new club in relatively good shape rather than on the back of a manic four weeks full of games he's barely fit for.
  17. Couldn't you be transporting germs into the stadium in doing that? Don't think it will be allowed.
  18. Waddle had always been more accustomed to playing on the right (partly because of all the skill and deception he had in his locker) Reach is a good left-sided player being shunted out of position and wasted as a result. Such a waste of good centre forwards having the ball played behind them or at an angle which better suits defenders. Play an outswinging ball in behind defences, between them and the keeper, and it just begs a striker to attack it.
  19. Would always prefer Westwood when fit, tbh. Made mistakes this season but at least leads - and generally gives confidence to - the back four with authority in a way Dawson and Wildsmith have never managed.
  20. Seems from the wording as though they're hoping there can be a resolution in the next fortnight and the game can get played (presumably in the week of the second round) but the fear is the situation will only get worse and we'll end up with a bye. Would rather we played. We only have to think back to 2010 to realise that we weren't far from what Bury fans are facing right now.
  21. Chant for tonight: Come on Wednesday (or I'm Wednesday til 18 games' time)
  22. The three-game ban was for violent conduct, which Fessi accepted, for the two-footed challenge. He was cleared in court due to a lack of evidence, but FA can rule on balance of probability and the judge made reference to not been convinced of the case against him rather than fully believing in his innocence. That said, it seemed to come down only to one guy's word against another so it's a really difficult one for the FA either way.
  23. Given how unfit we have been to begin the last few seasons I'm more than happy to have fewer games and more fitness work in pre-season this year.
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