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  1. A little Sting goes a long way I hate that song
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atdhe_Nuhiu
  3. I dare say Carlosh does not give a sheet
  4. It all started when I changed my avatar Which. for the unenlightened, is the Yin and Yang symbol that is synonymous with Zen Buddhism
  5. Watching live TV in Hong Kong as the disaster unfolded Later on the News the camera was focused on the North stand as a Beeb reporter said 'The irony is that Hillsborough looks so beautiful in the evening sunlight' It did too. Brought me to tears.
  6. Sam Ellis powering a header into the net.at the Kop end then I realised I was the only one cheering. I must have been daydreaming as it was an own goal
  7. To the tune of 'Hello Mary Lou' OK its a but crap but its a difficult name to work with ... Hello Dave Nuhiu, you’re so smart Big Dave NuhIu we’re so impressed with you We knew Dave NuhIu, right from the start That you bleed white and blue from your heart
  8. It was a red card offence if ever there was one
  9. The other thing about Evans is, not only is he grotesquely obese, he is so ugly that he should donate his face to medical research
  10. Curran v Blunts at the lane after the BDM at Hillsborough TC came up against 3 United defenders blocking his path, so he merely took the scenic route and ran with the ball in a graceful arc before burying it in the bottom corner of the net Peter Springett nutting Leeds Greenhoff splitting his head open and didn't even get booked Away at Leicester when Alan Clarke performed the mot blatant handball in the history of football, scored and got away with it
  11. i remember one goal I didn't see. We were playing away v Man City on a foggy day and were stood at the back of the away end with Wednesday attacking the other end. The fog had become so thick that we could not see the other end of the pitch. We heard the kind cheer that only goes up when a goal is scored. As Man City had not scored at our end it had to be Wednesday. From memory it was Warboys who scored and we won 0 -1
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