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  1. I once bought a house opposite a factory that operated 24/7 365 days a year, I knew before I bought it that there would be some noise, I knew what I was getting into so no complaints. Did the residents not realise that a football stadium was in the vicinity when they moved in?
  2. If he had got a little bit more on it, it would have gone over the bar, very unlucky in my opinion, but when did we get any luck?
  3. The saying, all hands to the pumps, springs to mind.
  4. Well.done DC, it's about time we fought back.
  5. We must never play that team again unless league or cup. Absolute disgrace
  6. Why would he turn us down, we have the best keeper in the league, Westwood, we have the best midfielder in the league, Lee, we have the best tackler in the league, Hutch, we have the player with the biggest engine, Bannon, we have the most, potential, exciting player in the league, FF, we have the best Dave in the league, Atdhe, he will never find a better set of supporters in this league...someimes, why would you not want to prove yourself at a club like hours.
  7. Brian, that has a good ring to it, yes Brian and Dave
  8. City fans know, like us, what it's like to go to hell and back, and like Wycombe, I have a soft spot for both sets of supporters
  9. If Hughton is waiting for a club from the Prem coming for him, I think he'll be disappointed
  10. Feel he has tried to use us as a stepping stone to what he thinks is the promised land, (Newcastle...Really?) I don't want anyone at our club that doesn't want to be here...big fat Ashley NO from me
  11. Snoots is back, all is well with the world, it will all work out fine, trust me, I'm a docker
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