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  1. If only you were so quick to jump to the defence of people of colour. Trying to paint me as a massive hypocrite,l (incorrectly) somehow makes Greg Clarke’s words acceptable does it? You don’t seem to understand basic concepts such as stereotypes, context and minorities.
  2. Go on, I’ll bite actually. You’ll clamour on to anything to excuse ignorant and racist language. I was specifically describing a group of people I know, and threw gimmer in because it’s a word chucked about on Owlstalk by some in every thread like this. Old gimmers aren’t a minority though, so it’s a completely different context.
  3. You’re a massive wet wipe. Not engaging with you.
  4. More ignorance than full on racism I’d say. Just reminds of the sort of things the old gimmers at my work would say. They aren’t racist, but they’ve not kept up to date with the nuances in language and have a lack of awareness about how it makes people feel, and just comes across as massively cringey when broad generalisations like that are made.
  5. Well there is, he’s implied a whole race of people are more interested in computers because there happens to be move of them working in the IT department, when really, there could be any number of reasons for that. It’s just massively clumsy and ignorant from someone who as part of their high profile job should be clued up on this sort of thing otherwise they’ll just look massively out of touch, which like I’ve said, then makes the whole organisation look a bit foolish.
  6. Because football fans are a good barometer of what’s acceptable and what’s not? I wouldn’t even say he had to resign because a large majority of people were ‘outraged’. It just shows that he was completely out of touch with what was going on in the world, and then brings the whole organisation in to disrepute, when they should be desperately trying to be seen as relevant in today’s society still. A society that speaks up for equality and is more aware of how minorities feel when clumsy language is used from people in general, and in particular of those in positions of power and in
  7. Ignorance towards race, sexuality and gender should be over looked? When that person is chairman of the organisation that has issues with diversity and racism that then feeds down through the biggest sport and leagues in the world? My gut feeling tells me they should probably take a little time to be clued up on language around such issues to avoid appearing as completely out of touch.
  8. Well he can, but if his employer isn’t fond of them he’ll rightly be binned off. He could also just air his opinions to those who are closer to him rather than in a public forum where thousands of people will see it. He could probably also air his views in a less harsh and direct manner, where you open a dialogue between people and not just preach offensive nonsense.
  9. No idea what you’re suggesting with that title, or what’s caused you to come across as so angry.
  10. Go down that route and you end up with the sort of surveillance you see in China. Obviously this sort of thing needs to stop, but you have to tread carefully before you start pushing for that sort of action in my opinion.
  11. Unbelievable decision by VAR to rule out that second Norwich goal. Absolutely ridiculous.
  12. If you ignore it and it does end up going to court, you’ll have pretty much zero defence against it.
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