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  1. Stalybridge Owl

    Another owl gone

    RIP Mark
  2. Stalybridge Owl

    RIP - Danny Williams

    RIP Danny
  3. Stalybridge Owl

    lee Bullen

    Sorry to hear this Lee
  4. Stalybridge Owl

    All Wednesday

    Watched it this morning, lost count of the number of games I've been to that are in the film, but it was a lot, wonderful memories, some good, some not so, but that's the Wednesday way, I really rate this film, and I will be buying the dvd as a result, yes, I also suffered from getting something in my eye..wonderful.
  5. Stalybridge Owl


    Our defence is dreadful, I cannot understand the logic behind not playing Hutch or Westie (be it the manager of the chairman), sorry Jos, it hasn't worked out, time to go whilst you still have some dignity left
  6. I have never (apart from demolition Dave Jones) wanted to see anyone lose a job, but, if Jos's hands have been tied regarding Hutch and Westwood, he should walk, saying that he isn't allowed to pick the team, if it is Jos's decision to leave out Hutch and Westwood he should be sacked, what ever reason, he needs to be moved on, we need someone to turn this mess around...quick
  7. We should never play this club again
  8. Is it?...Oh forget it..
  9. Stalybridge Owl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    PROPER Leg Ends more like
  10. Stalybridge Owl

    Back to training early

    And a splinter went in his eye
  11. Wycombe, just for payback for the attitude of there supporters when we were promoted. I will never forget they way they applauded our players on the lap of honour, even though they had been relegated
  12. Stalybridge Owl

    Bookies slash odds on Forestieri going

    Again, thanks for the neg Steve..I thought we were mates
  13. Stalybridge Owl

    R I P mum and fly high

    So very sorry to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with you