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  1. Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    What with Mr Gobby from Crapital and the incessant whistling feedback it'll be a wonder if 20,000 Wednesday fans aren't having hearing checks tomorrow!!
  2. Adam Reach

    Oooh! - bit harsh Steve!!
  3. Adam Reach

    I used to help run a Sunday league side many moons ago, trying to get a bunch of p!ssed up f4rts to actually run was a hopeless task!!!
  4. Adam Reach

    Wasn't he left back at Middlesborough? If we spent more time further up the field attacking he wouldn't need to defend as much. The fiddling about passing around our penalty box doesn't help matters. Hopefully Jos will rectify all this for next seasons promotion push!!!
  5. Adam Reach

    Yes, your right Holmowl, fish out of water is a better description. He's got the talent, just needs to be pointing the right way!!
  6. Sunshine & good footie - great day all round!

    First half I thought we were just doing enough and the urgency to open them up wasn't there. Just having Rhodes on his own up top didn't help, he needed a permanent strike partner with him.
  7. Sunshine & good footie - great day all round!

    Do we need to sell the best players? - one or two, maybe. The bottom third (performance wise) of the squad could do with a trim - Butters, Jones, Abdi, Loovens, Wallace, Palmer, Fox (who I actually like but don't see him as a wing-back or central defender if we play 3-5-2) and Fletcher would be the ones, ideally, to make way.
  8. Adam Reach

    There's times when Reach is playing CM when he receives the ball but doesn't seem to have the confidence to turn and go forward. He did it yesterday when there was no-one near him and this infuriates me because he's got the talent to drive forward but seems to take the easy option. When we've got the midfield back I'd prefer to see him play LWB with Bannan feeding him passes to run on to. Saying that, when everything was looking bleak and we were struggling to get a team out, Reach was the one who held everything together. He looks jaded to me at times now, but that's understandable given the amount of games he's played - definitely player of the season for me.
  9. It's great to hear about all this progression as, just a few years back, our academy was a bit of a laughing stock. Well done to all those involved from all those making the decisions for improvement, right down to the people who go to support these young teams. Got to say, Luke Hall looks a bit like a young Alan Shearer - keep on banging 'em in lad!!!
  10. Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    I'll admit to only just getting this - mind you, I've not been paying attention as much as I should!! Although, I did see Brian Hornsby hit a great volley in at Oxford many moons ago - certainly found his range that day.
  11. Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    Note to Mr Chansiri - new PA system for next season.
  12. Half time cringe! Respect the 'legends'

    Maybe a few snippets of video on the big screen as they're being announced might help.
  13. Utd game away !!

    I'm a big fan of Carlos' but have to agree, I reckon we would have struggled in that game. Organisation and starting games at a high tempo seems to be key to gaining a foothold in matches. Jos seems to have got the organisational part back to a good level, having key players available to him will help with the tempo. Quicker, more positive and accurate passing is crucial to opening teams up (not hoofball though!!).
  14. Owls U23s 2 Bristol City U23s 1 GOALS

    Could he be the one to fill the Ross Wallace wide role?
  15. Tactics were wrong today...

    Was pleased to see us get to half-time level to be honest. Had a feeling that the left wing overlap would pay off eventually as they always seemed to have one extra on the left. Our best period was at the start of the second when we tried to pen them back in their own half - it just needed someone behind the front two linking the midfield and being busy when we'd not got the ball. Unfortunately, Reach is far too static for that role, Bannan had gone off and it was probably too early for Forestieri. But, we only just lost to a really good side, with players missing, so not to down-hearted really.