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  1. No clue how that was a handball for Fulham, is arm was literally in line with his body.
  2. Absolute circus their defending for the first goal
  3. Makes it easier to avoid all the scum if they’re over at Meadowhall! Out of sight, out of mind.
  4. Should have carried on reading the rest of the thread.
  5. What pinball table have you got out of interest. Flipping love them.
  6. Apparently he was trying to do a three point turn, but started struggling after the second.
  7. We all cringe when the old bloke in our office refers to someone as the black one on so and so’s team. It’s just massively ignorant and so out of touch with how the majority of people would want to be referred to in his day and age. Baffles me how out of touch with this some people are.
  8. Dore Owl


    Got the platinum for Bugsnax after doing the same with Astro’s. Moved on to Valhalla, which is actually the least enjoyable of the three by far. I feel like Bugsnax could be a really good game if they built on the concept more.
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