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  1. If you ignore it and it does end up going to court, you’ll have pretty much zero defence against it.
  2. Dore Owl

    First half tactics

    Give it Hunt, pass to united, defend / watch.
  3. What are our defence doing. Making some of their players look like Ronaldo. No clue what jack hunts doing. Don't think he has either.
  4. Need Newcastle to win to get 600 quid. Not sure how I feel about that.
  5. Dore Owl


  6. It was for the abuse he gave the ref.
  7. We're playing exactly like Derby seemed to play against Hull the other night. The ball just wouldn't stick for them what so ever.
  8. Definite foul by Hooper but I just do not give a poo poo.
  9. Got a horrible feeling from this.