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  1. As Steve Bruce keeps saying, while the chance is there, you've got to keep having a go. Personally, I'd prefer Villa to win that game on Saturday then if Derby and ourselves can win that'd put Bristol under a bit of pressure for when they play Reading. Bristol's two games after that are us and Derby. At the end of the day, all we can do is try to win each game for now. Tough ask but we'll see.
  2. The big difference for me is when we go into high press mode and pin them around their penalty area. (It beats having us sat on our own 18 yard line watching the opposition play it about waiting for a crack to appear). It's pretty much how the first goal came about last night (brilliant awareness and technique from MM too) but it does need to be a team effort for it to be effective. Joao wasn't involved enough, in this respect, but when he started putting the effort in they had no way of playing out, like they did in the first half. Not having a go at Joao, I really want him to do well with us 'cos he's got bags of talent.
  3. He was terrible first half and apart from a positive run and shot from the half way line, contributed very little. Second half, it looks as though he'd had a good talking too because, apart from his two excellent assists, he really put a shift in, regarding work rate.
  4. ...and also tracks back to help defend and puts in some excellent tackles but we'll just ignore that, makes your point seem better.
  5. Made a lot of positive forward passes tonight, especially in the second half when we finally got on top of Forest. Like some have said, not as bad as some of the moaners will have you believe.
  6. Top player for us back in the day and his goal at Cardiff ("still Glen Whelan!!!!) ranks as one of my recent highlights but, we need midfielders with more mobility than him and who can score more frequently. Great to see him come down to the Kop at the end and acknowledge the fans though.
  7. ...and made a great run to get in to that position plus exceptional first touch which made the pass to Hooper possible. Some of us remember these things too.
  8. Aarons and Lazaar to come back too, gives us something different. Just look to the Forest game first for a good result.
  9. From the interview it sounds as though it was his fault we got the sad old bat in as prime minister anyway so, thanks Uri, but bugger off and bend some more cutlery.
  10. "Uri Geller makes cup of tea during international break"
  11. That Oliver Burke's got to be Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke's love child from when they did the Wayne & Waynetta sketches then - yes?
  12. We look a lot fitter and get more bodies in the box when crosses come in. The delivery of those crosses is a hell of a lot better too.
  13. How many points were we adrift of the play-offs at that point TaxiMark?
  14. I think Jos being totally inept from August to December got Jos the boot, to be honest. Still, although the boo-boys get on my boobies when they pipe up I don't think negative posts are relevant at the moment. Plenty of positivity from now 'til the end of May is needed (that's both May the month and May the waste of space in London).
  15. Get this up on the big screen before the game... At 1:48 it shows where Wilder got the overlapping defender ploy from..... .....although United have only managed three overlaps in one attack, to date.
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