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  1. In Carlos' first season FF & Wallace (from the wings) used to do this pretty regular, finding the space to receive a pass then moving the ball quick. The second season we seemed to have a more rigid style and the flexibility wasn't there. Is it Carlos just letting the front six have a little more freedom of movement that's letting us play a bit better?
  2. I was just having a nosey on Villatalk...

    Don't you mean this century
  3. Butterfield and Bannan

    Butterfield was my M.O.T.M. against Millwall. Played very similar to Alex Lopez for the most part, used the ball really well and quickly too. The last twenty minutes he was really getting stuck in and trying to win headers also. Glad he's backed that up with another good performance.
  4. Got to say, the B.O.* in this forum is getting pretty stifling. But, it has been building ever since United lifted themselves off the bottom of the Pub league and put this good run together. Add to that the all important derby defeat which has pushed most of the f4nny fl4ppers to the edge, and it's becoming toxic. Yes, our form hasn't been good enough for most of this last year and it's going to take a really good unbeaten stretch to restore a little faith. I can't see the flappers with the full on B.O. coming round now though, unless we go up and United don't. We've had five seasons taking the p1$$ out of them and now the tables are turned some just can't take it. It happens, it's time to use your anger to get behind the lads. WAWAW (as was once said). *B.O. = Blades Obsession
  5. Happy Clap-ometer 2017 edition

    Happy Clappy Zone, here I come.....
  6. Bannan

    Are you sure you're talking about the wee Scottish laddie here?
  7. For all those who want Carlos out still

    Me and my dad are lifelong Owls, both my brothers are Blades along with plenty of my cousins so, in the nineties when we had regular derbies, you can imagine what the atmosphere was like when we all lived at home. You learn to give and take but try to remember the better days, obviously.
  8. For all those who want Carlos out still

    Two and a quarter season view, to be pedantic, unless you've got some hidden talent (tell us the Euro numbers for Tuesday ). I'm a big fan of Carlos and really feared for him especially if we'd have lost playing bad today. After the first excellent season I reckon he looked at the points we lost, especially to struggling sides, and tried to rectify that by tightening us defensively. I'm not sure on the stats but we obviously benefited as we finished with a greater points total but, at a cost to the playing style. The challenge now is to play as we have today plus in parts during other games, then keep our shape and composure when things do get tougher in games. I do think Carlos gave them a bit more freedom today to go out and play a bit and it worked a treat. Sometimes it won't but those games will hopefully be few and far between.
  9. For all those who want Carlos out still

    The BDM was an excellent victory and is one of the finest moments in Steel City derbies for us. Last week was a terrific victory for the Blades and will probably be remembered by them for a long while too. Neither of us would want to linger on the defeats too long as it just festers and the you start to measure every game by it. I know from comments that it still hurts some on here, personally, I'd moved on by the next morning.
  10. Steven Fletcher

    Apologies for the response but I couldn't let a bit of bickering get in the way of Sunday dinner!! We had plenty of stand out players today and they all contributed to a massively better performance. Fletcher was close to MOM for me, but we all see things differently so, respect to you.
  11. Steven Fletcher

    You are joking?!! He does seem to have a couple of good games then a couple of bad ones but today he was excellent (miss aside!!)
  12. Squad to be broken up

    No to new manager Ali, but I agree we could move on around half a dozen from the bottom of the pecking order and replace them with quality that would go into the match day team/squad. We need a big, fast striker and a quick winger, without doubt. A really good centre-half is a must. Someone with the attributes of Hooper too because he was sorely missed over the last two games.
  13. Double edged sword

    I definitely want him to stay, for at least this next season and hopefully more. The problem we've had with the change in style this season is that when we're pushed back, there's been no outlet, so this means having a couple of pacy players to counter-attack. This was our downfall on Wednesday after going a goal up, we had two or three situations just after when a bit of pace on the wing and upfront could have got us the second killer goal. I honestly thought, for all Huddersfields good play, that they weren't going to score and two-nil would have been a comfortable position to be in for us. So, a big pacy striker, a nippy winger who can also look after the ball and a quick central defender are essential as far as I'm concerned. Carlos has got us to the play-offs using two different styles of play now - I'm confident that he can go one better next time.
  14. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Are you sure?!!! (Ha ha, good one Mark)
  15. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Touche (funny, finney!!) - aye, at least we can finish with an agreement. The natives seem to want their football forum back so, have a good one tomorrow and on Wednesday.