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  1. I think we had a head start on everyone else, our lot decided to finish the season at Christmas.
  2. Actually agree with you on this JO'C lad - personally (and I know mi old dad feels the same), I wasn't in the mood for today's game, trudging down in the cold and wet to see another weak performance. After last Saturday's disaster Monk would've needed an exceptional week's training from the players, or, some of this...
  3. Either of those options would heavily depend on us having the right manager in so, can't we just have an easy 'Monk In/Monk Out' first? That's a nice one to warm everyone up a bit.
  4. The first 14 games produced 25 pts (7W, 4D, 3L) which wasn't outstanding but was good enough to make us contenders. We used to close down teams pretty quickly and then take full advantage - that's stopped since Monk came in. Since he arrived we had a period where we couldn't play the last ten minutes without conceding, then we sort of remedied that for a little while. Then, that problem re-appeared versus Stoke and we've never recovered. With the right approach, we could have still been up there. Monk's to blame for this slump.
  5. I think that he needs a few more games to reach the 1,000 mark (I may be wrong on the milestone). He's someone that wouldn't stand any crap from these players, or the chairman. He wouldn't set the team up to sit back and defend. It may not be pretty at times, but it'd be effective and entertaining, not like the dirge we're seeing now. Plus, if we were to go down, you'd be able to blame him Get him in until the end of the season - this would give us time to get someone in with some expertise and passion.
  6. I don't like calling for the manager to be sacked but, Monk doesn't seem to have a clue. Desperate times need desperate measures.... get Warnock in until the end of the season.
  7. We should all be even more worried about the present!!
  8. But would it? Ticket prices should be the same whether you've got s ST (as I have) or if you pay on the day. The main benefit of having a ST is that you've got the same seat and get to know those around you, which should help the atmosphere. Unfortunately, when everything about the club is half-arsed at the moment not even having more fans in can guarantee this. On Wednesday night, from comments, it sounded as though the fans got behind the team better but, there were fewer home fans there. Does this mean that just the more-vocal fans were there or, were even more fans, in bigger groups, around people they know or, was it the big game on tv effect that spurred fans in to backing the team? Again, from what I've read, the attacking performance didn't leave much to be desired (ok, understandably) but, it hasn't done in many games this season. The solution could be, to having a cheaper priced standing area, at the bottom third of the Kop.
  9. Only yesterday (Wednesday night) Maxine? - we've had months of supporters not getting behind the team.
  10. I've had fifty years of being scarred watching our lot.
  11. Personally, I'm not bothered about the Premier teams, don't watch football on SKY or BBC, didn't watch it on tv last night and didn't miss going. Reading the comments on OT are far more entertaining at the moment, sadly.
  12. I agree, it's not an inability, we've seen them play well plenty of times, passing to feet, making forward runs and looking for a lay-off. They were doing it on Wednesday night and in the 2nd half yesterday, especially Josh Windass. At the start of the season, even Tom Lees was playing well and looking positive. I don't know whether Monk's insistence on one up front hampered things or what, but it's not been good enough for a long while.
  13. Yes, for a normal team - more like two months for us.
  14. ....for me, being unable to play forwards, out from the back with any conviction. The 2nd and 3rd goals were prime examples of this; The 2nd started with us having the ball well in their half, on the left wing. The ball goes backwards to Borner who could have passed forward but chose to go square to Kieren Lee. He goes square again and plays a poor short pass to Lees who dawdles and loses it. The 3rd is pretty similar except that Fox (possibly our best forward passer at the present) plays a decent ball up the line to Harris. Again, no conviction to turn and go forward so he passes, aimlessly, in between the defence and midfield and the ball is lost. The thing is, we seem to have been totally sussed when the ball is being passed from side to side at the back. Teams are just waiting for a mistake, or for the ball to go back to Dawson and then long, where, they inevitably win it. Too many times it goes to the full-back, being pushed down the wing, then back, then square across, then back again. On Wednesday night, against Charlton, the signs were good that we were becoming a bit more positive again, distribution wise. Even Tom Lees was ok in this respect (although I think he may have got away with a similar situation, as did Borner). The answer (not 42!) is to hit the forwards feet with an early pass, or at least the midfield two with a simple pass, then work forward from that. The lack of movement in forward positions doesn't help but if they make runs then don't receive the ball, they'll feel they're wasting their time. The one forward we did have who could make room for himself to receive an early pass from the back was Gary Hooper - he is sorely missed.
  15. You're not on your own with this - by the sounds of it there'll be another 10k part-timers this coming Wednesday, me included.
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