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  1. Squad to be broken up

    No to new manager Ali, but I agree we could move on around half a dozen from the bottom of the pecking order and replace them with quality that would go into the match day team/squad. We need a big, fast striker and a quick winger, without doubt. A really good centre-half is a must. Someone with the attributes of Hooper too because he was sorely missed over the last two games.
  2. Double edged sword

    I definitely want him to stay, for at least this next season and hopefully more. The problem we've had with the change in style this season is that when we're pushed back, there's been no outlet, so this means having a couple of pacy players to counter-attack. This was our downfall on Wednesday after going a goal up, we had two or three situations just after when a bit of pace on the wing and upfront could have got us the second killer goal. I honestly thought, for all Huddersfields good play, that they weren't going to score and two-nil would have been a comfortable position to be in for us. So, a big pacy striker, a nippy winger who can also look after the ball and a quick central defender are essential as far as I'm concerned. Carlos has got us to the play-offs using two different styles of play now - I'm confident that he can go one better next time.
  3. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Are you sure?!!! (Ha ha, good one Mark)
  4. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Touche (funny, finney!!) - aye, at least we can finish with an agreement. The natives seem to want their football forum back so, have a good one tomorrow and on Wednesday.
  5. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    I suppose we could go on forever with this really. Corbyn was actually visible during Brexit, although he wasn't totally up for it (I reckon standing side by side with Cameron & Osbourne was akin to cheering on with two Blades). Even May's colleagues called her 'Submarine May' - I wonder why?!!
  6. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Surely sherly (sorry, had to do that) you're not worried about an overturn actually happening!! My concern is being bled dry for another five years by people who couldn't care less about us.
  7. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Nice party trick Lord S - since I've started wearing glasses I've found I could do with one of those.
  8. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Do you mean you Snooty?!!!! - I'd have never have thought it of you.
  9. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Add to your last list May, who hid when Brexit was in full swing, who didn't even have to go out and win her own leadership as she was conveniently shuffled in to place as pm and who has been pretty anonymous in built up areas in this election campaign. Not too inspiring either, is she. (I agree with you, Abbott doesn't do herself any favours). I voted remain, with my kids future in mind, but agree with the result and think we should go for the best. I want us to come out of this on top too and, like BigthinRob says, we should be proud of our country, not a problem with that also BUT as with your statement in bold, we've got the rich also pulling the Tories strings in the negotiations whereas, whatever's decided finally, should be given to the people to ratify. The people wanted out, the people should decide at what price. This government will not give you that option.
  10. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Viola, I hope you’re right with this statement but if the Tories head off into the Brexit negotiations in the sabre-rattling, fear-mongering attitude that they’re whipping up now, don’t you reckon the Europeans will counteract that with their own stubborn ‘You’re not pushing us around’ stance? Get in to this situation and the talks, if they don’t collapse, could end up going on for years. The Tory-led media will have people think otherwise but Corbyn has the capacity to put our case forward in a calm and collected manner, which I favour. I’m not a leftie either and have got a lot of respect for the likes of yourself who’s given it a go with their own business – I couldn’t do that. It’s the Tory lies and pandering to their puppet masters that’s the injustice – seven years ago we were ‘all in it together’ – some of us now are way deeper in IT than others. Off topic Viola, do you sit on the Kop – there’s quite a few from Mosbrough that sit behind me – good lads too.
  11. Kieran Lee interview

    Naah, he's helping us stay under the radar mate, reverse psychology and all that
  12. Mind games

    Or Hull, for that matter. I think, like a few others have said, that we just ought to go for the win in every game we play. We could bring in Forestieri & Rhodes up front, Hutchinson, MacManaman & maybe Jones in midfield and possibly Palmer & Sasso defensively and still have enough to beat Fulham next week.
  13. International Watch

    It's great to see all this international recognition again. Shows that the club is getting something right even with the first team stuttering along at the moment. Let's hope the Scots lads can do well (is it tomorrow they play?) and come back with a bit more confidence.
  14. Atdhe International Debut Tonight?

    Really? - Adthe would surely have packed it all in, wouldn't he?
  15. International Watch

    Well done to George Hirst on scoring again for his country.