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Community Answers

  1. Rather than being banned from social media, just don’t be a massive racist perhaps? Seems a lot easier.
  2. Sickening that it was that long ago.
  3. Feels like there’s nowhere for anyone to go with it at all.
  4. Amazed that Rice was the one to come off.
  5. Kane looks tired when he gets the ball. Pickford’s kicking is pretty atrocious. Rice keeps surprising me though!
  6. Every tournament Kane seems to be useless and like he’s running in treacle.
  7. He’s popped up on everyone’s YouTube lately for some weird reason. His videos are proper relaxing though. He goes to some place in Scotland for a deep fried box of stuff that looked horrendous.
  8. God knows how the ref disallowed that Dortmund goal.
  9. Do them in your new car. Could be the next blue van man.
  10. This threads another classic. Never change Owlstalk.
  11. And that sums up the problems of Sheffield, all the tight old gimmers who want to sit in the same run down pub they’ve been going to every day for the last 50 years when they can have a cheap £1 pint.
  12. Why did I read this assuming it would turn into some sort of sexually deviant tale.
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