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    Just posted on twitter

    @romainscheers: Still it has not been officialised on Sheffield Website, Hafiz Mammadov is the new owner of the club. #SFWC
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    The betting on Owls to go down merged thread

    I put a tenner on them at 25/1 but know they will survive as I never win bets and end of the day if the unthinkable happens it will go straight to the club for my season ticket
  4. rjhallam1980

    Jones in or out?

    In MM I trust and I know he will make the right choice. WTID
  5. Try these ones 1 Royals Kerbs 2 Hard Slick Rink 3 Drama Duck Loop 4 A Wart Sulphur 5 A Rainbow Dorm 6 Dodo Reel Key 7 Maid Talon
  6. rjhallam1980

    JJ's Goal

    Goal of the day on sky sports
  7. rjhallam1980

    Song for Antonio

    I agree no knew needed
  8. rjhallam1980

    Biggest signing since?

    Can't believe you beat me to that reply :(
  9. rjhallam1980

    Biggest signing since?

    Rob jones is the biggest signing I can remember 6ft 5in .
  10. rjhallam1980

    Friday Shvitstorm

    Recon DJ knows its poo poostorm friday With the comments Hes just said I've I feeling we're close to someone hopefully before WBA tomorrow
  11. Did anyone get a text messages yesterday from the Owls text service saying we had signed McCabe, as the last one I got was when we signed amado. Has the service changed or are they just getting lazy.