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  1. @romainscheers: Still it has not been officialised on Sheffield Website, Hafiz Mammadov is the new owner of the club. #SFWC
  2. I put a tenner on them at 25/1 but know they will survive as I never win bets and end of the day if the unthinkable happens it will go straight to the club for my season ticket
  3. In MM I trust and I know he will make the right choice. WTID
  4. Try these ones 1 Royals Kerbs 2 Hard Slick Rink 3 Drama Duck Loop 4 A Wart Sulphur 5 A Rainbow Dorm 6 Dodo Reel Key 7 Maid Talon
  5. Can't believe you beat me to that reply :(
  6. Rob jones is the biggest signing I can remember 6ft 5in .
  7. Recon DJ knows its poo poostorm friday With the comments Hes just said I've I feeling we're close to someone hopefully before WBA tomorrow
  8. Did anyone get a text messages yesterday from the Owls text service saying we had signed McCabe, as the last one I got was when we signed amado. Has the service changed or are they just getting lazy.
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