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  1. Finney on the Wing

    Forest Away

    All the Sunday league pitches we used to play on looked and felt like that - especially after a really good Saturday night.
  2. Finney on the Wing

    Is everyone hooked on the England team now?

    Virtually the way I feel Dobbin, apart from I don't watch the PL stuff because one, I've not got Sky and two, I just can't be bothered to watch it anyway. It's good to see an England squad and manager that seem to be all pulling together, working for each other, and the nation is slowly coming round to this. Whatever happens on Saturday, they've exceeded my expectations and will hopefully improve with time. This World Cup tournament has been the best for ages. WAEAW
  3. Finney on the Wing

    Player Look Alikes

    Wondered where Marco Matias went for months on end.......on tour with Kim!!!
  4. Finney on the Wing

    Álex López has been released by Real Sporting

    ...and don't forget Semedo and O'Grady too!! Seriously though, I liked Lopez (and those above) but we've got Pelupessy now who does a similar job and is younger. Let's move on a bit.
  5. Finney on the Wing


    Is this the new kit launch?..... btw, Rick Savage (an Owl), Joe Elliott (a porker) and Vivian Campbell (a Northern Irishman) who's currently having a battle with cancer - best wishes to him.
  6. Be great with the ground staff team when they're replacing divots. Just get Sod-grass to dive on them to bed them back in,wouldn't need to get the roller out then.
  7. Finney on the Wing

    New kit designs

    Ha, no, but I did meet the man who provided the "top class half-time entertainment with the man they call Mr Banjo... ....Mr George Banjo"
  8. Finney on the Wing

    New kit designs

    You do know he was nothing without me - bit of a one trick pony according to the chaps. I was the outlet for the team, give me the ball and I could show the opposites a thing or two. That left bags of space for CCC to show off and grab all the limelight......not bitter, like...
  9. Finney on the Wing


    Is that Big Dave doing his legendary Ted Heath impression? Mike Yarwood nicked that from him y'know...
  10. Finney on the Wing

    All this sunny weather

    NO WAY!!!! - when would I be able to have my summer holiday? Our lass would have to go on her own................ooh!, now then......
  11. Finney on the Wing

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Oh!!, it's that fella we're on about.....I'd have never known - cheers robowl, I'll sleep better tonight now. Personally, I think we ought to go with - 'Whoaaah, Atdhe, Nu-hiu, Nu-hiu' to the Who's 'Who Are You' there's too much in that one you're trying with!!
  12. Finney on the Wing

    Simple chant for big Dave

    But, who's Dave? Not David Jones, is it?
  13. Finney on the Wing

    Simple chant for big Dave

    I thought we were trying to think of a song for this Dave fella?
  14. Finney on the Wing

    Bookies slash odds on Forestieri going

    Didn't Fernando tell Leeds where to stick it before he signed for us? Like other's have said, a 15-20 million offer for a Premiership club then yes, have a think about it. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the little magician next season.
  15. Finney on the Wing

    Big Atdhe T-shirt

    Chuffed to bits that Atdhe's staying.... Bet you couldn't tell...