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  1. I was impressed with him too, last season, while he was here. Plenty of running in him and takes his chances really well. Reminds me of Paul Merson - if he's half as good as Merson was it'll be a very good purchase.
  2. Aye, they're not hard enough these days....err.... the players, I meant.
  3. Instead of naming a stand after Big Jack, what about next season, having the team play in this iconic, Big Jack era, strip?
  4. Those who play the best football over the course of the season for me. Doesn't matter how supposedly 'big' they are. Brentford have always played some great football over the last few years that I've seen them, as have Fulham (apart from this seasons display at Hillsborough!!). I'll say Fulham as if I say Brentford, the opposite will happen.
  5. Surely all that cardboard is deemed as a fire hazard?............err, maybe. A few months back you could stick any eleven of those on the pitch and we'd still struggle to win. Not got the buzz back yet, as you can probably guess.
  6. Errr.... who's criticising the fans? Yes, by and large there's not been a great deal to shout about, over the years (50 in my case) but, apart from the early nineties when Big Ron was effectively running the club, we've not had a chairman who really knows what they've been doing - they've just been keeping the club plodding along, trying to keep the accounts in order. Now we've got someone that's wanted to splash a bit of cash, the accounts are all over the shop!! Is there such a thing as the perfect chairman?
  7. Oooh, bluddy hell, did you have to?!!!! Could have waited 'til Friday...
  8. Unfortunately, it wasn't his mouth that was affected.
  9. To be honest, I've virtually written him off also but, as you say, these next few games could be what's needed to kick-start the Monk era and hopefully better times for SWFC.
  10. Really hope so and, although I'm not convinced with him, I'd love Monk to turn this around.
  11. From the performances since Monk came in, I'd say it's a combination of some not buying in to the Monk style (whatever that style is) or not understanding what he actually wants from the team. Even before Christmas the performances weren't great, apart from one or two exceptions. Some come out and say this and that but on the pitch, when it matters, they just don't perform. It's sad, because quite a few are talented lads.
  12. Before Christmas, Adam Reach said we were going after the top two to take one of their places. It's not words, but action that you should measure this bunch on, manager included.
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