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  1. Apparently Chansiri made a 4 year plan as soon as he found out about our points deduction at the end of last season: 2020/2021 - Relegation 2021/2022 - Promotion 2022/2023 - Promotion 2023/2024 - Premier League champions We’re on track guys
  2. We are! I believe we were one of the three other teams 'expected to join'
  3. I bet they can count on one hand how many times they’ve finished the season above us though!
  4. He gambled on promotion and failed, he now seems to have lost interest and worryingly owns the club, stadium and the land it stands on. That land is his value and sadly I think he’ll just let the club and stadium decline through no investment.
  5. His tenure is starting to look very similar to the Bhatti Brothers ownership of Wolves in the mid 80’s. We need a saviour soon!
  6. Is it authentic, I always thought that match was played in black and white?
  7. Just out of interest what is the worst game of football you have ever seen anywhere?
  8. You’re not suggesting Potter are you?
  9. I don’t know, surely I can’t be the only one disappointed with this purchase back in the 80’s?
  10. I thought they let him run the line in the final so he could be involved?
  11. I think it’s about time we gave Dave Allen’s 4-4-1 formation a go!
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