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  1. Finney on the Wing

    New song.

  2. Finney on the Wing

    Half time track

    That was on after the game on Wednesday - love the Brothers.
  3. Finney on the Wing

    Forget promotion

    13th....paaaah!! - computers are unreliable anyway. You need top quality predictors from the animal kingdom like Nelly the Elephant or Paul the Octopus or Mark Lawrenson. They know that much about footy that they could all referee our games better than the jokers we get at Hillsborough too!! (Not sure about Lawro and the first part of my last sentence, now I think about it)
  4. I was there too, remembered the stepped away end being covered in grit and the sky above us filled with cuddly toys. This gritty moose head kept coming back to us, for some reason, couldn't get rid of the bugger. Remember us applauding the Cambridge players off as well after a well deserved victory. We weren't that good that day but went on to greatness later on that season. Slight blemish on a fantastic season.
  5. Finney on the Wing

    Rowetts right.

    Nice one paz. In all seriousness, if we're looking for someone from midfield to open up defences, I can't think of anyone else unless Jos plays two defensive midfielders then FF in between them and the attack. Judging by what Jos said in his interview, I think he knows we'll have problems if Bazza's missing.
  6. Finney on the Wing

    Having Slept on it...

    All over the place and nowhere, all in the same game.
  7. Finney on the Wing

    Rowetts right.

    Nice of Rowett to say that. Thought the lad Woods was excellent for them until we cut the supply to him at the start of the second half. Looks like the difference between the two at the moment is Bazza's finishing - another GOTM contender. As for replacing him if he becomes unavailable, could this be where the elusive Mr Abdi could make his mark?
  8. Finney on the Wing

    Matt Penney

    Half of the team were at fault for the first goal and the start in general. Having Afobe & Ince up against our two newer lads was always going to be a test for them. The key was stopping the excellent Woods receiving the ball and using it better ourselves, which we did for most of the second half. Part way through the first half Bully was jesturing to Bannan about giving Penney protection, which seemed to work. Both Penney and Thorniley are excellent prospects that need encouragement and help now and again.
  9. Finney on the Wing

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    Yes, definitely at the away end. The wife would rip into me for remembering something football-related from years back as opposed to failing to do something she asked me to do the other day!!
  10. Finney on the Wing

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    Still remember an unbelievable save he made against Wrexham in the late seventies. Their player shot towards the left side of the net, the ball took a massive deflection to go to the right hand corner as Turner was still going left but he still managed to change direction and clawed it away from goal. One in a long line of great goalkeepers we've had here. Many Happy Returns to him.
  11. Finney on the Wing

    Morning all

    Nooooooo, the return of the endless traffic jam!!!!!
  12. Finney on the Wing

    Morning all

    And, we've got a manager who's clearly enjoying the moment. (Sorry if this interview has been posted elsewhere)
  13. Finney on the Wing

    Morning all

    Plus Winnall, Westwood and the two new lads. Picking a match day squad's going to be fun for Jos.
  14. Finney on the Wing

    Happy Birthday John Pearson

    Many happy returns JP Love the Pearson roar, every-time we score.
  15. Finney on the Wing

    Here's how Sheffield Wednesday line up today

    Ooops Sorry, Reading's not my strong point!!!