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  1. R.I.P Mick forever in our hearts. Great bloke many great times around S6.
  2. Large corporate site in Sheffield 6 needs 2 security officers to work a mixture of nights and days. Pm me for details. Cheers Beefy
  3. I work on rawson spring road an the re-Surfacing starts tonight, Tuesday & Wednesday 18:00 till 06:00, Herries road should be open.
  4. Park at Watford Junction and get the train in to wembley. easy to get away after.
  5. As posted on twitter the club have given sky the corner to build the studio which looks an eye sore. Surely we could have had at least some of the NW corner and put sky in a diffrent location.
  6. why is S and S1 blocks shut ? sorry if already answered cant be bothered to scroll through.
  7. Good Morning Guys After seeing this i decided to go on Facebook and ask the group The Wednesday sing to enter a team. There are currently 17 squad members and we have a lot more interested. End of the day we a raising money for a fellow fan and if will be a great event so why miss out. The Wednesday Sing would like to invite you all to play this coming Saturday @ Concorde sports centre TBA time. Then the owls have a friendly of thier own in the afternoon. Let me know your thoughts ? WAWAW UTO WAB
  8. Come on guys Support this great event. i understand 1 or 2 more teams are needed.
  9. Also there is a signed 3rd shirt from the 97/98 season for auchion which finishes on the first semi final. Pop over and have bid
  10. Kivo TWS have a team and are willing to play owlstalk in a one off ?
  11. So on Facebook The Wednesday Sings has a full squad. so we shall be entering a team kivo TWS FC
  12. Guys The Wednesday Sing on facebook have a squad to play. Is there an age limit also some kind person has donated a signed wednesday shirt.
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