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  1. What a day!

    Conlisio! Somebody own up
  2. Young George Hirst

    I’d give it to the one with the biggest boobies
  3. West stand upper

    Word of this has just landed at SAG!
  4. ghost F.A cup draw.

    For authenticity purposes did you put the balls for Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Spurs in the fridge?
  5. "Is he the guy who missed the penalty against Walsall in 1981?"
  6. Minutes Applause

    I'll gladly clap for a minute when the grim reaper takes the phantom kop trumper from us
  7. Slavisa Jokanovic

    Oh Slavisa Jokanovic Oh Slavisa Jokanovic Ohhhhhh Slavisa Jokanovic Knees bent, arms stretched, ra ra ra!
  8. Snoots?

    Hope so, we’d only be 1 point off the play offs
  9. Graeme Souness ??

    It’d be worth it just to see him planting our flag in the centre spot after we beat the pigs at the Lane!
  10. If Hull had been beaten.........

    Did she do a turn?
  11. Will we ever bounce again??

    They'd only have the testimony of the pigs in the away end if some dozy two hat in the home stands hadn't filmed it and posted it on social media for all the world to see! I can't get my head around why an owls fan would do that, they need to be named and shamed IMHO.