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  1. Even if we manage to stay up this season this just stinks of a team that will finish rock bottom next year.
  2. So when we drew 4-4 with Huddersfield did we both massacre each other then?
  3. Sad seeing the club in this state. I just think this Chansiri chairmanship has been one false dawn too many for a lot of us fans. Never been less interested in Wednesday and clearly many others feel the same.
  4. Yes he was. TBH I feel sorry for him after the Bruce situation. He just seemed like the perfect fit for us and now we have to find someone else. Obviously now it can't be Bullen long-term but there are hardly any obvious candidates. It's all a bit miserable again...
  5. Is that true? If so that's scary the lengths these clowns will go to. I know they have been mad with segregation for a while but it seems they've gone mental over the last 3/4 years.
  6. Given that we are so lacking in flair and pace I am disappointed with this. Think we will regret it.
  7. Blue and white stripes + black shorts= no complaints from me.
  8. I think I'd just let Bullen have it if/when he goes. Can't bare the thought of another Jos or, to a lesser extent, Carlos situation again. It's seriously gutting, though. Is there some sort of rule that we are not allowed to have a competent manager?
  9. It's still less than half of that bottom tier so it will only be a smattering of them anyway and better than it being totally empty. And as for Swfc not selling out, the majority of the remaining tickets are at £46 on the south stand. You just can't justify that. The pricing is just unrealistic but we've been saying that for 3 1/2 years.
  10. So is the Lower Lepp going to be empty for this? That's going to look a bit crap.
  11. If ever a sentence summed up this shambolic season on the pitch. ^
  12. Stuff like this is why they will always be Sheffield's second club. There's always banter between the two sets of fans but it's only from United's side that you get these sort of snide, bitter remarks from official club sources and mouthpieces. Think Barnsley's official twitter did something similar last year, so they're in good tinpot company. So go on piggies and join Barnsley and Rotherham, your other little Wednesday-hating friends in South Yorkshire. Losers. WAWAW
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