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  1. Restricted view seats not available on the kop again then by the looks of it? Another sell out with 7k empty seats- cheers sag/syp
  2. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    If he's going to spend the season sulking then it's probably best he goes because we won't be getting anything out of him -as galling as it will be to see him playing for another championship team. The daft thing is, this seems to be all his own doing. If, instead of the Norwich debacle last year, he'd kept his head down and delivered another 2015/16 style season, he'd either be in the prem now with us or have a shedload of options to play there. Instead, his only route out is to play at Fulham in front of 13k clappers every week in the championship.
  3. Carlos Out!!!

    I think the big problem for me is the lack of goals. Even today we have seen crap like Millwall and Barnsley bag 3s and 4s yet, for us, more than one is a rarity. I watch champ games on sky and every team looks quicker, sharper and more lively. I like Carlos and I don't think his reign has been the disaster certain others consider it, but this squad looks like it's crying out for some fresh ideas.
  4. Fessi

    If the tactics were right Forestieri would a perfectly good striker or LW, as he was in the first season. On another note, why is our star reporter Howson again looking to put out a bobbar-stirring, negative story?
  5. Message from Carlos

    I thought it was good how he went through all the things (kits, stripes...) that we've been moaning about and then said all that matters is the badge, obviously without realising that everyone has been moaning about the new badge as well. Seriously though, great message as usual from Carlos. WAWAW
  6. Steering Group Meeting Summary

    For the Sunderland game the majority of the restricted view tickets appear to be available on the online shop, but not for QPR. It's almost as if they're making it up as they go along... I really hope this is getting sorted because the sight of a full kop is magnificent and well done to Chansiri for being so aggressive on this because the SAG/SYP seem an absolute nightmare.
  7. I'll never be happy with a home kit that doesn't contain our iconic blue and white stripes(preferably with black shirts). This should be non-negotiable and I really can't understand Wednesday fans defending it. As for the away shirt, it surely can't be that hideous in real life, can it?
  8. We've already spent £20 odd million on this squad and I would say that, given we don't have the injuries from last year, it is good enough. And as for not giving CC proper money, the one player we have signed this summer, Boyd, is hardly a cheapo signing as he'll be on big championship wages. And this particular cb purchase is obviously quite difficult as we have to find someone good enough to play for us but who is also happy to be second choice behind Lees and Loovens.
  9. Carlos says......

    Is the pace thing more about our style of play though? In 2015/16 we didn't have any real speed merchants but we always seemed to break away quickly and play quick, exciting football. If you just watch the highlights from our games from that year the difference to 2016/17 is quite striking, despite largely the same personnel.
  10. I think FF is a better player than Rhodes and if you could offer me a focused, happy FF like in 2015/16 we would be mad to get rid. But I don't think FF was particularly good last year and, if the rumours are true, it hardly looks like we'd be seeing a focused and firing player next year. Plus, and I don't if it bothers you, but I find a repeat performance of last summer after the support he's received pretty disgusting if true, and I've defended him up to now.
  11. 2015/16 Forestieri was irreplaceable, last season's isn't. And if he really is trying to force a move away after receiving widespread support, not to mention a whacking new contract, after his tantrum last year, that's an absolute insult to the fans, DC and CC. Don't want to see him sulking around next season so get £10m for him and build a team based on that 6 game winning run at the end of last year.
  12. Stadium Improvements Close Season

    Slightly off topic but did anything happen with that Sag inspection at Hillsborough the other week? Or will we still be operating with a massively reduced capacity next season?
  13. The Star - Carlos staying

    I was quite ambivalent about this one before because as much as I really like Carlos, a lot of the performances this year have been drab. That being said, he's had a lot to deal with this year so hopefully we'll get a season without tantrums and injuries to key players and we'll challenge for the top two. One thing that was encouraging from last year was that 6 game winning run under pressure- more of that from the off and we'll have a chance. I'll definitely be backing him 100%.
  14. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    Can't decide personally. On the one hand, he's got us to fourth in league in spite of some really poorly timed injuries to key players as well as having to deal with the tantrum of our star player on the eve of the new season. I also think that despite the massive squad, he still seems to have maintained a good team spirit, which could quite easily be lost with someone else. On the other hand, we've put together one of the most impressive strikeforces ever seen at this level and we've had far too many games this season where we've created nothing for them. Difficult, and you've also got to consider the fact that there is no guarantee the next manager will be a better one.
  15. Carlos.. stay or go ???

    I don't think we can go on with a style of play where our strikers regularly leave the field without even having had a sniff of goal. I personally think he'll walk anyway. Brilliant last year but this year has been really quite unenjoyable.