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  1. We must keep the faith and get behind Carlos and the team. We are all feeling the frustration that inconsistency brings, however it is too early to start panicking just yet. Possibly time to give one or two of the fringe players a try don't you think?
  2. I've got heaps of odd socks. Maybe I could get a game.....
  3. A midfield of Lee - Hutch - Bannan with a forward line picked from Wallace/Jao - Hoops/Fletch - Fessi/Reach should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of most defences
  4. If these hooligans had any brains, they would realise that the ones who will suffer most from their mindless actions are themselves, fellow Wednesdayites and SWFC
  5. I assume that is a lottery How many numbers do you need?
  6. Most of this issue has been caused by a parasitical agent and some dire bits of management by our football club. After negotiations with the managemeent broke down, Fernando exercised the right to take industrial action in order to support his cause - while knowing what abuse he would receive A prince among men...
  7. i had my very first try on the BBC Premier League predictor and scored 180 points which I think is not at all bad (234 out of 150,000+). Does anyone else on here enter the competition? My username there is 'SheffWendy'
  8. Has anyone actually listened to Fessi's side of the story, or is this the usual Owlstalk Kangaroo Court syndrome
  9. I reckon the Blunts got so jealous they kidnapped his bike and are forcing his arm....
  10. I haven't really been following this, however if my company employed someone with half my skill/talent for double my salary , I also would have motivation problems and be inclined to tell them to get stuffed
  11. Do they still have those Wednesday garden gnomes? I want one for my house in the Philippines
  12. The kindest word I can thnk of for the home kit is 'repulsive'
  13. I had a bit of spare time ao I did this graph showing our final position for each season since 1999/2000 for no particular reason
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