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  1. cf.16,479 @ Brentford to watch Arsenal last night. Doesn't make sense!
  2. I was a raw youth of 12 when I went to see him, and his presence left an indelible memory. There were many flowing tears after the Deepdale tragedy. By all accounts he was a lovely man to boot (no pun intended). My neighbour worked at Gunstones, where he was held with the same awe and respect as he was at Owlerton.
  3. There is only one contender - and his initials worked wonders!!! (As did he at both ends of the city)!
  4. Not directly related to this thread - but an anecdote that may give some food for thought. A few years ago I was a teacher at a Special School in Manchester with students of a very mixed ethnic background. The head at the time was a WASP from Belfast who had a marked Northern Irish accent. On this particular day he was having a problem with a lad whose parents were from the West Indies. At a certain point in the confrontation, the student, who had a fairly low I.Q. (but was a reasonable footballer), lost it totally and shouted out in a loud cry of frustration "**** off - you flipping Irish Paki". Based on what has been said in this thread, I wonder what the response should have been then and what it should be today - some 30 years later, bearing in mind that he was aware of the ridiculous nature of the outburst, but had just lost it' .
  5. In the immediate post war years, I always assumed that if you went to the 'ground' down Penistone Road you called it Owlerton. Similarly if you went via Catch Bar Lane and Middlewood Road you called it Hillsborough. I thought this arose because of what it said on the front of the respective trams that took you there. My tram went from Fitzallen Square - I think - therefore I always went to Owlerton. Funny thing - memory. You think you knew something for 70 years and then somebody puts you right!
  6. Just fore the record: 'In 1996, Cleveland was abolished, and Middlesbrough Borough Council became a unitary authority within North Yorkshire'
  7. This would be like going back to the early 1950's - so many real heroes then - largely local. Two wingers Alan Finney and Dennis Woodhead. Two inside men - Albert Quixall and Redfern Froggatt and, nearly seventy years before his time, the king of Centre Forwards -(Adthe)x Derek Dooley. Other names come to mind at the back -Norman Curtis (he was hard) and Cyril Turton (he was even harder) - Ralph O'Donnell and the Irishman Eddie Gannon. It worked then - be very interesting to see 2-3-5 tonight! (And before any smartarse tries to prove I've got it wrong again - it was a long time ago but its what I remember!!)
  8. i remember being at the match against Honved (1954 I think) - not long after the mighty Magyars and demolished England. There was a massive crowd which must have been well over 60,000. Another 60,00 plus game was when the new floodlights were switched on. I'm sure Derek Dooley kicked off with his 'new' leg. As aforementioned by another poster, no crowd trouble, and loads of trams collecting on Penistone Road as well as Middlewood Road. Probably thirty minute from the final whistler to catching the bus on Pond Street. Happy Days!!
  9. How about playing two full backs, three half backs, two wingers, two inside forwards and a centre forward (oh! and a goalie), That should fool CC (as well as most of the opposing players -, and the fans). It used to work! I know who I would put in each position, but I'll leave that for the time being.
  10. Love your analogous, illustrative, discussion point - but where does that leave those cuckolded? Can the new husband/partner resurrect the burning flame that one glowed brightly under the old one? Lets hope that a second marriage can work the oracle - under the auspices of Mr Fish! (Apologies Mr .Chansiri - its an old man's attempt at a joke).
  11. Surprise - George Hirst has signed a new contract and is playing Saturday!
  12. Hope I don't live to regret this - but thank you very much for the info. It appears to have worked and all that left is to try to explain to the wife that I'm too ill for any tea until at least 10 o clock. Then will it be Party Time???? I am too old to be this nervous!!
  13. Maybe Jess Ennis-Hill could be approached for some advice (if she is still a bit peed off with the other side of the city). Doing a heptathlon demands more fitness than a 90 minute soccer match and I'm sure she could impart some useful info - even on the end of a telephone.
  14. If Wednesday can live up to the brilliance of the opening post they should walk it! Pity Richard Greene wasn't included in the Window signings - he and Archie Duncan would have been unstoppable. Add Bernadette O'Farrell as Cheerleader - Heaven!!
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