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  1. Glen Eagles - he's got his own polo shirt line.
  2. The mainstream media in general has this effect on many people too, incitement is all too easy to accomplish these days.
  3. Good point about the tolerance, some will find the comments amusing, which is just as bad as those sticking their heads in the sand.
  4. I use FB pretty regularly (getting my political ranting off my chest!) and hardly ever see things like this, apart from expletives. I know it does happen but you've got to wonder about the state of mind of these individuals when they spout this sort of thing. Unfortunately, it's getting worse every time you look at news articles.
  5. Absolutely appalling, along with the abuse of Mike Dean and loads of players are receiving. How anyone can come out with this vile garbage is beyond rational thinking. This country is seriously going to pot.
  6. Can't believe no-one's mentioned JJ and Reda in this yet!! Didn't we have another Johnson around the same time too? Was it the lad from Middlesboro'? Alan Johnston???
  7. Didn't Pulis say to Chansiri he would play a more attacking style initially? Chansiri can't stop people saying one thing, then doing another eg Bruce
  8. Change the 'Tony Pulis' to 'Top Cap' and you'll have a sure fire winner there.
  9. My schoolmate asked me if I wanted to go to the '78 gig but I declined as I wasn't keen on Sabbath at the time. Finally got to see VH in '84 at Donnington along with Ozzie Osbourne - both were great that day. RIP Eddie - a true pioneer in the music world.
  10. I was there and seem to recall that it was an actual Chris Bart-Williams shirt. That pee'd off my brother who was a mad (well, aren't they all) Blade at the time. Missed out in '78 but got to see Van Halen, with Dave LR, at Donnington in '84. RIP Eddie
  11. I was impressed with him too, last season, while he was here. Plenty of running in him and takes his chances really well. Reminds me of Paul Merson - if he's half as good as Merson was it'll be a very good purchase.
  12. Aye, they're not hard enough these days....err.... the players, I meant.
  13. Instead of naming a stand after Big Jack, what about next season, having the team play in this iconic, Big Jack era, strip?
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